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Welcome to my spot.... i hope you enjoy your stay.
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This site is not for the shallow of mind or soul,
but rather for open minded kids who never grow old.
While here at my page forget your worries,
don't fret bout a thing and please don't hurry.
Take your time and do it right,
my page never closes, it's open all night.


Here's some bad poetry to get you in the right frame of mind
If you have trouble reading the words,
double click to highlight them

Have you ever opened your eyes on a summer morning,
sunlight streaming though the window into your
eyes, blankets pushed off the bed onto the floor?
A brand new day, no plans, no worries, nothing to
do? It's a Saturday, no work, no school, no alarm
clock to shut off. You feel good, no not
good....even better than that. You can do
anything...... anything. You are filled with optimism.
There is no rhyme or reason for the feeling
inside of you, it just is.
When was the last time this happened to you?

Have you noticed that as you get older you
get this feeling less and less often? Think back
to when you were a child in grade school.....
think about waking up early and watching Saturday
Morning Cartoons..... If you have a sibling,
did you fight with them about what
cartoons you wanted to watch? Remember the Cheerios?
Remember Frosted Flakes? Remember when Cartoons were
hand drawn, not this computer animated crap that
we see now? Remember when Cartoons were.......
good? Transformers, Thundercats, He-Man, G.I.
Joe....... and for you females, Rainbow Bright,
Care Bears, and uhh....ima have to go ask my sis
bout the others. Remember when music was good?
Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Hi-
Five, Vanessa Williams, New Edition, Bobby Brown?
Remember them days? Remember when you couldn't
wait to get older?

What the hell were you thinking?



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