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{The WWF Promo Theme Hits And Everyone Races To There T.V. Just To See WWF Raw Is War Tonight Live On TNN. They All Get Ready To Watch The Opening Match For The Light Weight Title X-Pac Vs Billy Kidman!}

Jr: Well Here Comes X-Pac And He Looks Pumped Up And Ready To Go Tonight! X-Pac Now In The Ring And He Is Gonna Face Billy Kidman For The WWF Light Weight Title.

Heyman: Well Here Comes Billy Kidman From wCw Now Into The WWF. And He Looks Ready also.

Jr: Well Here We Go They Lock Up, And Kidman Puches X-Pac But X-Pac With a Hip Toss And Kidman Goes Down! Kidman Back Up And Starts Hammering Away On X-Pac. Kidman Off The Ropes And Damn Theres X-Pac With The Educated Feet Taking Kidman Right Down And To The Outside Goes Kidman.

Heyman: X-Pac Chasing Billy On The Outside Now Chopping Kidman Across The Chest And Throwing Him Back into The Ring. X-Pac Now Going For A Power Bomb I Think Yes But Wait Kidman Reverses It Into His Own X-Factor Thats Gotta Be It. Billy Now With a Cover

1----2----Kick Out!

Jr: X-Pac Getting The Right Shoulder Up, And Billy Now Going To The Top Rope And X-Pac Getting TO His Feet And Theres A Drop Kick To X-Pac And Kidman Now Going to The Top This Could Be It Shooting Star Press. Kidman Now Goes For The Cover But The Ref Count Sowly 1----2----Kick Out!

Heyman: Kidman Now Yelling At The Ref. And X-Pac Is Slowly Getting Up. X-Pac Just Threw powder in Kidmans Eyes And X-Factor He Connects. X-Pac Goes For The Cover And The Ref. Slides over to count, 1---2----3! X-Pac is The New Leight Weight Champion!

JR: The Next Match is Rock vs Raven Regular match

PH: Raven is going to kick rocks ass

Ravens theme blares all over the arena then out walks raven he does a crucifix taunt and then walks down the entry way he gets into the ring goes over to the corner and waits for the rock

If Ya Smellllllllll What the Rock is cooking.Rock walks out the fans are chanting Rocky Rocky Rocky.Rock walks down the peoples aisle and goes up to the corner post and raises his hand camera flashes are going everywhere Rock just stares at Raven he gets down and gets into the ring the bell rings.

JR: Here we go Rock startes to punch Raven 1.2.spits in his hand and just waylays Raven.Raven gets up and low blows the rock the ref never saw it.Raven the gives Rock a snap suplex and goes for a pin 1.2.oh kick out

PH: That was so close

Rock gets up and gives raven a ddt the ref goes for a count 2 count.Rock gets up and throws raven to the corner he grabs him super rock bottom! JR:Oh my god Oh my god this Match has to be over

PH: No Raven is alot stronger then that

It takes rock about ten seconds to go for a pin 1.2.Raven gets his shoulders up

PH: I told you JR dont count raven out just yet

Raven slowly gets up and gets nailed with a jumping clothesline Rock goes for another one and Raven Ducks and hits the ref Rock Then gets up and waits in a position.And Delivers the Rock Bottom

JR: Rock Bottom Rock Bottom

Rock goes for a cover but the ref is still down Raven slides out and gets a chair he then knocks Rock out then Gives rock the evenflow DDT right onto a chair he goes for a pin 1

JR:No NO not this way




JR:Damnit Rock Got screwed.

Ravens music plays as he walks to the back

JR:Man what a match but after the smoke cleared X-Pac is the new LightHeavyweight Champion well our next match is going to be a real SlobberKnocker its Christian Vs Rhyno and boy is this going to be good

Christian at last your on your own own Christian walks out with his goody glasses and his ring attitire the fans boo christian walks down the aisle gets on the turnbuckle and does his arm taunt he gets down and waits for Rhyno.

Rhyno's music plays as he just runs down the ring and slides into the ring as the match starts

Rhyno starts punching christian he backs him into a corner and just starts punching the hell out of him.he goes for a body splash but christian moves out of the way.he starts punching on rhyno he does a double leg take down and just starts punching away.he goes for a suplex but rhyno reverses it into a suplex of his own rhyno then goes up to the tope rope and gives christian a superplex christian is just shaking rhyno then goes to the other side of the ring and waits to deliever the gore christian gets up and turns around and here comes rhyno christian moves out of the way but rhyno just stops christian is waiting for him christian goes for the unprettier but rhyno gets out of it and delievers a strong ddt he goes to corner and is going to try the gore one more time is goes for it but christian agains move out of the way and rhyno goes crashing into the turnbuckle post then christian delivers the reverse ddt 1.2.3

JR:Christian has beat the man beast with the reverse ddt that was one hell of match