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World Wrestling E-Federation - Rules

  • You can't use other people's wrestlers in your role plays without their permission

  • You can't request matches for vacant titles

  • You can't request title matches at pay per views

  • You can't advertise on the role play board

  • You can't request a match for a card four cards away

  • If you donít place a message on the role-play board for three cards, then you will be fired from the fed

  • You can fight for a belt 2 cards in a row or twice on the same card

  • To have a special guest referee in a match, all the participants must agree

  • You can't start requesting matches for pay per views until I say you can

  • A stable consists of three or more wrestlers

  • You can't request number one contender matches

  • No complaining if you lose a match

  • Men can't fight for women's titles and women can't fight for men's titles

  • You can't have a handicap match where one team consists of only one wrestler

  • If you request a match for a belt and you don't even know who has the belt, then your request will be ignored

  • You can't request a title match unless you have fought at least one match

  • You can't request a match in a one line or a no text role play

  • You can't request matches for other people

  • If you request a title match for all your wrestlers in one rp, it will be ignored (this does not apply to the people with only one wrestler or tag team)

  • You can't request a match in a rp with no entrance or exit

  • No Saying The "F" Word In Your Roleplays

  • Don't Make Fun Of Any Wrestlers Roleplays On The Board. Instead Help Them Out On The OCC Board

  • Just Have Fun!!

  • Accept Decline

    Any and ALL questions should be sent to: Vinnie Mac,