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My Journey
Tuesday, 25 October 2005
Things to help you start your new life
Mood:  loud (my fav)

Posted by ny5/atkins at 10:15 PM EDT
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Life riding the low carb train
Mood:  energetic
Hello intentions for this site is for the sole purpose to put hope into some others lives. For years as alot of stories go i have struggled with my weight...i also have struggled with hypothyroidsm and tended to blame most of my weight gain on "nature"..taking fault for your actions is the first thing to a successful have to realize that you can control what is put into your mouth..and that in most cases your body and how you take care of it is a reflection of ones own self-control! First i tried the obvious "magic diet pills" losing my money time after time..i started to catch drift..hmm maybe this isnt i went into just tryin to count calories...didnt work for me...wasnt strict and i cant follow something without some stricter rules..i feel like you need to lose something to gain something...i resorted to atkins..i was never a big bread-carb eater so i figured it wouldnt be to big deal was desserts..and with all the low carb goodies i knew i would have to tell myself no..but knowing the option was there was kinda nice. On the two week induction period i lost 11 was so nice to go down a pants size..for just a mesely 2 week felt great..that was enough motivation for me...i kept it up for 2 more years..losing a total of around 80-90 pounds...its the only thing that has really ever worked for me! I did end up going off of low carb..i am pregnant with my second but i do plan to go back on after i have this one!

Posted by ny5/atkins at 9:58 PM EDT
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