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You know the deal, if ya got any DS dreams, email me.

**Ok, I had a dream the other nite. I was at school, and I was in the gym. And Chris was there! So I ran up to him and gave him a hug. I was like "I love you Chris!" Then I asked for his autograph. He signed it on a homework paper. Then I just said thanx and walked away. [Amerz]

**My mom had a Chris dream one night. She was sledding on this huge hill and she almost ran over Chris! But the *bad* part was what Chris was wearing. He was wearing a shiny silver snow suit. It was a one piece snowsuit and he was wearing a belt with it. Also, he had the hood tied really tight and some of his spikes were sticking out. The sad thing is, I can actually picture him wearing that! [Amerz]

**Me and Amerz was shopping at the mall when we noticed a group of hot guys (wearing black clothing) walking around the mall. We thought it was just nobody, so we walked on and followed them until we got close enough to realize who they were. But when they saw us Matt and Chris both eyed us and whispered something to each other but then they smiled so I knew it was something good. Well me and Amerz walked past them and they whistled. After that, Jesse, Greg and Frankie stayed at the South Pole Smoothie stand as Matt and Chris followed us. When the 2 caught up 2 us Chris said Hey girls! Amerz just said hi kinda shyly. Anyways, Chris suddenly says Matt you get that one (me) and I'll get this one (Amerz). We held hands with them and walked on as we split up. Matt was such a sweetie. He took me to Cinnabun and we shared one and a coke. After that we were making out at one of the tables as we saw Amerz and Chris standing across the way in front of Pacific Sunwear. He was kissing her neck and had his arms around her. Then I woke up. {Kelly}