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Ask Amerz

Hey all! This is the section where you can ask me questions about... anything! I got this idea from Hayley who runs the UODSFC. Her site is amazing! It's also my very first Site Of The Month site! So anyways, send in your questions.

Hey Amerz! I <3 your site! Especially the "What's Jesse Eating For Lunch" sections. Lol. But my question is, since you seem like a HUGE DS fan, how did the break-up affect you?
Submitted by: Alexa

Thanx Alexa! Well, at first I was devestated. (Like every other fan). But now I'm ok with it. It was probably for the best. I mean think about it! When they were a group, you could only buy the group CD. You could only see group performances. Now that they're doing their own things, you can now get Chris' CD, Greg's CD, and Jesse, Matt & Frankie's group CD! In a way, that sounds sorta... selfish. But whatever. I'm ok with their decisions. I'll always love and support all 5 of them and I'll even give the new DS a chance! Brian & Louie did a good job with the first one, so I'm eager to see how they do with the new one.