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JUNE 23, 2003

Jesse will be singing the National Anthem and America The Beautiful at a Mets game on Wednesday, June 25th. The game will only be aired on New York stations, so for us non-New Yorkers, we're out of luck. =*(

Chris will be performing in Orlando at Universal CityWalk on July 30th. Alongside him will also be Jump5, Nikki Cleary, and Dream. We're still unsure of the specifics, but Tracey will let us know soon!

Jesse's EP (containing 3 songs) will be released on July 22nd through his website.

MARCH 17, 2003

First off: Happy St. Patrick's Day! Lol. Ok, now down to biznass... tickets for Greg's charity concert went on sale at 10:00am on Saturday, March 15th. It is General Admission, so if you're going to see him in Hollywood, FL (like I am) be sure to get there early! (4 hours, baby!) As of right now, I am not sure if cameras are allowed. I'm going to call the place and find out soon. So I'll be sure to post it once I find out!

MARCH 9, 2003

Yes, it is now confirmed. Greg is going to be performing in Hollywood, FL, among other places. Tickets go on sale March 15th.
Source // DODS

MARCH 4, 2003

Greg has been invited to perform at a charity concert in Hollywood, FL on April 11th. Right now, he may not be able to attend due to technical difficulties. As soon as there's more info available, I'll be sure to post it!
Source // DODS