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What Do You Think.....

Okay people. This section is an INTERACTION section. For it to work, I need YOUR help. It's simple... I ask a question, and you give me your thoughts on the situation. Got it? Okay, let's begin! Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

Question 2:

What do you think of all the exposure that Chris is getting now that he's a solo star?


I love Chris. I think it's great that he's going solo now. But I'm sick of "Chris this, Chris that"! I'm sick of all the Chris mega posters and articles and everything! I want some stuff on the other guys! Especially Matt. (Amerz)

Question 1:

Now that the guys have broken up, what do you think they should do now? Should they go solo? Join another group? What would you like to see them do??


I would like to see them get back together (LOL), but we all know that ain't gonna happen, but I would like to see Chris either go solo and or be in the new Dream Street and then the other guys form their own group, even if they have to wait like a year. I would love to see all the guys back on stage performing for their fans, which is what they love doing. But no matter what happens, we will be seeing each guy somewhere in the entertainment business whether it be one at a time, or in 2's or 3's. (Laura)

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