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Disclaimer: This is all in good fun!! I love Chris more than anything, and not all of these statements are really what I think. This is purely HUMOR!!

Ok. We all know that Chris can be a little.... girlish at times. A lot of people think hes gay. Which he might be. And I'm gunna show you the evidence that he could in fact be gay. Take a look for yourself!

Evidence #1: He has a purse. Even I don't carry a purse.

Evidence #2: The facial mask. I don't know many girls who wear facial masks.

Evience #3: The jeans that look like they're from the Body Shop. Very cool store.

Evience #4: The lipgloss/lipstick factor. Self explanitory.

Evidence #5: The perfect eyebrows. He has the best eyebrows I've ever seen.