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Why We Love Dream Street

People are always asking me why I love DS so much. I bet you get that a lot too. So, if you wanna share why you love em, email me and I'll post it on here!

**I love DS because they are all extremely talented. From their vocals to their choreography. They're incredibly sweet and really fun. Also, they're hott! (Amerz)

**I love DS because they are sweet, nice, have great personalities, know how to have fun, aren't those stupid airheaded guys that think they can get anyone and anything, and they are what they say they are a BOY band. (Tess)

**I love Dream Street because I have never found a group who are close to my age as Dream Street. They also are very interactive with their fans and don't let fame go to their heads. They are also very down to earth and their music kicks butt and their concerts ROCK! (Laura)