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CHRIS: Jesse! Why did you eat my last shrimp cocktail?! I'm gunna kill you!

JESSE: This wall will protect me!

FRANKIE: Guys, calm down.

MATT: *sings* I'm a pretty pony, clippity clop, clippity clop.....

GREG: I'm so sexy. You know you want me.


MATT: *whistles* Oh girl, you lookin FINE!

CHRIS: Yes she is.....

. FRANKIE: I got my 2 girls riiiiight here!

JESSE: Are you saying I'm gay?

GREG: Ok, dude, get your arm off of me.


MATT: I'm the lost and lonely *sigh*

CHRIS: Matt, will you marry me?

JESSE: *goofy laugh* That's a good one Chris.

FRANKIE: Congradulations you two! Are we invited to the wedding?? Oh, can I be the flower girl???

GREG: I don't get it