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{ The WWF Promo Theme Hits The Arena And The T.V. And The Fans Jump Outta There Seats And Fans Jump To There Telivision Sets To Watch This Great Night Of Wrestling, What Will Happen With The Huge 4 Corners Match With Everyone In It! And We Can't Wait Till Survivor Series! Well Lets Begin With The First Match! }

{Fire Works Go Off In The Arena And The Sold Out Croud Goes Crazy!}

Cole: Welcome Everyone To WWF Smackdown First I Think Mr.McMahon Will Make A Apperance And Make A Few Statements And He Will Have To Full Survivor Series Card!

Tazz: Wow Survivor Series Is Gonna Be Great Cole, Team WWF, Against The Alliance, And D-X But Who Will Be With D-X!?! No One Just Triple H I Guess!

Cole: Well We Haven't Heard From Triple H In A While! But I Think He Will Lead D-X To Vicotry This Sunday! And Well Who Will He Be With!

Cole: Here Comes Mr.McMahon I Told Ya He Would Address The People Tonight Tazz,

Tazz: Well I Just Wanna Know Who Will be On Team WWF And The Alliance!

Cole: Well Here He Comes And Mr.McMahon Looks Very Confident Coming Down To The Ring Tonight! And Lets Here What Vince Has To Say!

Mr.McMahon: Hello! (Croud Cheers) Welcome To Smackdown! (Croud Goes Nuts) Well I Should Get Right To Business! This Sunday Live On PPV! There Is Gonna Be A Huge Match With A Manager In A Corner! The Team I Will Be On...Of Course The WWF! And Our Team Will Be Of Great Talent Becuase There Will be No Way We Will Lose! We Got Great Roleplayers! And Talking About Roleplaying, Everyone Has To Start RPING Alittle Bit More If You Know What I Mean!

Mr.McMahon: Only 1 Team Will Survive This Sunday! So Lets See Who Will be On Team D-X! There Is....

Mr.McMahon: X-Pac Also There Is....

Mr.McMahon: Billy Gunn, And There Leader With There Ring Side Manager!

Mr.McMahon: There You Have Team D-X! And Now Here Right Now, You Will Hear Team WWF Later Tonight In Austin's Roleplay You Will Hear The Alliances 3 Men And Of Course There Owner Will Be There Manager! Shane McMahon That Is! But Lets Hear Team WWF They Will Be Lead By The People's Champion The Rock! (Croud Cheers)

Mr.McMahon: Also There Will Be The Old Phenom The Dead Man, The American Baddass The Undertaker!

Mr.McMahon: And The Last One To Lead Team WWF Is Y2J Chris Jericho. Also The Whole Survivor Series Card Is This! TLC MATCH Madusa Vs Ivory Vs Lita Vs Chyna Womens Title Is On The Line! Also WWF IC 4 Corners Match X-Pac The Champ Will Fight Sting And Also Chrisian And Chris Benoit! Then Too The WWF Crusier Weight Title Is On The Line Billy Kidman Will Fight Jeff Hardy! Also That Night The Big Red Machine Will Fight The Big Show! Then The WWF European Championship I Will Fight My Son Shane McMcMahon And Kick His Ass! Thats All For Now!

Mr.McMahon: Well There You Have It, Team WWF!

Cole: WOW TEAM WWF IS HUGE! I Can't Belive That Jericho Got In! He Deserves It,

Tazz: But Will There Be Problems Between Jericho And The Rock, Or Even Jericho And Taker, Or The Rock And Taker I Dont Know Cole Damnit Stop Asking Me Questions!

Match 1
WWF Tournament Match Up
Anakin Summers (Debue) Vs The Undertaker

{ The Match Was Very Fast And Had A Quick Jump To It, Anakin Took A Early Advantage When Taker Messed Up On A Few Rights In The Corner, But The Taker Got That Back At The End When He Nailed Anakin With A Chokeslam And Went For The Pin But Only Got A 2 count! Anakin Then Almost Went For The Last Ride, But He Slipped By The Taker Behind His Back And Turned Him Around For His Set Up Move The Knee To The Chest! Then Anaking Nailed Him With A Swinging DDT And Went For The Top Rope. Then He Nailed The Ratings Drop For The 1-2-3 Victory! }

Match #2
Tourny Match Up!
Rob Van Dam Vs Christian (old)

{Christian Almost Won The Match Early But Rob Van Dam Took The Advantage Threw Out The Match, He Nailed Christian With The *5* Star Frog Splash To End The Match And To Move On Into The Turny He Will Face The Rock At Survivor Series!

Cole: Well Here We GO With The Damn 4 Corners Match, Here Are The Rules, One Person In The Ring From Your Team If They Get Thrown Over The Top Rope, Pinned Or They Submit You And Your Partner Are Gone!

Tazz: Cole, Who Are You Going With on This Match?

Cole: I Would Go With X-Pac And Scotty 2 Hotty! But Scotty 2 Hotty Suffering From A Injury Might Not Not Even Make It Out Here And X-Pac Might Have To Do This One Alone!

Tazz: hahah Poor Ulgy X-Pac!

Cole: Well Here Comes The WWF Tag Team Champions Austin And Kurt Angle, Down To The Ring!

Cole: Well Austin And Angle Look Ready For This Tazz, But Here Comes The Undertaker And The Big Show! They Look Ready For A Fight And To Win Some Damn wCw Tag Gold Here Tonight Live ON Smackdown!

Tazz: Wow Big Show Is Huge! He Is Gonna Destroy Everyone Cole!

Cole: He Is A Big Huge Bitch You Got That Right, But Here Comes The Game Along With Rob Van Dam! And Them 2 Are side By Side Them Are My Two To Win This Thing!

Cole: And The Last Team Of X-Pac And Here He Comes Down To The Ring, And All By Him Self? Where is Scotty 2 Hotty!?!

Tazz: Well he Had A Injury But X-Pac, Is Pointing Now To The Top Of The Stage And! Wait!

{The Lights Flash At The Top Of The Ramp And The Music Hits And The Fans Go Nuts To See The Return Of One Shawn Michaels!}

Cole: He Is Back, And Back for Good And Here Tonight With X-Pac To Wrestle! TO WRESTLE! I CAN'T WAIT!

Tazz: Calm Down There Buddy, Jesus! Whatch Out Cole Alert Damn Your Bad!

Cole: Well Here We Go Big Show Attacking Triple H And Everyone Going At In HBK Going Right For The Undertaker And HBK Is Kicking The Crap Outta Him And Theres A Flying Elbow And X-Pac With Kurt Angle And Austin Is With RVD And Rvd Is No He Hangs On And Wait X-Pac Turns Around STUNNER! STUNNER! On X-Pac Theres A Cover 1-2-Broken Up By The Big Show!

Tazz: What A Match So Far! Big Show Is Nailing The Olimpic Gold Medalist WIth Lefts And Rights! And The Big Show Putting, No Wait, And The Big Show With RVD JUST TOSSING HIM! WOW RVD And Triple H Are Gone Just Like That And Were Down Now Cole To 3 Teams!

Cole: We Got HBK And X-Pac And Also Austin And Angle And Big Show And Taker, The Taker Now Hammering Away ON X-Pac And X-Pac Could Go For The Ride He Does! And HBK Breaks The Count UP! HBK Hammering Away On Kurt Angle And Angle Reversing Him In The Corner And Now Whalling Away ON HBK! ANd HBK NO WAIT! X-PAC With The Save! And The Big Show Again! With X-Pac AND CHOKESLAM! DAMN! WHAT A CHOKESLAM!

Tazz: And Theres A Cover And HBK Breaks The Count Up! The Undertaker Are Hamming On Austin, And Kurt Angle Is Wating For X-Pac To Turn Around And Theres A Roll Up 1-2-3! WOW X-Pac And The Heart Break Kid Are Gone, But Shawn Michaels Is Back!

Cole: We Are Down To The Final 2, And Wait Here Comes The Rock!?!

Tazz: Whats The Rock Doing Out Here, O WAIT! The Ref Just Got STUNNED BY STONE COLD! NO WAIT!

Cole: Could This Be A Set UP! And The Rock Is Over Here By Us Grabbing A Steal Chair And The Rock Is Now In The Ring And Is He Gonna Hit Austin He Is Talking Smack To Austins Face And....WAIT HE NAILED THE UNDERTAKER WHAT! OMG!

Tazz: Why Did He Do That!?

Cole: I Don't Know But The Undertaker Is About To Go Over The Top Rope But Big Show Sliding Underneath The Bottom Rope Becuase Kurt Angle Is Stomping On The Show, And Austin Chargin At The Undertaker Right By The Ropes, And Over The Top Rope! WAIT! Big Show Cought The Undertaker, But The Ref Seen Big Show Go Threw The Bottom Rope! And The Undertaker Is Now Tossed Back InTo The Ring!

Tazz: What A Save By The Big Show On His Partner!

Cole: The Big Show Back Into The Ring And Nailing Angle With A Huge WOW! A Huge Big Boot Right In the Mouth! And Cathing Austin For The Chokeslam Could This Be, Could We Have New Tag Champs For wCw! There It Is!!!!! The Cover On Austin! 1-2-3!! (Ding Ding Ding)!

Tazz: We Got New Champs! New Champs!

Cole: Thank You For Watching Smackdown, Tune In To PPV This Sunday For Survivor Series!