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"Boy Wonder" Shane McMahon



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-Disclaimer- Sit back and enjoy this great work of knowledge and ideas. Also, you will learn why Shane McMahon is the "Simba" and the "Boy Wonder"!
Do Not Copy This! If you copy this, I will hunt you down and kill you like the dog that you are! -Disclaimer-


Y2J: We may not like eachother Rock...But hey...Tomorow...Its WWF..or NOTHING..

Rock: The Rock understands one thing...Your right..The Rock doesnt like you..And the rock also really notices that you PINNEd and DEFEATED the Rock a week or so back..But the Rock also knows its a Win or Lose...Proceed to ELECTRIFY these people..or? ..I can lose my job...And never EVER come back to the Wrestling World...The Rock also knows that the competition is there...The rock knows that its Billy Gunn and the Road Dogg with Ice Pick..I mean chop Stick..Im sorry..its X-pac Sucks rite?

Y2J: X-pac Sucks??

Rock: Well come on everytime ya here is name..the word "SUCKS" ALWAYS comes after you got DX in one Corner trying to take over..I wish em good luck cause competing against the american bad ass..Their gonna need all the luck they can get...As far as the Alliance goes...ONE more time Shane Mcmahon is gonna make every effort to run big daddy vinny macky out of buisness!..But he has BACK this time..he has some of the biggest names the WWF used to have...He has Stone Cold Steve Austin...he has HHH..and he has that olympic JACK ASS kurt Angle...Ya see the Rock always looked passed this competion..But the fact of the matter is this Chris jericho...The Competition is there..and its waiting for us..And Shane Mcmahon is prepared to put the WWF under ground...6 feet under..he is planning to KILL the WWF...KILL US...Intill all of us are sitting there WISHING and WANTING a job...And Shane..Will laugh in our face Chris..Its time to stand up..and FIGHT for the WWF..its time to FIGHT..for the WWF..and by god its time to FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES!! its time to fight...and Jericho..Theres No Turning back...So i ask for your cooperation...i ask for your this fight agaisnt the biggest THREAT to the WWF...We will..TOGETHER...Defeat...The W...C...W..

::Rock extends his hand as the camrea zooms in and then turns to black::

Cole: As you see WWF coexisting but waht about WcW/EcW? The world is wondering will the alliance be able to come together and put all of us out of jobs.

{Austin walks into the ring and takes a mic. to address the rock.}

Austin: Now i have been gone for quite a long time but i will come back! Now rock yur in the back running your mouth like your special What? What? Your not get your ass out here!

Austin: Rock shut your mouth, and listen to what i got to say! I heard in the back your talking about the alliance sucking! What?What? What?

Fans: What? What?What?What? Austin: AHH shut up now rokci dont like you and i never did but i want you the rock to join the Alliance!

Rock: You want the rock to join the alliance(Rock laughs) You want the peoples champ to sell out to the devil. It that what your saying?

Austin: Yeah thats what i am saying! You are a good wrestler hell you reach to the stars! And the alliance would be glad to have you come over!

Rock: You wnat the rock to coem over! Jump cship to the allaince and watch my job be lost! Well the rock wwould lke to keep his job! So austin heres my answer!

Rock: The Rock says I am WWF 4 Ever!

(The rock leaves the ring and to the back adn int o vinces' locker room.)

Vince: Wo come down rock! Now i know your mad but i am happy about what you did to austin. But i have a question are you and y2j cool?

Rock: Yeah were cool! But the rock is not angry he is happy! I slap the taste out of austins mouth! The nerve of him asking the peopes champion to join the alliance.

Vince: Well are you allaince or WWF?

Rock: Like i told austin i am WWF!!!

(Rock Leaves. as the camera then sohws inside the allaicnes locker room.)

(Austin walks up to Kurt Angle!)

Austin: Well Kurt were where you when i was getting Rockbottomed by the rock, I tohught we had each others backs?

Kurt: Listen i did not even no it happen till i came out of the bathroom with stephanie! If i was watching it i would of helped you!

Austin: O what were you doing with steph in the bathroom maybe sucking up! Gettting some milk!!!!

Kurt: Now i was helping her doing her hair holding up the mirror for her! and i cant belive you would say that!

Austin: Helping her with her hair huh? What hair was this? What? What? What?

(Just then shane walks through the door and breaks up the fight.)

Shane: What the hell is with you all! I am isck and tired of you all fighting!!We have to stay together. I have worked my ass off making the allaince. It is up to 3 men to save all of your guys jobs. Those men are HHH,Kurt, And Austin! Now 2 of those guys are fighting because of something stupid. Do u want to be fired rhyno? Or HHH? The answer is no! I have done way to much to turn bakc now. I got the best wrestlers and made a group. Vince is smiling write now knowing that the allaince is crumbaling like a cookie. Well now stand together and fight!You either fight or be fired. On S.S. we dont know if there will be jobs for us. On smackdown will we be wrestling, we dont know!

Shane: And austin you are fighting with kurt because you got rockbottomed well how was kurt soppose to know that was going to happen. And kurt maybe you sohuld stay by watching things.Now you to shake hands and hug!

(Kurt and Austin Shake hands and hug.)

Shane: Now if i were you i would get ready for your match agianst Kianti!

(Austin changes and the 2 walk out to the ring and down the ramp into the ring waiting for there opepents.)

(Kianti walks down ot the ring and the match begins.)

JR: This match is under way as austin is beatign down tanka. Austi nquickly throws him off the ropes and stunner! The tag is made as angle walks into the ring. Angle now picking up tanka and throwing him to the outside. Angle suplexing in funaki and olympic slam. Alliance is dominating this match Austin walking in the ring and goes to stunner funaki but misses and stiunner on angle!! Austin is starring into angles eyes.

JR: Austin smiling what does this mean! Was it a acciedet or on purpose! Can the al;laince coexist tonight on S.S.!!