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~Me and Jessica's Notes: The Greg vs. Jesse Saga~

These are some notes that me and my friend Jessica have written to each other. Her fave was Jesse, but she switched it to Greg and I wasn't OK with that. Lolz.

¤ Note #1 ¤

Me: Hello there Mrs. McCartney, You like Jesse more! You do you do you do! You really really do! And you know it too! Yup yup yup! Uh-huh! You don't like Greggums, you like Jester. And you know it! =)

-Luv- The other Mrs. McCartney

PS: Say no to Greg, say yes to Jess! Hehe, that rhymes. But anyways, do what it says! Just think: Jesse Adam McCartney, angels all around, squinty eyes, perfect soft blonde hair, lucious lips, nice booty, angels all around, when we saw him backstage, angels all around, down on Jesse, angels all around!

Jessica: Oooook! Can you say freak! Greg, Greg, he's my man, if you can't do it, Greggums can! Yeah Greg!

Me: No dag nabbit! Remember on DSL, when Jesse says "there's angels all around", on "around" remember how he goes really low and how he sounds so sexy?! And remember you telling me how nice is booty is on the I Say Yeah performance?! Remember his lucious looking lips?! COME ON MAN!

Jessica: I still love Jesse. Just not the way I used to. His tushie is mine. He's my "Candy Free Angel". Hehe.

Me: Ur candy free angel? Riiiight. So you love him, just you love Greg more?

Jessica: Yeah, sumthin like that.

Me: NO DAG NABBIT! IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THAT! UR SUPPOSED TO LOVE JESSE 4EVER! I'll go back to Chris if you go back to Jesse!

Jessica: No you won't.

Me: Yes I would! Ur supposed to have Jesse & I'm supposed to have Chris. It's always been like that!

Jessica: No it hasn't. Cause you're with Jesse now, so how am I supposed to go back to Jesse? Besides, Greg's a man. Jesse's a little boy. How has it been like that when everything's changed?

Me: So wut if I'm with Jesse? We can both have him! And if not, I'll go back to Chris and you can go back to Jesse! Jesse is NOT a little boy! He's older than you! You mother ballinger! Ugh, I freakin hate you! You like Jesse more, you just wanna watch me go mental!

Jessica: You've been mental.

¤ Note #2 ¤

Me: Why do you NOT like Jesse?

Jessica: After reading the fan fiction with Greg and that one girl, I guess I was more interested in Greg than Jesse!

Me: BUT IT'S PRETEND! Greg's probably not really like that! I've read the fan fic with Chris and that one girl, but I still like Jesse. That's no reason to change your fave. I changed cuz I just couldn't help it. By the way you say things about Jesse and the way you act when you see a hott pic of him, I can tell you still like him. Trust me, I'm very good abou that! You may SAY you don't like Jesse anymore, but I know you still do. Just like I SAY I don't like Chris anymore, but really, I do. I know you like Jesse more. Just admit it.

Jessica: You don't know wut you're talking about. I like Greg because he's hott and sweet, not just cuz of the fan fiction.

Me: Whatever! You KNOW you still like Jesse more! And the way you talk about Greg. You like mention him too much. You always gotta say Greg when I say Jesse. An example: "If Jesse was a door, I'd bang on him all nite long". When I said that, you substituted Jesse with Greg! And because you do that so much, to me it seems like you just mention Greg so much to make me think you like him more. But you don't. And you know that and I know that. So quit trying to fool me. It's not working. You do like Jesse more, just ADMIT IT!

Jessica: You're crazy! Greg is hott and adorable (unlike Jesse!) What girl wouldn't want him besides you, Patrice and Katie?

Me: Will you quit trying to make me think you like Greg more? I KNOW YOU FREAKIN DON'T! I mean, it's so obvious! Teenie even noticed it. Really. I was looking thru all the DS notes we used to write each other. When I liked Chris and you liked Jesse. You'd make fun of Chris, I'd make fun of Jesse, remember? And every time I said that Jess was ugly, you'd get all mad and say how he was like the hottest person alive. Remember that?

Jessica: Vaguely. Heh. Greg is like so gorgeous! Jesse.. ugh!

Me: I know you don't mean that! You would say that Chris looked like a dinosaur cuz his neck was so long. Then I'd say Jesse was ugly and a fag. You would say that Chris was. You'd go on and on about Jesse's eyes and lips. You'd say how hott he was. "Jesse is my kind of guy". You said that. No lie. How the heck could you think Greg is better than Jesse? But you don't. You don't you don't you don't!

Jessica: You wouldn't know blondes from brunettes! The truth is, I've moved on and you can't face it. I mean, I look at Greg and remember how good he smells. "Greg rocks my boat" haha! Jesse used to. I would like him more, but I barely have hot pics or any facts about him.

Me: If you did, then would you admit it? Cuz I got this pic of Jesse liftin up his shirt and you see his stomache. Lemme tell ya... niiiiiiice! You and Jesse got more in common. Did you know he has an ATV? And yes, I DO know blondes from brunettes! But, the thing I wanna know is WHY you moved on? You just like to see me frak don't you??!! You're just sayin you like Greg more just to see me flip out! Like you did with Frankie, remember that? And also, you got more pics of Jesse than you do Greg!

Jessica: Not any more. I gave practically all my Jesse pics to you and this one girl in my neighborhood. Maybe if I did see that one Jesse pic..... nah, it wouldn't help.


Jessica: Yawn! Greg is hott, Jesse is cute and adorable. I still like him, just not as much.

Me: NO DAG NABBIT! YOU LIKE HIM MORE THAN GREG! YOU CAN'T JUST SWITCH LIKE THAT! And don't you yawn when I'm proving a point!

Jessica: Number 1, ever heard of a free country? And number 2, I can, I did and YAWN!!! Lol.

Me: Shut up! Lolz. But you can't just switch like that. You have to have a logical reason. You can't think Jess is sexy one day then just cute the next. It don't work like that.

Jessica: Sigh. I love JAM. HAPPY?? Greg is hot though, but I'll always love Jesse.

Me: You just like watching me freak out don't you? Or are you just saying that so I'll shut up and leave you alone?

Jessica: Yes & no, I'm 4 real! How do me and Jesse have a lot in common?

Me: Well, ur closer in age, you listen to the same music, you act the same, etc.

Whew! That's all! So Jessica finally admited she likes Jesse more! I badgered her so much on that, I got her to crack! She said I'd make a good lawyer! Lolz. Ok, well, I'm smart! And if you read all the way down to here, you must be very bored! Now you can tell why this was under the section In The Minds Of Psycho Teenyboppers. Lolz!

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