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Hey all the survivor fans!!! I got some cool pictures of all of the survivors!!!! They are the pictures that I think are the best.

Here are some pictures of the survivors on the island!!!

This is NOT one of the survivors. Towards the end of the game, a reward chalenge held a reward of your family member being able to spend a day with the tribe. This is Vecepia's fiance`.
Heres a little summary of the last episode.
On the last episode of survivor, it came down to four people. Vecepia, Neleh, Kathy and Paschal. In the first tribal council, Paschal and Neleh joined together and voted together, and so did Kathy and Vecepia. Of course, this created a problem because Kathy and Vecepia voted to kick Neleh out of the tribe, but Neleh and Paschal wanted Kathy out. It was a tie, and the host, Jeff Probst asked them if they could try to persuade the other team members into one unaminous vote. That was not possible, as either of the pairs would give in; the all wanted the million. So Jeff Probst had something else up his sleve to determine who the final three would be. This would be based entirely on luck. There would be a bag with three rocks in the bag. (Since Vecepia had immunity, she automaticly couldnt be voted out of the tribe.) One of the rocks was purple, and the other two were green. Whoever got the purple rock would be out of the tribe and the green rocks were safe. After Kathy, Neleh and Paschal had picked their rocks out of the bag, they showed their rocks. Paschal English, age 52 of Thomaston, Georgia had the purple rock in his hand and his torch was extinguised.

Early the next morning, Vecepia, Neleh and Kathy set out on a experience of the island and the culture. They painted "Tatoos" on themselves, got blessed in a ritual, and they took a journey with each of their old tribemates torches, to reflect on them. When the immunity challenge was held, it was a test of endurance. They all stood on little blocks of wood, and they held onto the immunity idol. Kathy fell off first, then Vecepia made a deal with Neleh. Vecepia asked Neleh if Vecepia stopped holding onto the idol would she take Vecepia to the final two. Neleh replied "Yeah, thats fine with me." So the deal was done. Vecepia jumped off the idol, and keeping her word to Vecepia she voted Kathy out of the tribe. So the final two were Neleh and Vecepia. When they went to the final tribal council that day, the seven member jury (The people that were voted out of the tribe, after the merge, except the first person voted out after the merge.) The jury consisted of, John, Zoe, Tammy, Robert, Sean, Paschal, and Kathy. The jury members each got to ask the survivors one question, then they cast their vote. The votes were not revealed untill the public had seen the episode (they film ahead of time) and they broadcasted it live from Central Park.
The votes were revealed. Kathy, Paschal and zoe voted for Neleh. Tammy, Robert, John and Sean voted for Vecepia, making Vecepia Towery, age 36, of Portland, Oregon the winner of Survivor Marquesas and a millionaire.
********************************************************************************************************************************************************************* STAY TUNED FOR PICTURES, AND UPDATES ON SURVIVOR 5!*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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