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Hi hi! =) This is the page where all you people will learn about the most important person in the world: ME! Lolz. Nah. Here be my biography. Hehe, that rhymes.

Name: Amy "Trousdale"

Nickname: Amerz

Age: 15

Date of Birth: September 1, 1987

Websites: This one. =) The one listed above is my Chris site. And I co-run Dream Street 69ers.

Fave color: Orange baby!!!!

Fave music groups: DREAM STREET!, The Broadway Kids, Good Charlotte

Fave member(s): From DS, my fave is Jesse, but I like Chris more, if that makes sense. And from TBK I really like Barry, Brandon, JJ, Jillian, and Joanna. From GC I like Benji. Then again, who doesn't?


AIM s/n: drmstspsychobabe

Yahoo! s/n: lovin_ds_withallmyheart

Anything else ya wanna know, ask!