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~Me and Teenie's Notes: Weirdness At It's Best~

Now, the following notes are between me and my friend Ammanda aka Teenie. These are semi-normal, unlike the notes between me and Jessica. Lolz. The 1st note, we're talkin about a certain Jesse pic where his eyes look blue instead of beautifully green. Just so ya know! =)

Note #1

Me: I don't like him w/ blue eyes. I loooooooooove his green eyes! *angels all around* His piercing green eyes. So green and sharp. They're so mesmerizing...... You could get lost in his green eyes. But not really in his blue eyes.

Teenie: I know, I know I know! I saw that when after I printed it out and was mad. I literally yelled "What happened to his green eyes!?" My bro came in and almost hit me!

Me: Ur a loser.

Teenie: If you want I'll send you the collages so you can put them on your site.

Me: I dunno if I'm gunna w/ my site. It's too much of a hassle. Do you want it? If you do I'll give you the password so you can do stuff.

Teenie: Maybe. But then I'd hafta borrow ur disks and stuff.

Me: Or I could just send the pics to you on AIM or by email :)

Teenie: Yeah, but it'd be sooo much easier if you let me borrow the disks. 0:) <-me!

Me: #1- U ain't angelic! #2- Ur just tryin to take my disks! #3- It'd be eaiser if U just got the pics online and put them on the site :)

Teenie: #1- Yeah I am! Just cuz U aren't doesn't mean I can't be. #2- Yeah of course! You want me to make you a Matt and Frankie collage right? #3- No it wouldn't. Why go all over the place when I can get a whole bunch of them from you?

Me: I'll think about it. :)

Teenie: You suck an iron!

Me: So ur calling Jesse an iron? 0:) Oh, I'm good!

Teenie: Amy, get ur mind outta the gutter! And get a life!

Me: I dun wanna....

Note #2

Me: Mrs. Jesse-doesn't-know-who-you-are,

I'm so fricken nervous! Wut the heck is gunna happen w/ the whole lawsuit? And also, I wanna believe the guys and their moms, but for some reason, I'm not so sure. I mean, I've never met them, but I've met Brian and Lou, and they're really nice! Wut if the parents ARE just sayin all that stuff to get the boys out of their contract? I don't know how I'd feel about them anymore. Oh, and I just realized, I met Matt Mitchell too! But Brian is sooo nice! I just don't know who to believe. If I ever talk to Greg, I'll try to ask about the lawsuit. Oh, yesterday, when I got home, my mom said she tried calling Greg's house but there was no answer. The answering machine didn't pick up either. So someone was either on the other line or on the Internet! Ahhhhhh! That means someone was home! Wut if it was GREG??? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'ma try callin back today. Dude, I'm cold, hungry and bored. I've read all my lawsuit info like 60 times in the past 2 hours! And I cannot believe they were on the news 2 nites in a row! And I missed it!!Grrr. Maybe it'll be on again tonite. And maybe MTV News will have something on it. Since they're from NY. Man, they're becoming so popular! If they're featured on the news, the NY Times, the NY Post,, and other places. Yay for them! And Greggy's birthday is next Friday. He'll be 17. *sigh* Then we'd hafta say "3 of them are 17, 1 is 16 and 1 is 15" Wow. Our babies are growing up so fast! AND I DON'T CARE IF UR THE SAME AGE AS JESSE! AT LEAST HE KNOWS WHO I AM! Lolz. Well, I G2G. Wut time do you want me to come over today?

-Luv- Mrs. McCartney (aka: Mrs.Jesse-knows-who-I-am-cuz-I-sent-him-a-card-and- gummi-bears)

Note #3

Teenie: Hey Amy, HAPPY DREAM STREET DAY! I'ma little mad at you cuz you said I could borrow Kelly's DS shirt then said she was gunna wear it. I was TOTALLY unprepared for today. That's why I'm wearing my bro's shirt instead of the one I wore yesterday. But I'm not really mad at you anymore. Now that I'm done with the 1st 2 Jesse disks, I'm ready to make another collage. And if I run outa ink I'ma hurt you cuz my dad doesn't know I printed those. If he did he's prolly kill me for wasting all that ink. We don't think it's a wast, but he does. But that's parents for you. I CANNOT wait til The Biggest Fan, the soundtrack, and their second album come out! I'ma go online and reserve tickets. After I wake up from fainting! :) So you gunna be online today? You betta! That way I can send you the collage and you can put it on ur site. It's turning out really good! I LOVE the name. Ok, I know I should know, so this is a really stupid question but what is Jesse's favorite band? I need it for my story. Thanks.

Love always, A.M.M. I Love Jesse!

Note #4

Teenie: Hey Amerz! Not too much here. Just got done dancing to IHET. Some day, you gotta teach me the whole dance. I am soooo mad at my parents, or at least my dad. Last nite when I was watchin the DS tape you gave me, they kept interrupting. Do this. Do that. It made me miss so many things. I had to keep rewinding it so I could watch everything. I almost saw the ending of the concert. I saw when it switched over but I missed before. As a matter of fact, since my dad just left for work, I'ma go finish it. Maybe I'll write more on the bus. But I doubt it!

-Love_ Ammanda McCartney *KTODSPAF*

See, a LOT more normal. I'm not completely dumb, now am I? Don't answer that! Lolz.

In The Minds Of Psycho Teenyboppers.