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Ladder Information


Warcraft III is a hard game to master, and you need some tips and tricks to help you along your way to mastery, right? Well you came to the right page.



1st. Orc

  • -healing ward/bloodlust/stasis trap/endurance/wardrum
  • -taurens with allie's boosters = ^^
  • -orc's weakness of AA and no early healing is covered by allies, making them almost invincible!

2nd. Ud

  • -ghouls are fast to produced and can help the whole team to creep well as well as great for antirush
  • -frenzy ams are the 2 best boosters in the game while vamp aura is among the top auras
  • -gargs takes care of team's AA

3rd. Human

  • -brillance helps all the spellcasters
  • -slow = ownz
  • -slow/innerfire is prolly the only 2 spells that can be casted on multiple armies due to low mana cost
  • -takes care of siege with steams/mortars

4th. Ne

  • -trueshot aura is decent
  • -DH lose effectiveness unlike solo
  • -rejuv helps other race's hero

Types of Match ups

The Strat you would use changes from match up to match up.

1v1v -The old fashioned showdown kinda deal. It's where you can only rely on yourself, which could be a good thing... or not. When playing these, the idea is always to know what the opponent is doing and play counters to it. The key is to scout often.


-This is all about team work and good support. That means if you're ally is hit, do EVERYTHING in you power to help him, if he goes down, so does half of your potential army and resources. A new feature to Blizzard's RTS's is the ability to share control of units and resources.


-Much harder coordination, but more-less bout triple rushes.


-Very hard to coordinate but quad rushes work amazingly well. This is all about killing one opponent as fast as humanly possible by rushing him with your whole teams worth of units. The team that does this best wins.


-All about staying alive and leveling ALL your heroes as much as possible. 3 level 10 heroes, what more do you need? That should be your primary goal in FFA.

Team FFA

-All about working together and leveling up. Take a little 2v2, and mix it in with FFA, and you got this, use the combined strat of both to do well.

Arranged team

- This is about teamwork, remember, you DO have a teammate, and hopefully you plan isn't just "to win." You might need a bit more than that.


Scout and Scout often!

All of the best WarCraft 3 players do, you should learn to do it efficiently also.

Know when and how to use Town Portal Scrolls.

Letting the hero die?

Early in the game it may be ok to let the hero die. You can resurrect him for 200 gold and he gets 100 mana and full life and he spawns fast because he's level 1. Pretty good deal if he died harassing the enemy as an early rush. Knowing that you can lose your hero on purpose, you can think of strategies to work on mind games and mess with the opponent.

Know what creep to avoid.

Level 10 Fliers are HARD. So are spell immune level 9 golems.

Peasant, peon, acolyte, wisp count on a mine should always be 5, you’ll get nothing more if you have 6 there with any race.

Have only as many woolgatherers as you need, going into low upkeep sucks.

To keep track of the number of peon, peasants, or acolytes mining, just box all of your miners and count. If you're human or Orcs, one should be in mine when you highlighted, you should count 4 of them.

Rallies and rallying to mine and hero. Good idea when trying to be efficient. careful when rallying to hero when he's farrr away from the home base because your new units may very well be attacked by creep on the way.

Creeps for money level items, what more do ya want... creeping is a good source of gold when you're on high upkeep.

Keeping hero alive strat. If your hero is ever targeted, just run him back away from battle and he'll usually be fine. When he run's the targeting units will try to follow him and get slaughtered in the process by your army.

Walking past entrance def. Makes sense right? If you don't want to deal with it just walk into the inside where it isn't defended.

The loading screen maps and stuff tells you a lot. Who has the better computer, how good bnet thinks your opponent is. What map your going to be playing on. Where all the starting and scouting points are. Make sure you're there to pay attention to this.

This game isn't SC

, your economy ISN'T hurt until you have less than 4 workers. don't get nervous if you lose some, ok?

Good scouting during day,

good scouting at night... during the day you can see more. At night creep don't bother you.

thanks to fei for his strategy i once played with him long ago and i recomend u read his entire strat guide at!