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*Shane McMahon*


Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 230lbs.

From: Greenwich, Connecticut

Finishing move: Leap of Faith

WWF 2001 Highlights: Euro Champ

Career Highlights: Hardcore Champion; European Champion

*Shanes Bio*

Shane came to WWF 2001 being a treasurer but soon was a wrestler! He conqured the Euro Champ from Y2J but later lost it to Vicne his Dad! He was feed up with his dad and formed a fed. called THe ALlliance. He had the greatest wrestlers in it but was not respected well enough so he fired many poeple and formed the Corperation! shane has a big match on raw and the world must wonder, will Shane be the next WCW Champion? Stay tuned to find ou on Raw Is War on TNN 9:00/ 8:00c!