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Bryan: Celtic for Strong One

Bear: 1) any of the plantigrade, carnivorous or omnivorous mammals of the family Ursidae, having massive bodies. 2) to hold or remain firm under (pressure). 3) to endure; face hardship bravely. 4) to show...strength or influence. 5) to sustain without suffering injury.

December 21, 2005: Bryan has a toy trumpet that makes a noise daddy can’t stand. Daddy noticed that the toy has words on it that read Not suitable for children under 5” and read it to Bryan. Bryan said, “Daddy, will you save it for me until I’m 5?” and then took it to the kitchen. There, he climbed up and put the trumpet on top of the TV, where he proclaimed he couldn’t reach it.

December 1, 2005: Bryan asked about an exclamation point he saw on an envelope. Mommy told him about sentence punctuation and their uses. After Mommy described an exclamation point as being used when someone is excited, Bryan said, “I’m excited about losing my teeth, about getting grown up and having children, and about Christmas.”

November 25, 2005: Bryan has a new pair of feety pajamas because he outgrew the ones we bought a month ago. The new ones are a little big, so as he walks the pajama feet fall off his feet. To remedy the problem, Bryan took out a pair of socks and placed them over his pajama feet. When he found that uncomfortable, he asked if washing and drying them would shrink them.

November 13, 2005: Bryan is becoming quite skilled in writing his alphabet, his name, and numbers. He also is starting to do basic math problems!

October 31, 2005: Bryan went trick-or-treating tonight. This was the first time door-to-door at strangers’ houses and with a friend. Bryan raced to every door to ring the bell, and generally had a great time (check website for photos). The only mishap was that someone had a cooler outside with “adult treats” in them, including bottles of water. When Bryan reached for the cooler, the woman said, “Those are for big people.” Next thing we knew, an overwhelmed and overtired Bryan was in the driveway crying because little kids couldn’t have water. Mommy rushed back and got him a bottle, but it took about 20 minutes for Bryan to recuperate (of course, the crying bit had put him behind in the race for the door bell).

October 3, 2005: After watching Mommy and Daddy’s wedding video, Mommy asked when Bryan would get married. He asked how old Daddy was when he was married, then asked how old Daddy was now. Upon learning his father’s age, Bryan responded, “That’s a lot of crash time.”

September 12, 2005: On the 5th day of requests for hotdogs for dinner, Mommy told Bryan that he’s going to turn into a hotdog. He responded why asking skeptically, “Do people really turn into hotdogs? Have you ever seen anyone who has turned into a hotdog?”

September 6, 2005: Today was Bryan’s first official day in pre-kindergarten. He likes his teacher and the new room and routine. In the morning he gets to spend 30 minutes in the school-age room, which has lots of great games.

July 16, 2005: In July of 2003, Bryan went to visit Grandma at the “hospital” where she was recovering from hip surgery. While there, Bryan climbed on a fence and his hands were filled with slivers. We later tried to get them out, but had trouble and it made Bryan really upset. We’ve not been able to remove a sliver since because he won’t hold still. This morning we were talking about a current sliver, and Mommy said, “You won’t let us take slivers out due to one bad sliver incident.” Remarkably, Bryan responded, “Yes, since the bad sliver incident when I got slivers in my hand when we went to see Grandma at the hospital.”

Bryan also asked today if a snowmobile was laid on its side and the tracks placed up against a tree and then accelerated, if the tracks would cut the tree like a chainsaw does.

Mommy, Bryan and Grandma went to a carnival today. Not knowing what a carnival is, Bryan pointed to a local animal hospital and asked, “Is that the carnival?”. Mommy told him what it was, and he laughed, then said if he kicked Elmo really hard, hit her with a hammer, and then cut her tail off with a chainsaw, he’d take her and her tail to the animal hospital to get better.

The carnival was a huge hit. Bryan rode the Ferris Wheel, the tea cups, lots of other kid rides, went on the big slide, and the haunted house (“train that goes in the dark”) 5 or 6 times. He also drove the bumper cars 3 times (the first the green number 4 car), and went on the spider (which made Mommy sick), and dragged Grandma and Mommy on some really fast roller coaster thing that goes around in circles, then backwards. Grandma got squished real badly and we laughed the whole time! But Bryan’s favorite ride was the Round Up. We went on twice! Bryan wondered if why we didn’t puke, because a kid who was on right before us puked all over the grass when he got off.

July 15, 2005: Bryan has a cut on his toe, and Mommy told him she would put liquid Band-Aid on it, but failed to tell explain that it requires a q-tips shaped object being pressed on his toe. Daddy was reading Bryan a book when Mommy went to press it. Bryan became hysterical, and it took a minute to get the liquid on. When Mommy asked why he was so upset, he said he thought it was a needle, and he didn’t want to get sewn because he’s not a shirt.

July 14, 2005: Bryan went on a field trip to the zoo with preschool today. Mommy couldn’t attend and was worried about Bryan’s welfare, and told him to stay with the mommies and teachers that would be there. He stayed in a group that included his good friend, CJ, and CJ’s mother. She emailed after the trip to deliver a report on Bryan’s behavior. It was as follows: “Bryan was a complete angel! You must have told him to stay right with me because we would go and look at an animal and as soon as we were ready to go to the next one he would run over and grab my hand! He listened really well and was so sweet. On the way home we got on the bus and CJ sat with Corey and so Bryan came up to be and said “Can I sit with you?” I almost cried he was so sweet! So he sat with me and talked the entire way home. He asked me what my name was, and told me all about his family and what happened to his sister, and something about a light and a propeller….not sure…the window was open and he was talking very quietly. You should be really proud of him…he was great!!” Well, it was great for Mommy to hear this. Later in the evening he asked Daddy, “Is CJ’s mommy bigger than you?” At 6’2”, Daddy told him that yes she was.

July 13, 2005: We spent 2 straight hours in the pool tonight and Bryan jumped off the high step of the ladder and also swam across the pool and back via the back stroke! Brilliant!

July 9, 2005: Bryan’s skill as a swimmer has skyrocketed with the new swimsuit. He loves the pool and can back float, doggie paddle, front stroke, spin, and jumps off Mommy’s lap and goes under the water!

July 6, 2005: Bryan had his first pieces of gum today. It was the eyes of the Spiderman ice cream he had. He did great with it and knew not to swallow it. I told him of his sister’s gum-in-the-hair mishap and when he was dine, he marched right to the garbage and threw it away!

July 5, 2005: Things Bryan might say: “lemalade” for lemonade, “Kersey Cane” for Hershey Kiss, “Emelems” for M&Ms, “breafkast” for breakfast, “detached” for attached. Also, “bemeber” for remember, “baybe” for maybe, and “trolle” for a controller for any remote control vehicle (but a TV remote is a remote).

June 26, 2005: Today Bryan went with cousin Andrew and Grandma and Grandpa to the Finger Lakes Live Steamers Club open house, where he got to ride little trains. Gotta see the pictures to believe it. It was hot and after several hours Bryan was tired and said he wanted to go home because he missed Mommy. Andrew wanted one more ride. Grandpa flipped a coin and another ride won. Bryan was thrilled and proclaimed his customary “whoo hoo!” When he got home, we all went swimming and Bryan wore the new swimsuit Daddy got him. It’s especially made for swimmers in training and helps them float. He really enjoyed it and even got a little daring and wandered away from the side of the pool!

June 15, 2005: Bryan went to Long Acre Farms today on a field trip. The best parts? The conveyer belt that would take food up to goats that climbed up to get the food, and the fake cow he got to milk.

May 7, 2005: We got to see Thomas the Tank Engine today and go for a ride in the train cars he pulled! Bryan loved the other activities and got a Thomas “tattoo” on his arm! Great fun!

April 5, 2005: We stopped at McDonald’s on the way to see Jessee at St. Mary’s. Bryan ate most of his fries, but no chicken nuggets, then wanted to play with his new toys. Thinking that he wouldn’t miss the 3 or 4 fries that were left, Mommy ate them. On the way home, Bryan emptied his happy meal bag and handed each chicken nugget to Mommy, then stuck his head in the bag. He then asked where his french fries went. He was convinced that someone had broken into the car while it was in the parking garage and stolen his fries. Mommy could do nothing but laugh with guilt. When Daddy asked was it possible that Mommy ate them, Bryan was adamant that she couldn’t have. Finally, Mommy admitted the theft and stopped back at McD’s for an extra order of fries.

April 30, 2005: Bryan started a Start Smart Soccer program last night. He had a blast running around the gym and was really great at throw-ins! He learned with leaps and bounds in the first night!

April 2, 2005: Today Bryan went to a birthday party for his good friend, Corey. There was a clown and lots of toys, so Bryan was a little overwhelmed (and naughty). But he faired well overall and can’t wait to go to Corey’s again!

March 26, 2005: Bryan went on his first Easter Egg Hunt today. He did very well and had lots of fun, but boy did the goodies go quick! Still, he found himself a stuffed animal, ran it back to Mommy, then went back for the little stuff. He even won a raffle for another toy!

March 24, 2005: Bryan went to the lake today with Grandma and Grandpa. On the way there, he started to tell them a story about a boat. He talked the 10 minutes to the lake, then resumed his story when the got in the car to go to McDonald’s. After lunch, when they got back in the car for the ride home, he asked, “May I finish my story now?” then proceded to finish the long tale on the way home.

February 9, 2005: Here’s a few more thoughts… 1. “Mommy, they (competitors in a race) start going when that noise is made because they do not like that noise and want to get away.” 2. “Why is Simba’s voice different in the movie after he’s all grow’d up?”

February 1, 2005: Bryan is surprising and entertaining us with his thoughts lately. Here’s a listing of his most recent conversations:

Bryan’s Thoughts on Death: Bryan: Mommy, when you get really, really old, are you going to die? Mommy: Yes, probably when I am really, really old. B: But I will miss you when you are dead. Will you miss me when I am dead? M: No, I will already be dead and will not know you are dead. B: Then I want to die before you so that I do not know you are dead. Or maybe, maybe we could die together and we can hold each other when we are dead and we will not miss each other.

Bryan’s Thoughts on Fatherhood: 1: “When I grow up, I will be a daddy that does teacher things with his children. I will also take my children out on the trails.” 2: “When I am a daddy, I will have one, two, three children.” 3: “Do I have a small [jar of] Vaseline [for dry skin on my knees]? I want to save that small Vaseline so that I can use it on my children.” 4: Bryan: Will I be married to my children’s mommy? Mommy: Yes, first you will get married, then have children. B: Will my children come out of my children’s mommy? M: Yes. B: How will I meet my children’s mommy? M: I’m not sure how you will meet her: it will be a long time from now.

Bryan’s Thoughts on Marriage: Bryan: Mommy, when I grow up, will I sleep in your bed with you. Mommy: No. B: But I want to marry you. M: You cannot marry me. B: But I want to love you! M: Well, Daddy and I got married because we love each other and want to be family to each other. You and I are already family to each other and always will be. B: OK.

Bryan’s Thoughts on Adulthood: Bryan gets up very late in the evening to use the bathroom. Daddy and Mommy have been watching a movie. Bryan: What is Daddy doing downstairs? Mommy: Trying to watch a movie on TV. B: When I grow up, can I stay up with you and watch a movie and go to bed when you go to bed? M: When you are a teenager, or when you care all grown up? B: When I am all grown up. M: When you are all grown up you will move out and live in your own house. B: No! I want to live with you because I love you and will miss you. M: Bryan, you can live me forever!

January 18, 2005: Bryan is staying creative in this new year. His favorite crafty activity right now is cutting with standard safety scissors and with the deluxe design scissors he got for Xmas. Recently, he cut the bottom half of a piece of paper so that it looked like fringe, declared it a car wash, then promptly ran a matchbox car through it.

December 31, 2004: Bryan is keeping busy during this holiday season, and of course loving all of the presents. He has lots of questions about Santa, which are multiplied by the TV specials (e.g., “How come Santa is not wearing glasses when the Santa at school wore glasses?”, “How does he do magic with no magic wand?”, “If I eat magic feed corn, will I fly like the reindeer?”). It’s been lots of fun! The other funny things he’s said that we want to mention included 1) Getting out of bed, grabbing a shirt of his dresser, and coming downstairs, Bryan asked, “Is this the shirt you intend for me to wear today?”. 2) After learning from “Monster Garage” that people wear nose rings, Bryan stated, “If he wears a nose ring and has to take it out, he’ll get boogies on his fingers and that’s really gross!”

December 8, 2004: The ever-persistent Bryan is really getting the best of it. Recently, when Daddy was putting Bryan to bed, he accidentally said, “I’ll see you in the morning,” then promptly corrected with, “Actually, I’ll be at work when you get up, so I’ll see you after work.” Bryan responded by saying, “But you might see me in the morning,” and continued to insist on its likelihood. To our surprise, Bryan was out of bed at 5:30 the next morning and decided to play in the hallway outside the bathroom while Mommy got ready. At 6 when Daddy left, he yelled up (speaking to Bryan for the first time that morning), saying good-bye. Bryan said, “Good-bye, Daddy. I told you I’d see you in the morning!”

November 24, 2004: Well, lots going on here! The loft bed continues to be fun, yet last night Bryan wiggled onto and down the slide in his sleep! No injuries were incurred, but he sure was surprised! We spent Friday in the ER for his asthma. This was his first trip there. He did great and remembers most that they played “Nemo” and “Monsters” for him. Latest pronouncements include: 1) After being asked, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”, Bryan answered, “The chicken in the egg.” 2) Asked what he will be happy and thankful for on Thanksgiving, he answered, “I am happy that I am going to Thanksgiving, and for the demolition derby.” 3) He’s been getting up around 5am and had been told that if he wakes up and it is dark out, he should go back to sleep. Mommy went in to get him up for school around 6:45 (sunrise is at 7:15). Bryan told Mommy to leave, that he should not get up until the sun comes out and that Mommy should come back later.

November 9, 2004: So it has been awhile since we last updated the site with new news! Hmm….Bryan has been having fun on his new, loft bed. It is a tall bed with a ladder and a slide, which he loves! Bryan went trick-or-treating as Superman this year at Wegmans, which was both fun and warm (yippee for his parents). He’s been enjoying being a Steelers fan this year, and puts on helmet and pretends he is “Burger” and Mommy is Bettis, and we run around the house throwing the ball. Today, Bryan built his largest snowman so far, and lovingly gave it a hug and a kiss.

October 5, 2004: Happy 3 ½ years old, Bryan! You are still keeping us on our toes with your wit and questions, and are really taking control of your life and doing things for yourself. In your most recent achievements, you entirely dressed yourself (all but the socks were on backwards, but it’s a start!), you cut your own food up at meals, pour cereal and milk, and open car doors for yourself.

September 8, 2004: Bryan has leapt into being 41 months old and is keeping us smiling and laughing. 2 recent conversations are described below:

Conversation 1 -- A movie was on TV in which a woman gave birth to a baby. Bryan asked why she was crying, and Mommy explained that when babies come out of the mommy’s tummy, it hurts the mommy very bad. Bryan: “Did you cry when I came out of your tummy?” Mommy: “Yes.” Bryan: “Next time I am a baby, I won’t hurt you when I come out of your tummy!”

Conversation 2 – Bryan was not talking nice and told us he was the “boss”. We informed him he was not the boss, and that if he could not talk nice there would be consequences. Bryan: “I’m not going to play with you guys. You guys are not treating me very nice.” Daddy: “Bryan, where do you get this stuff?” Bryan: “I get it from my mouth!”

August 30, 2004: Bryan played his first game of bowling this weekend and really enjoyed it! With the bumpers on, he scored a 62, nearly getting a spare on one turn! He was really proud and excited, dancing around after each turn.

August 25, 2004: Today meteorologist Glen Johnson from our local ABC station came to Bryan’s school to give a presentation. Bryan really enjoyed the visit, telling the weatherman that he saw him on TV, and generally commenting on all the things that he had to say. Mr. Johnson was very courteous to Bryan and the other little ones.

August 20, 2004: FYI—Bryan is now potty trained and proud of it! He’s loving his big boy underpants, especially the Bob the Builder ones!

August 11, 2004: Bryan is now 40 months old (real old age), but is convinced he is 4 years old because of some of the birthdays in his pre-school class. He is also just “full of it” lately, as Mommy likes to call his propensity for funny statements. Recent ones include when he Daddy took the new car to work, Bryan cried, “Why would Daddy take the new car away from us?”. Another occurred when he needed a band-aid. Generally he gets ones that look like crayons, but he asked Mommy for “Not a color one, but one that you normally use, Mommy.” He is also stared to like TV for the first time, but limits his viewing requests to “Monsters, Inc.” and “Baby Bryan” home videos. He also likes to play “Harry Potter” video games with Jessee.

July 12, 2004: Bryan got his first molar on Saturday, which was his first tooth since 2/23/2003! He has late developing teeth due to inheriting the problem from Mommy, and due to being premature, but the dentist has assured us this is not a problem. Bryan also started swimming lessons today, but he cried most of the time. He told Mommy he did not like being there because it was a new place, but loved the bus rides to and from. We hope he does better tomorrow! Note: Bryan has now given up the thumb-sucking, and relies entirely on his loved ones and stuffed animals for comfort.

July 5, 2004: Bryan spent the 3rd of July at Grandpa Dick’s cottage, where he went boating and enjoyed both the fireworks Daddy set off and the “big fireworks.” Bryan already thought Daddy was a big hero, but his putting on a fireworks display made cemented it for sure—with each one, Bryan yelled, “My Daddy did that!”. Bryan is also growing very tall now, but getting skinny. From 9/03 through 6/04, he was in the same show size and has now graduated one. Also, from his 2nd birthday to his 3rd, he grew 1.75 inches. Since his 3rd bday 3 months ago, he has grown 1 inch! His weight is dropping considerably since his physical as he shoots up, so he’s getting to be a skinny-minny again!

June 28, 2004: We’ve been very busy trying to enjoy the warm weather when we get it. Bryan has been keeping us on our toes! He told us recently that he doesn’t like cars or vans or trucks, just “Volkswagons, hot rods and school buses.” Also, he saw a convertible at a “car show” with its top down and brilliantly labeled it a “tank top hotrod.” Bryan continues to obsess about tractors and snowmobiles, and it anxiously awaiting the start of winter.

May 19, 2004: As Bryan’s vocabulary expands, we are finding some mysterious ideas of his, and coming to some conclusions. In this past week, Bryan had us laughing and thinking “ah-ha”. First, he asked Mommy why she did not know where the local jail was, and received the response, “I’ve never had a reason to go there.” Almost a minute later, Bryan responded with “Do we eat raisins?”. “Yes.”, Mommy answered. “But we do not have any raisins?” Mommy could not stop laughing! Second, for months, Bryan has been turning cups upside-down in the sink, turning on the water and calling it a mountain. While we’ve thought it looked more like a volcano with lava splashing out, we finally realized what he was trying to say when he called it a fountain this week! Third, he’s been pulling up our round ottoman, calling it a “hump”, standing on it, then jumping off. We did not know why until this week when he was outside and climbed up on a tree stump and said “Now I need to jump off.”

May 5, 2004: Bryan has had a very exciting week. Yesterday he had his very dentist appointment, which was very fun. Bryan sat still and enjoyed the description of the many tools and instruments she used, but needs to work on his "spitting". Bryan also learned to pedal his tricycle and to "pump" on the swing so that he can go all by himself! Finally, Bryan has given up his problem of pulling the skin off his lips (yay!!), but has added thumb-sucking to replace it (boo!!).

April 2004: Happy 3rd Birthday, Bryan! You had a great birthday this year with a party with some of your best friends. Corey, Erich and Amanda came over and enjoyed chips, crayon cake, ice cream, toys and lots of coloring. Your favorite food was the ice cream, though you could not wait to get your hands on the cake. You’ll also had your 3-year physical and 3-year eye appointment, where you checked out perfectly at both! You are currently in the 50th percentile for height and 60th for weight—what a change! Your doctor said that even though they have shifted, he’s happy as long as you stay in the middle somewhere. You also had a nice Easter, with the Easter bunny hiding a basket in the closet with lots of new and unique tools, such as a chisel and a clamp!

3/05/2004: One month until the big third birthday! We're not sure how the time has gone by so fast, but Bryan is definitely all little boy now. He's looking forward to his birthday and has even been found looking out the window for it!

1/05/2004: Happy New Year! Bryan is doing well and enjoyed his Christmas--he stayed awake until 12a, then was into the presents before we could get the camera out! He had a great time and is having lots of fun with all of the toys he received from Santa and the family. He also had a great New Year and is looking forward to partying at his 3rd birthday coming up in just 3 months.

12/11/2003: Original thoughts composed by Bryan in honor of his Mother's 30th Birthday. Documented by said Mother: Mommy--"I am your Mommy and you are my Son."

Bryan--"Mommy, YOU are my sun. You are my sky. You are my trees. You are my grass."

11/5/2003: Bryan just got back from his first road trip -- a 5 hour drive to Aunt Cathy & Uncle Chuck’s house. He was on his best behavior during the trip, but wondered where his Bear Bed was when he went to sleep. Prior to the trip, Bryan went trick-or-treating at some friends’ houses, though he would not say “trick-or-treat” (photos to follow at some point). Bryan is honing his coloring skills lately and can make very good pumpkins and school buses. The inspiration for the school buses comes from his recent field trip to a “pumpkin patch”. ”. Also, Bryan is 100% binkie-free now (it took just 4 days before he quit asking for it), but now he’s developed a new sleep/insecure-time habit—pulling the skin off of his lips!

10/5/2003: Happy 2 and a half years, Bryan! You're growing so big and looking much older now (new portraits taken for the occassion). You're very polite these days, offering assistance and toys to all you come in contact with. You like to kiss boo boos to make them better, and are always concerned about others. On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy made you give up your binkie. You were a little grumpy at first about going to sleep, but are getting the hang of it.

9/24/2003: Bryan is still keeping busy and getting excited about pumpkins. Bryan is practicing using his "ing" words with things like, "I am still eating it" and "Look Mommy, I'm having it". He is getting back his interest in books (which had wavered for awhile), and loves to "make dinner" for everyone willing to eat it.

8/27/2003: Bryan's favorite questions these days are: "What are they (you, he, she) doing?" and "What's that make a noise?". This morning on the way to school Bryan yelled as we pulled from the driveway, "Bye-Bye trees. I'm going to see some other trees, OK?". He also likes to answer questions of "why?" with things like "Because....I don't like it" or "Because....I want to.". "Nevermind", " guys" and "I'll be right back" are also common sayings around the house now, too.

8/11/2003: The swing set is up and Bryan is having a ball with it. He's also enjoying sitting in "our hot rod". See latest photos for seeing one very cool toddler!

7/29/2003: We have been having so much fun lately with trips to festivals, the zoo, playgrounds and “car shows”. Bryan’s favorite thing to do now is climb and slide, and we can’t wait to put up his new swing set we bought this week. Bryan has recently shown he can use the word “and” while reading a book and pointing to unfamiliar animals…”Mommy what’s this one…and this one…and this one?”

6/19/2003: Bryan’s working hard on his speech development lately, as well as his manners. He does well with saying “please”, “thank you”, and “you’re welcome”, and has begun to address his teachers as “Miss so-and-so”. This has carried over at home to Miss Mommy, Miss Daddy, Miss Nana, etc., and is rather cute. He is also adorable in his lack of using the word “and”…as in “I go to Grandma Grandpa’s house?” or “Where’d Mr. Switzer Mrs. Switzer go?”

5/15/2003: Bryan has been keeping really busy helping in the yard with his chainsaw, but his boo-boo on the tractor has cut his enthusiasm a little short. Still, he has adapted quite well to having his “bubble” on the left hand, and still enjoys helping around the yard with his chainsaw (easily operated with one hand).

4/24/2003: Bryan wants to wish his sister a Happy 14th birthday today!

4/15/2003: At his 2 year appointment yesterday, Bryan weighed 26#, 8 oz., which puts him in the 35th percentile for weight, and he was 36 inches tall, or in the 85th percentile (up from 60th in October). The doctor thought all of Bryan's development was going well, and was impressed that he has 4 and 5 word sentences. Afterwards, we went home to enjoy the 70-degree day. Bryan happily ran around the yard, and visited the neighbor's to pet the doggy and the 4 little kitties there.

4/8/2003: Happy Belated 2nd Birthday, Bryan! We would have sent you wishes sooner, but 4 days without power in the house made it a little difficult. The ice storm of 2003 didn't put too much damper on your birthday since we already had your first party, but you were very confused as to why we wouldn't "turn lights on" for you. And though you've never expressed interest in the television, you did ask us to "turn TV on", though we couldn't.

You're definately getting into the "terrible twos", but mostly relating to not wanting to get diaper changes or clothing changes, and wanting to play with whichever caregiver is the busiest at the moment. Still, you can be lots of fun, mostly playing with cars, coloring, and counting things around the house. And of course when you are at school, you are hugging and kissing your female classmates, especially Peyton.

We hope you have a great second year. You may get through any "growing pains" quickly, but try not to turn 3 too soon!

3/5/2003: Now it's one month until your second birthday, and time is going fast! You have started constructing your own sentences (mostly "I want XYZ..."), and are riding your "tractor" around the house in circles (certain to tell us when you are "stuck"). Daddy is currently your most favorite person with Mommy and Jessee coming in at close seconds (Mommy's good for boo-boos and a coloring buddy, and Jessee is perfect for fun!). You've recently painted a birdhouse at Nana's (and any verbal reminder launches you into a tirade of "I want paint birdhouse"), and you love your "jam and draw" at Grandma and Grandpa's as art is your biggest thing at the moment. Another notable skill you've developed is knowing your left and right hands and feet -- when Daddy asks you to give him your left foot (for example) for a sock or a shoe, you almost always give the correct one (making you at least as accurate as Mommy)!

2/5/2003: Only 2 months until your second birthday and perhaps the terrible twos! We're not sure how it is going by so fast! We finally took down the Christmas tree this past month and you keep saying "bye bye" to it (rather sadly, we're afraid). You have learned some of your numbers--1,3,6, and 9, and you have learned letters A through D! You are also very talkative these days, and always want things in their place--you are sure to "put remote back" and "put Elmo back", and are starting to put your toys away in their proper basket at the end of the day.

1/5/2003: Well, you've made it through the holidays and into another New Year. You've also managed to grow to 21 months old, and now we have only 3 short months until your 2nd birthday! You have had a good month: making cookies (you're great at rolling and cutting), visiting with Santa, opening lots of presents, and best of all, riding on the "tractor" (which either means the actual tractor, when snowblowing the driveway, or can mean the snowmobile). You're growing bigger all the time: the doctor said that you are 25 lbs., 8 oz., and we estimate you are 35 inches tall. Also, you are always talking and figuring things out. We're sure there's lots of fun ahead!

12/5/2002: Wow! What a quick month this has been as you are now 20 months old! You have said your first sentence -- “I want Pop-tarts” (many other kids in the toddler room eat them for breakfast. You are keeping very busy, climbing on everything that stands still (and trying even those that do not). You are loving all the snow we are getting, except for the snow boots we make you wear, as you hate all footwear besides sneakers. You are getting into the holiday spirit, playing with your stuffed Christmas toys from last year and examining all the "lights" and "balls" on the tree. We look so forward to taking you to see Santa and baking cookies next week.

11/11/2002: Bryan had tubes put in his ears on Friday. The doctors gave him a medicine to loosen him up and he acted as though he were drunk. He kept kissing a doggie Grandma June had brought him and pointing out its nose. He was so stupefied by the time the doctor came to get him that he did not mind being taken from us. Of course he was very angry when he came to and his parents weren't with him, and although the doctor said to expect him to go to sleep when he got home, Bryan stayed awake for another 3 hours. By Saturday morning he seemed to be back to normal!

11/4/2002: Hello, Bryan. You'll be 19 months old tomorrow and closer to age 2 than to age 1! You had excitement today. An old NICU friend started school with you. His name is Corey and he was 10 weeks early, too, but was born 1 week sooner than you. When he graduated the NICU, you moved from your incubator to his newly vacated crib. So you've shared the same address, the same crib, and now the same school!

10/22/2002: Fall is in full swing and Bryan, too, continues to change. He is 18 months old now and doing well in the toddler room. He now eats his snacks and lunch at a little table, and climbs up to sink to wash his hands. At his 18 month appointment, Bryan weighed 23#, 8 oz., which puts him in the 40th percentile (up from 25th in July), and he was 33 inches tall, or in the 60th percentile (up from 50th in July). The doctor thinks that Bryan's language development is well beyond where it should be for his age.

9/24/2002: Bryan has been trying out the toddler room in anticipation of moving up next week. What a big boy! Bryan wants to wish Nafissa a Happy First Birthday next week, and hopes he can see her sometime soon!

9/5/2002: 17 months old! You're coming up too quickly on 1 and 1/2 years old for your parents to handle. Although we are enjoying all the fun you are getting into. Even though our hilly yard can cause a stumble every once in awhile, we think your walking is coming along so well that you were jogging the other day. You are also learning new words at an incredible rate--just in 2 days you began to say and sign "love you", and you said "swing", "slide", "one more", "grandma", "truck", "phone", and sing "My Guy" when mommy needs your assistance with our favorite song. I'm sure we are in for lots of fun as the fall comes and we go digging around in our pumpkin patch.

8/25/2002: You're still keeping busy these days, saying lots of new words and using sign and speech very politely (lots of thank yous and asking for "more"). When you need assistance with something you are sure to grab the hand of a friendly adult and drag him/her over to the task. When you want something you don't know the word for you say "huh huhh?". You do lots of sweeping and general wiping things with a cloth. You love to go on the tractor with Daddy (or "tracto" with "Daaaaddeee"). You've started to hate teeth brushing. And although you've hated baby food veges for months you are having to eat them now becuase Mommy gives you a spoon.

8/5/2002: Happy 16th month, Bryan. You are starting to like the pool a little bit and enjoyed the wading pool at the zoo when we visited there with Grandma June and cousin Andrew last week. Although since you were workingon your 8th tooth you didn't pay much attention to the animals. You are walking really well and jabbing up a storm. Some of your favorite activities include wandering back to Grandma Elaine's, splashing in the pool (while standing outside of it), and turning your nebulizer on and off.

7/10/2002: Happy 15th month, Bryan. You celebrated by oohing and aahing at fireworks! You've been fine, and know about 30 words now, including 3 or 4 phrases. At your 15-month well-baby visit, you weighed 21# 12oz (25th percentile), were 31.5" tall (50th percentile). The doctor said you developmentally had accomplished all the things a 15 month old should do, so you're doing great in that department!

6/13/2002: Happy First Un-birthday, Bryan! This should have been your first birthday, and you are celebrating it by walking! Your first baby step was Sunday, as was your first haircut (see photos), and now you can a few steps at a time.

6/5/2002: Happy 14th month B-day, little Bryan! You are so busy and doing well, except that you are suffering from asthma and having to deal with breathing treatments, which you hate. You continue to be helpful, helping us pack things into bags and bringing us items, but you are also finding tricky ways of doing things you are not supposed to. In fact, just the other day you set a pillow on the floor and climbed on top of it to reach the remote sitting high away. How far you've come since this time last year--one year ago today we took you (at 6#, 4oz.,) to have surgery.

5/24/2002: Bryan has been keeping very busy. When recently asked what he's going to do now that he's dropped his binkie, he replied "Get it." He has also started to help Mommy and Daddy with the cleaning. He likes to wipe down the counters and his tray, and he helps close the dishwasher. Bryan also likes to walk up and down the driveway pushing his "car".

5/9/2002: Bryan is having lots of fun. His Grandma Elaine has taught him to ask "What's that?" when he's interested in something, and Grandma June has taught him to hum along to songs. He is also saying "All done" when he doesn't want to eat anymore (which is much preferred to his other method--screaming), and is trying to play "sooooo big." When he can't say a word yet he uses "da", and now he'll put his arms in the air and sing "daaaaa da".

5/5/2002: Happy 13th Month, Bryan. You celebrated by not falling on your head at all today (something you for some reason did 4 times the yesterday). You also celebrated your being a big boy by braving the grass and crawling across the lawn.

4/30/2002: Bryan can now say "duck" and "stuck", although they sound very similar to each other. Today he dropped a rubber duckie and said "ut-oh duck". Bryan also has his first tooth coming in!

4/17/2002: Bryan has added another word to his vocabulary: "kitty" or "kitty-cat". Yesterday he discovered that he hates grass so much, that it is worth just crawling around on a blanket instead of venturing out.

4/12/2002: Bryan has had a busy week! He has used a fork (somewhat successfully), learned to stand alone for 20 or 30 seconds, and learned to say "bye bye", "ut-oh", and "ball"!

4/8/2002: Bryan had his 1-year well baby visit today. He weighs a whopping 20#, 8 oz., and his 30 inches tall. That means he's more than 2x his birthday length and nearly 6x his birth weight! What a big, big boy. The doctor said he is almost caught up developmentally, too, and he seems to be tight on schedule for being caught up by his 2nd b-day (no hurry to get there, though).

4/7/2002: Bryan had a wonderful b-day bash on Saturday. He wants to thank everyone for coming and for bringing him such wonderful gifts! If you missed it, Bryan ate his b-day cake by leaning forward and sticking his face into it rather than using his hands. It was a riot!

4/5/2002: HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, BRYAN! You are SO Big! How did the year go by so quickly? You’ve certainly had a rough start, but Mommy and Daddy, and sister and Grandparents, and friends, are all so happy you’ve been around the past year and hope you’re happy, too. We’ve had so much fun and are looking forward to much more fun, especially now that you are on the go and keep us running around the house after you. Try to remember, though, that you can never get too old to cuddle and that no matter how big you get, Mommy and Daddy will always love and take care of you. Happy First Birthday, BEAR.

4/1/2002: Bryan woke up at 2:30 this morning long enough to wake Mommy up. You see, he couldn't let the one year anniversary of his waking Mommy up at 2:30 to go to the hospital go by without notice!

3/31/2002: Bryan had a Happy Easter and hopes everyone else did, too. He went with Mommy and Grandma & Grandpa Barnhart out to lunch at a restaurant for Easter and had a grand time. Bryan sat in their high chair and ate Cheerios and banged toys. He also had some applesauce and dumped Grandma's drink all over the table. It was great fun!

3/27/2002: Bryan turned into a little Magellan last night, discovering many things: first, that it is fun to remove videos from the shelves; second, Mommy won't let me inside the dishwasher no matter how hard I cry; third, if I keep my parents busy enough chasing me around they may miss a Cheerio I threw on the floor and I can snack on it later; fourth, if I pull really hard on the back of a kitchen chair while standing on my tippy-toes, I can get my feet off of the floor.

3/26/2002: Bryan is becoming a very picky eater. It seems his favorite food is Cheerios, and nothing else can compare. For breakfast this morning Bryan spit out chopped up strawberries (an attempt to give him some variety), but giggled when we allowed him to chew on a whole strawberry. He also thought the best use of toast was to see how quickly it hits the floor when dropped off the side of the high chair.

3/25/2002: Bryan is keeping himself and Mommy and Daddy really busy lately. He is crawling quickly over to the coffee table, pulling himself up, then letting go to see if he can stand all by himself. He is sometimes successful, but the slippery hard wood floor beneath is not cooperative and he tends to fall on his head. He's a good sport about it, though, and keeps going back for more.

3/21/2002: Bryan started clapping for the first time today. He did not seem to be clapping about anything in particular--he was just finishing breakfast in his high chair and decided to cheer.

If you like "Bryan the Lion," go visit Bryan at school. He is teaching all his baby friends how to "roar"!

3/19/2002: Not much new to report. Bryan is keeping busy with his crawling, standing, and cruising. He is also keeping Mommy and Daddy very busy with chasing, catching, and cuddling (when catching fails). He continues to be a happy boy, but wants Mommy to help him stand up all the time. He is also giving Daddy a hard time with his breakfast--he'd rather watch any other activity in the kitchen. What a curious boy!

3/14/2002: Yesterday Bryan had a real busy day. Not only did he start to crawl, but to cruise as well. "Cruising" is when a baby holds on to something and walks around it. We put him in his play yard, he pulled himself up, then cruised around the edge! What fun Bryan is having now!

3/13/2002: Congratulations, Bryan! You did some real crawling today! On Friday you sort of crawled a little, but today you went about 5 feet to pick up the toy that had rolled away. You weren't quite sure why Mommy and Daddy were cheering, but you enjoyed the applause anyways.

3/11/2002: Bryan is definitely saying "Mama" now, but only at those occasional moments he really wants Mommy more than Daddy. Also, we can tell there is a tooth on top that is just waiting to come out!

3/8/2002: Last night Bryan was on the floor and was fussing. Daddy got down on the floor to play with him, but Bryan looked up at Mommy, threw his arms in the air and said "Ma!" This was the first time we knew his Mama or Dada was truly directed at a parent instead of just random chatter!

3/7/2002: Lots new to report!! Bryan went today to the NICU Follow-Up clinic to make sure he is developing properly. He weighed in at 19 pounds exactly, and was 29 inches long. This is still very tall for his corrected age, and still very thin. All his other tests were in order (he had to stand, look at fuzzy red things, play with a bell), and he is right on track. He did so well that they do not need to see Bryan again as it looks now he will continue to develop normally (although it is too early to tell if he'll be a genius or anything!).

While at the hospital today Bryan went to visit the NICU area. He was able to spend some time with his very favorite nurse, Tracy, who couldn't believe how big he is. He also saw nurse Jan, who remarked that he grew to be a beautiful boy. He was happy to learn that the smallest of his pod-mates, who had joined him at the end of April, has finally gone home last month!


3/4/2002: Bryan seems to be coming down with something. His nose is a little stuffy and he's starting to be cranky again. The good news is that he has gained quite a bit of weight (he even looks rather chubby), so if he stops eating again he'll be ahead of the game. His being under the weather did not stop him from eating Saturday, though. He took an extra bottle throughout the day and plenty of solids. He still does not like to eat vegetables, though, so we might try real veggies this week as he may eat them if they are whole.

2/27/2002: Bryan has been having a great time lately. He's been very happy and enjoys playing--even sometimes by himself! Last night he was so happy that when Mommy sang a funny song to he him squealed and laughed and got so excited he toppled over (and didn't care that he had fallen). Mommy, Daddy, and his Grandmas are having a great time, too.

2/25/2002: Bryan now likes to stand quite a bit, but he is so active that he is very wobbly! He is also excited about a new basket Mommy bought him--several of his toys go in the basket and he can pull them out at his leisure. When Daddy put his basket inside his "zoo" (a plastic contraption he'll later crawl in and out of), Bryan figured a way to scootch over to it, open the door, and pull out his basket!

2/21/2002: When Mommy and Daddy went into his room to get Bryan up this morning they found him sitting up in his crib!

2/20/2002: Yesterday Bryan had a great evening. From 5 o'clock on, he laughed and smiled--even when he ate dinner! (Oh, except for a new thing he does. Bryan must fear that we're going to feed him something he doesn't like because now he cries when we bring out the spoon. If we shove the spoon in anyways, he realizes he does like the food and then eats as usual). He still is not sure he likes eating finger foods (see photos from 2/18), but he does now like to act like a lion when Grandma Elaine roars at him (he roars back and swipes his claws!--see new Mpeg Gallery for proof!). Bryan also demonstrated last night that he knows the word "no", as he stopped reaching for our glasses each time we said it. Of course he didn't always obey, but he is on the right track!

2/18/2002: Not much new to report with Bryan. He got a new play mat this weekend which allows him to sit up without anyone worrying about his cracking his head if he falls over. He seems to enjoy it. He didn't take his bottles very well this weekend, but did eat 2 jars of veges, 2 of fruit, and 2 of cereal on Saturday.

2/14/2002: Bryan wants to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!

2/13/2002: Wouldn't you know that Bryan has had another rough week? After getting over his tummy bug he now has a cold, fever, and a lung problem that requires treatment with an antibiotic, a steroid, and the nebulizer. He seems to be much better today than last night, and we hope he will continue to do better.

2/7/2002: Bryan decided to eat yesterday after getting very ill on Tuesday. Wednesday he took 45 ounces of formula and Pedialyte, and a jar of cereal. He did not eat well at 9 this morning, but we are confident that he is doing better. The doctor said he probably has had a tummy virus for awhile and it should be out of his system all together soon. He had only lost 1 ounce, so he must have grown really tall as he is definitely much skinnier.


2/4/2002: We're still working on getting Bryan to eat and will probably take him to the doctor this week if he is not better soon. He only took 9 ounces and 2 jars of food on Saturday, but was up to 18 ounces and 2 jars on Sunday. He seems fairly happy otherwise, and seems to be operating OK. Still, he is looking a little thin. On a happy note, Bryan is getting on his hands and knees and rocking, and even scooching forward a bit. He may crawl soon enough!

1/31/2002: Mom is getting very worried as Bryan is still not eating. The nurses recommended lots of small, bland meals. Hopefully he will start to eat soon!

1/29/2002: The doctor said Bryan's ears were fine and that he could just be fussy and feverish due to teething. However, Bryan did have a virus and got a terrible rash all over his torso Sunday and Monday. He is doing better now, and is starting to eat again (he has not had dinner in 3 days). He lost quite a bit of weight this weekend--we can see his rib cage again. On Friday he weighed a whopping 18 pounds, 4 ounces.

1/25/2002: Poor Bryan has to go to the doctor's today as his ear infection is back! He has been sad for 2 days now, and actually had a fever last night. Hopefully this time he will be put on a medicine that actually works.

New for today: Bryan loves his Daddy very much, and fusses when Mommy is holding him and Daddy is nearby. Today, when Daddy left for work, Bryan actually cried and I had to take him to the door so he could watch him drive away.

1/22/2002: Not much new to report. Bryan is doing well with his chicken dinners so far--the chicken is mixed with veges so I'm sure he cannot tell the difference. Bryan now eats at least 6 jars of food each day!

1/18/2002: Bryan's doctor appointment went well today. His height is in the 90th percentile for corrected age, 50th for 9 month olds. His weight, 17 pounds, 12 ounces, is in the 50th corrected, 15th for 9 month olds. I told the doctor that Bryan seems to want to always eat more solids and he said he could eat lots more if he wants, and can start finger foods in a month! He also thought Bryan may be getting some teeth soon, but is not technically teething yet. Otherwise, he said Bryan is doing well developmentally, falling somewhere between his corrected and real age (the only 9 month goal he did not meet is the ability to walk while holding onto a couch or coffee table).

1/13/2002: Happy 7th Un-birthday, Bryan. You should be 7 months old today! Unfortunately, you have another ear infection!

1/11/2002: Bryan took a bath in the big bathtub last night. What a big boy! He rather enjoyed it, playing with his toys and chewing on a big cup filled with water. (Pictures will be available next week). Bryan’s babbling is coming along quickly as he now says, “ba ba, ga ga, da da, and ma ma”. Although none of these means anything to him, it is a big step in language development.

1/10/2002: Although many have suspected Bryan’s been teething for months, at his last appointment the doctor said he was still not teething. In fact, “The vast majority [of babies] sprout their first tooth at approximately 7 months. An early developer may see his first white cap as early as 3 months, while a late bloomer may have to wait until he's almost a year old.” Since he will be 7 months corrected age on the 13th, we’ll make sure to ask his doctor about it again at his appointment on the 18th.

1/9/2002: Bryan is sitting up for several minutes at a time now, and is delighted that he can reach his toys better. He is slightly surprised when he falls over, but has weathered it well so far. He continues to try to sit up while taking his bottle, and now will sit in a bouncy seat at school and feed himself!

1/5/2002: Happy 9 Month Birthday, Bryan!

1/2/2002: Welcome, Bryan, to the New Year! Bryan celebrated New Year's Eve by sleeping contently after spending the day playing with Daddy. On New Year's Day, Bryan discovered a hatred (maybe fear) of the noise that is made when the plastic on photo album pages is separated from its page!

12/28/2001: Bryan is nearly sitting up by himself! He can sit upright for a long while, but tends to topple over when he reaches for a toy. Unfortunately, the poor baby has stereo ear infections again :(.

12/27/2001: Bryan wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! He had a fun one, celebrating Christmas Eve by saying "Ba Ba Ba" (about 1/2 of all 6 month olds can do this, and he is 6 1/2 months corrected age). On Christmas Day he opened lots of presents, chewing each one first. He even protested when we tried to take some away to get them out of the boxes! Overall he had a good day, and looks forward to more celebrating when he sees grandparents on Saturday.

12/13/2001: Bryan is now 29 inches long, which is exactly two times his birth length!

12/19/2001: Bryan has seen the doctor and his ear infection and RAD are all cleared up. He also received a flu shot (poor baby), but stopped crying as soon as I picked him up and actually smiled at the nurse. He also discovered the large fish tank in the office and all the swimming fish.

12/14/2001: Bryan is doing much better and is growing in leaps and bounds. We're not sure how tall he is, but noticed today that when he wore for the second time an outfit he was supposed to get for Christmas the cuff came almost up to his knees!

Bryan is now eating 5 bottles per day, 1/2 a jar of veges and 2 jars of cereal each day--and he still seems hungry at times (he has started eating veges without fighting). He will begin eating fruit tomorrow, so that should help (he might even find them yummy), and we'll probably begin offering him more messy veges each day.

12/11/2001: Bryan is still not entirely better, but has at least been in a good mood. He wants to wish his Mommy a happy birthday today.

12/10/2001: Did you know that Bryan dislikes being in his car seat and in the car? Most babies will fall asleep during a car ride, but Bryan rarely does. He stays awake for the whole trip to make sure that Mom or Dad is driving at the appropriate pace (the quicker the pace, the sooner he gets out of the car). If the car stops for longer than a standard traffic light (due to a train crossing or too much traffic), Bryan will protest the delay until the car moves again!

12/7/2001: Although not 100% healthy, Bryan is doing much better. He has not had a fever since Tuesday morning, and his breathing is much better. He still has a little runny nose, and it seems his ears are still bothering him a bit. He has begun to laugh a little, though, and we hope to have a happy baby again soon. We're so excited that Bryan made it almost 8 months without an ear infection--his Mommy and Uncle Jamie had them when they were much younger.


12/4/2001: Poor Bryan is now sick. He has infections in both of his ears, a runny nose, a fever, and Reactive Airway Disease (wheezing and general breathing troubles). He's now on Tylenol, an antibiotic, and is getting breathing treatments of Albuterol. He is responding well. Just a note: Bryan weighs 15 pounds, 10 ounce--exactly 5 times his smallest weight!!

12/2/2001: Bryan went to the mall today with Mom and Dad and had a great time looking at all the people. He sat up in his stroller the whole time, only crying once when he was really tired. All the store clerks loved him.

11/27/2001: Exciting news here--Bryan now knows his name. Last night he was looking in the sink and when Mom said "hey Bryan", he looked up at her in the mirror and smiled, but at "hey Baby", he kept looking in the sink.

11/26/2001: Bryan is doing well, although he is a little fussy with his bottles again. He also hates eating vegetables (maybe he gets that from Dad), either screaming when we try to feed them to him or simply clamping his lips shut in defiance. Last night he did eat some squash that was very diluted with cereal and apple juice, but he did so with no enthusiasm. Bryan is still sleeping fairly well at night, but throws himself around and screams quite a bit when he is tired during the day. We think he's simply too curious about the world around him to want to nap, and is just screaming to keep himself awake. If you're coming to the house for a visit, make sure to bring your earplugs!

11/22/2001: Bryan says "Happy Thanksgiving, Gobble, Gobble".

11/13/2001: Bryan clearly dislikes both sweet potatoes and squash! We'll try some other veges, hoping that he'll eat something other than carrots! In fun news, Bryan is now reaching out towards people he wants to take a hold of him or play with him, and he's finally going after objects other people have. Of course this now means it is time to "Bryan-proof" the house, and to remind the kitties that they are safe as long as Mommy or Daddy is holding Bryan, but will need to run when he becomes truly mobile.

11/8/2001: Bryan is getting more talented by the day. Last night he really started to use a crib toy he has that makes noise when he kicks it. He actually rolled until he got to it, hit at the various objects on the toy, and then pushed the kick bar to make the noise by hand. We could really tell that he had a goal in mind and was going to work hard until he accomplished it.

11/5/2001: Happy 7 Month Birthday, Bryan! What a big boy you are. You now know to look for a toy if you drop it. And can take toys and other items from people who hand them to you. You also pass toys from one hand to the other. You find snorting noises hysterical, and squeal when one of our kitties stand nearby. You're not quite sitting up yet, but have started eating carrots--yum!

10/31/2001: Happy Halloween! Soon we will update Bryan's photo gallery with pictures of him in his 2 Halloween costumes. He is such a big boy--he's found his toes and has been having a great time playing with them!

10/24/2001: Cute little Bryan was holing his bottle last night--one handed! It was adorable and lasted about 3 minutes.

10/22/2001: Bryan is getting to be a really big boy! He can pass a toy from one hand to other now, roll across the room, hold his bottle by himself (though he rarely wants to), and various other fun tasks. He recently received an exesaucer--a wonderful contraption similar to a walker (though not mobile), covered with toys. He enjoys playing in it and chatting with the toys. We have not weighed or measured him since his appointment on the 10th, but have just started documenting his footprints on a very large cloth hanging in his room. He has been pretty happy lately, and we hope the more he learns to do the less grumpy he will be.

10/15/2001: Congratulations to Cathy and Chuck on their wedding Saturday. Also, congratulations to Dave and Faiza on the (Sept. 30) birth of their daughter Nafissa Winifred (Bryan’s Mom and Dad met her this weekend and she is beautiful!).

Bryan made it through his first night away from Mom and Dad since he came home from the NICU. He stayed with Grandparents and behaved fairly well for them (though he didn't sleep any better there). He seemed to have adjusted well, although he ignored Mom and Dad for the first few minutes they were home.

10/10/2001: Bryan had his 6 month check up and is very healthy. He weighs 14 pounds, 4 ounces and is 26.5 inches long. That means that he is an entire foot longer than when he was born--no wonder nothing fits! For his real age, Bryan is in the 40th percentile for height and 25th percentile for weight (95th and 60th for his corrected age). He will start eating vegetables soon, and the doc says we'll need to let Bryan cry if we ever hope to have him sleep through the night. Bryan was a brave boy when he got his shots.

10/5/2001: HAPPY 6 MONTH BIRTHDAY, BRYAN! How did so much time go by so quickly? Mom and Dad can't believe it has been 6 months since they first set eyes on your little 3 1/2 pound body. Well, now you're probably around 14 pounds, and have perfected rolling over (no more getting an arm stuck), and are trying to sit up so you can see the world around you. You're growing big now, and the new clothes you are dressed in each day are almost too small already! Keep up the good work, but don't grow up too fast.

9/25/2001: Bryan slept from 11 o 4:30 last night, only waking up once and quickly falling back to sleep (Daddy made him into a sausage and all was ok). This was after one evening of no cereal. We'll see how well he does tonight. Also, Bryan rolled from his back to his tummy today at Grandma's! He doesn't even roll from his tummy to back yet.

9/24/2001: Bryan is still recovering from his cold--poor baby. He is still coughing and a little stuffy. He is starting his 5th week of not sleeping after 2:00 (no matter when he goes to bed or when he was fed last). There is a small possibility that he may be having trouble with his cereal, so we will try stopping that next. On a more fun note, Bryan's room is complete, and he loves it! He has a great crib toy and enjoys playing with--he kicks, it makes noises, and he laughs--it is great fun for the whole family.

9/18/2001: Bryan has not been sleeping well for the 3 weeks leading up to a cold he developed this weekend. The doctor has increased his Zantac to see if this will help. He visited there on Saturday, weighing in at 13#, 9 oz., and today weighing in at 13#, 13 oz. (this time with socks). We hope that he will eventually stop growing quite so quickly or he will weigh more than 25 pounds at his first birthday! We'll keep our fingers crossed that he gets better, and we are grateful that so far he does not have an ear infection or a fever.

9/14/2001: To All: We are very fortunate that Bryan is too young to know of the terrible tragedy our nation has suffered this week. All of Bryan's family and friends are well, and our hearts go out to those who continue to suffer.

9/10/2001: It looks like Bear is about 13 and a half pounds--that's a 10 pound increase in 5 months. He really feels heavy now and is really strong. He tends to squirm much more than babies normally do, which wears out whoever is holding him at the time. He is also getting very loud if he is unhappy--especially when someone tries to burp him when he'd rather eat. His smiles are growing bigger now and his "talking" is more expressive, so it makes all worthwhile.

Saturday we went to Seneca Park Zoo for a NICU reunion. It was extremely crowded and hot, but Bryan ran into his favorite pod-mates who have all grown so big that they could hardly recognize each other. Bryan was the cutest, though, and was the only one awake and wanting to play.

9/5/2001: Happy 5 Month Birthday, Bryan! How did you get so big? Bryan is now too big for the kitchen scale, so we are not sure exactly what he weighs. He is probably around 13 pounds. Some of his 3 to 6 months clothes fit now, and some of his 0 to 3 still fit, but he is definitely growing big. Bryan started giggling the other day in addition to his squeals of joy. What a cutie!

8/31/2001: Not much to report, except that Bryan is beginning to sharpen his playing skills. He enjoys batting at toys and has even been known to reach out and grab at one! He continues to grow big, but has not been weighed since the 15th.

8/27/2001: Bryan had a nice weekend, but he cried his first tears Sunday night. Boo Hoo!

8/23/2001: Bryan has now been in this world twice as long as he was supposed to be at this point--he is twenty weeks old already! He is doing well with eating, although he cannot use his booster seat because he slumps too much. We did find that if we hold him and feed him he will eat all his cereal and search for more. Last night he didn't even want his bottle afterwards!

8/21/2001: Because Bryan was drinking so much formula, the doctor suggested we step up the cereal plan to yesterday. Bryan was only partially receptive to eating food--he's used to being held while eating, and he's used to it being quicker. He did get about 5 spoonfuls into his tummy, and he never cried. See his photo gallery for pictures.

8/20/2001: Bryan had a pretty good weekend. He slept quite a bit Saturday, waking up long enough to meet the new baby (though showing little interest). Sunday he ate like the Bear he is, taking 7 oz., then 7.5, then 8.5 (for a total of 33.5 oz. throughout the day)! Most babies begin solids when they take 32 oz. per day, so Bryan is getting very close to a new adventure. In the evening he was very grumpy crying except for when Mom held him, but at bedtime he kept Mom and Dad entertained by squealing with delight at the toys surrounding his bassinet.

8/15/2001: Congratulations to uncle Jimmy and aunt Nicole on the birth of their baby girl, Mackenzie. She was born this evening, weighing 8 pounds, 10 oz.!

8/15/2001: Bryan went to his 4 month well baby visit today, and there is lots to report. He weighs 11 pounds, 10 ounces, and is 23.25 inches long. These put him in the 80th percentile for his corrected age (80% of babies at 9 weeks are smaller than him), and in the 10th percentile for his real age (10% of babies at 4 months are smaller than he is). This is the first time Bryan has been on the charts for his actual age! The doctor asked that he stay on his preemie baby formula for 2 more months before switching to regular formula. Also because of his size, Bryan can start eating cereal in 1 month instead of 2 to 4 more months (at which point his corrected age would be 4 to 6 months, the normal time for starting babies). His doctor explained that Bryan should begin to sleep 10 hours per night when he is taking solids, with two naps during the day. In other areas, Bryan's development is right on target for his corrected age! Bryan wants to wish his Daddy a Happy Birthday today!

8/13/2001: Bryan had a grumpy Sunday as he is still having trouble getting himself to sleep. Prior to this episode (he couldn't sleep all afternoon), he was very cheery and smiling quite a bit. This morning we tried 2 outfits on him that were both too small (boo hoo, they were too big on him just a short while ago). He has his 4 month appointment on Wednesday, so we'll get his official length and weight then

8/10/2001: We discovered that Bryan does do much better with his Zantac than without it when he went 5 days without it as a trial. It had only been about 3 weeks since Bryan was completely miserable and we had already forgotten how sad he could be. After 3 days without the medication he began spitting up quite a bit more and was back to screaming when we tried to feed him. He's been back on it since 8/8 and is already showing improvement. Poor baby. Still, he is really being a happy baby each morning--he even smiles now while being diapered instead of crying as his did each time for his first 16 to 17 weeks of life.

8/6/2001: Bryan is getting more and more active each day, and spending quite a bit of time laughing and talking. He is even starting to communicate with his favorite bed toys! He is, however, starting to follow in his mom's footsteps--she was born with a full head of hair but was bald by 3 months of age.

8/5/2001: Happy Four Month Birthday, Bryan! You weigh 10 pounds, 11 ounces today and are SO big!

8/4/2001: Bryan posed for his first portrait today. Of course he chose that as the only time today he would not smile, but the pictures will be adorable anyway.

8/1/2001: Bryan went to see his eye doctor yesterday and was the bravest boy. He struggled a little bit, but otherwise sucked on his pacifier and whimpered only slightly. Mom was very glad he did not scream and struggle as usual both because she did not want him to feel tortured and because he's so much bigger and stronger now then when he first went. The doctor said his eyes are in great condition now. He never developed the eye disease Retinopathy of Prematurity. Bryan is still at a greater risk for needing glasses as a child, so he'll go back at his first birthday. But otherwise, Bryan has been liberated of his eye appointments!

7/30/2001: As of Saturday, Bryan weighed 10 pounds 5 ounces. Many of his 0 to 3 month clothes are labeled up to 11 pounds, but we think most will fit him through the summer. Also on Saturday Bryan slept through the night for the first time sleeping 7 hours (eating at 10 pm and then at 6 am). He did not repeat this the next night, but it is a start!

7/26/2001: Bryan is becoming increasingly active/wake. Although babies his corrected age normally stay awake for about 9 hours each day, Bryan decided to stay awake for 6.5 hours in one stretch yesterday! He was awake most of the rest of the day, except for a 3 hour nap that preceded his marathon wakefulness. Bryan was really tired, but he seems to have trouble falling asleep lately.

7/25/2001: Much to Bryan's (and Mom and Dad's) dismay, we learned the hard way this week that most babies get their first colds within month 1.5 to 2.5. Bryan seems to be holding up well, but he is sneezing and coughing. Luckily there has been no fever and he continues to eat well. On a lighter note, Bryan is beginning to have a lot of fun with us. He actually talks to us now (instead of just grunts and cries, though there are still plenty of those). He is very active in the morning from 5 am to 10 am (right when Mom is trying to get breakfast and a shower!), and enjoys playing smile games and being tickled. It is so exciting for us after so many weeks of just eating and sleeping! Bryan's behavioral development seems right on track for his corrected age--6 weeks as of Thursday.

7/23/2001: Bryan attended a wonderful picnic this weekend with Mom, Dad, and Grandma Elaine. It was very hot, though, so he chose to spend most of the event sleeping through all the admiration he got from those excited to meet him. He impressed the family, too, when he managed a feeding there with no crying and no spitting up. Bryan has still been grumpy, but will now entertain himself for as long as an half hour if he is in his swing.

7/20/2001: Baby Bear is starting to live up to his name. He weighs 9 pounds, 14 ounces! He's so big now that his back is actually wider than Mom's burping hand. He is continuing to stay awake better in the day, which caused him to go 6 hours between two feedings one night this week (then he took 6 ounces!). Unfortunately for him, he has not yet figured out how to be happy for more than a few minutes while awake. He does smile big, though, when Dad picks him up each day.

7/16/2001: Bryan split the weekend having a really good Saturday visiting with family, and then a poor Sunday (just general grumpiness all day). His feeds are averaging 4 to 4.5 ounces now, 6 times per day. He occasionally sleeps longer than 4 hours, but we keep him to schedule in the daytime. He is playing for short periods of time now, enjoying a toy, a song, or a few tickles for as long as 20 minutes. He smiles a little, but no real laughing yet (his friend just started laughing at 9 weeks, and Bryan is now 4.5 weeks corrected age).

7/12/2001: Bryan is doing well, though we still are not sure if the Zantac is helping or making matters worse. He is still gaining weight, though, and is up to 9 pounds, 4 ounces!

7/10/2001: Bear has been acting quite differently lately. Over the weekend he stayed awake for long periods of time and wanted to eat a lot. He generally took 4.5 to 5.5 ounces. Then starting Monday night, he began to sleep for long periods of time and eat only 2 ounces per feeding! The doctor’s office thinks he might now be recuperating from a weekend growth spurt (we need to weigh him in to find out!). So far, the Zantac does not seem to be helping.

7/6/2001: Bryan went to the doctor today just for a check up on his spitting up and general grumpiness. The doctor said he may have acid reflux, so we will try baby Zantac for one month. Bryan may just be really colicky, and there is no explanation or cure for this problem. The doctor did say that Bryan is now in the 50th percentile for weight for his corrected age (up from 5th percentile 3 weeks ago), and only slightly outside the curve for his actual age! Thus, although the spitting up may make Bryan miserable, we do not have to worry that is has been endangering his health.

7/5/2001: Happy 3 month Birthday, Bear! We can't believe how quickly the time since he left the NICU is going by. Bryan now weighs 8 pounds, 14 ounces and is 20 inches long!

P.S. Bryan's eye appointment today went well. His retina is in the last phase of development, and so far there have been no problems. The doctor said he is to come back on July 31, and that should be his last appointment.

7/4/2001: Bryan saw his first fireworks last night and was thoroughly mesmerized. By the time he saw the fireworks, he had been awake for 5 hours without barely fussing. This was the longest Bryan has been awake except for when he's been colicky!

7/2/2001: Bryan's page has an all new look. When you get to his new photo gallery, make sure to click on each of the galleries for more photos. You can click on each photo for a larger view.

Bryan is resting today after an eventful weekend (he attended a surprise bridal shower where he made many new friends). He also went today to meet his daycare teacher, as he starts there on Monday. He will be there each day but Tuesday, when he will go to Grandma and Grandpa Barnhart's for the day. His daycare room only has 3 babies on Mondays and Fridays, and 2 babies on Wednesdays and Thursday, so he'll get lots of attention. P.S. Bryan weighs 8 lbs., 8 oz.

6/29/2001: Bryan's eating schedule is getting very erratic as he starts to go longer between feedings. Twice yesterday he went 5 hours before waking up, taking 5 ounces at each feed, but then ate 3 hours later. He does usually choose to sleep longer periods at night instead if during the day, allowing Mom and Dad to get a little more sleep and demonstrating that he no longer has his nights and days mixed up.

6/27/2001: Bryan will be 12 weeks, or 3 lunar months old tomorrow. That makes his corrected age 2 weeks! He had a rough Tuesday, spitting up quite a bit, but was feeling better by nighttime. He has begun to stretch out his night feedings a little bit, but can sometimes still wake after two and a half hours. This morning Bryan weighed 8 pounds, 3 ounces, (Dad's birth weight!), which puts him 5 ounces ahead of the minimum growth requirement since his last doctor appointment.

6/24/2001: Bryan had his first real outing yesterday--he went to Seabreeze. Unfortunately it was cold and rainy all day, so Bryan curled up and slept for all of Mom's company picnic. Still, it was a big enough outing for the baby book!

Bryan now weighs 7 lbs., 12 oz., and is just beginning to look around at things and look into people's eyes. Dad even thinks he has learned to laugh, though we have no idea what Bryan may be laughing at. In the next few weeks we expect that he will begin to play a little and really begin to interact with us.

6/22/2001: Bryan is now taking formula for half of his feedings and seems to be adjusting well. He usually eats at least 3 1/2 ounces per feed now, though he does still have some sleepy times when he hardly eats (and others when he takes 4 to 5 ounces!). He is also eating 7 times per day instead of 8, which gives Mom just about an extra hour sleep per night. We can tell he's growing big now as some of his 0 to 3 months clothes fit just perfect. It seems not long ago that he was too small for his preemie clothes.

6/19/2001: Our Bear weighed in today at 7 lbs., 8 oz. when he went to Strong for follow-up. That's an increase of 10 ounces in 5 days. No wonder he was eating so much--he's growing! The doctor there said his wounds are healing fine and that the likelihood of reoccurrence is only 1 percent. Bryan also saw the eye doctor today. He is still gaining ground but will need to see him again in 2 weeks. Keep your fingers crossed that his next visit will be the last one.

6/18/2001: Bryan is quickly assuming the features of a newborn, rather than those of a preemie. He is out of his preemie clothes (except one outfit that came with really long arms), now weighing 7 pounds, 4 ounces (we think we have the kitchen scale calibrated properly!)! On Sunday, Bryan took 4 ounces or more for 3 feedings in a row, and the following 3 have been for 3 1/4 ounces. This is good news, as he needs to take at least 18 ounces per day now.

6/17/2001: Happy Father's Day!

6/14/2001: A 6 pound, 14 ounce Bryan was brave today for his four shots. Immunizations are normally performed in preemies at their actual age (not corrected age) if they are big enough, and Bryan is just big enough to have had all 4 on the same day. The doctor said he is right where he needs to be with his development in size and in physical skills. In a month or so Bryan will actually start to play and visually recognize his caregivers. Shortly after he may begin to wake only once in the night for a feeding, and will be sleeping 10 hours per night in about 4 months.

6/13/2001: Happy Due Date, Bryan! (Perhaps “Happy Un-Birthday”). Now we can consider Bear a true, full term baby (no longer a really cute fetus!). He weighed in at 6 pounds, 10 ounces this morning, but would have been much bigger if he'd been born today. Bryan is now taking between 2.5 and 3.5 ounces per feeding--averaging 17 ounces per day (this is perfect for his weight!).

6/8/2001: Bryan has been resting comfortably--except for some gas he does not seem to be in any pain. The kitchen scale today weighed Bryan at 6 lbs., 6 oz., just 1 ounce less than Mom when she was born. While both Mom and Dad were the same length at birth (20.5 inches), Dad weighed 8 lbs., 3 oz. Bear has just a little catching up to do! Bryan has now been home 4 weeks.

6/7/2001: Bryan did not make it to his immunization appointment so we do not know how the kitchen scale compares to the pediatrician scale yet. We do know that the scales at Strong Hospital weighed Bryan in at 6 pounds, 4 ounces on 6/5. Bryan is doing great right now! For information on hernias and hydroceles, see the preemie web page link on our links page.

6/5/2001: Happy 2 Month Birthday, Bear!

6/4/2001: According to the kitchen scale, Bryan now weighs 5 lbs., 14 oz. He had another eye appointment today at which the doctor determined that although Bryan's eyes are making progress, he will need another appointment as they are not 100 percent developed for a newborn. He is doing fine, though, and will probably not have any problems. Mom and Dad hope to confirm on Wednesday that Bryan has colic. We're pretty sure that that would explain his nightly stints of crying that make Mom and Dad feel so sorry for the little boy. Colic normally goes away in preemies around 5 months old.

6/1/2001: Bryan straightened himself out yesterday during a diaper change and Mom got an accurate measurement of his length. Bryan is now 20 inches long--that's an increase of 5 1/2 inches in 8 weeks! Mom also measured Bear's weight with a kitchen scale, getting 5 pounds, 12 ounces. We'll find out the accuracy of the scale on the 6th when Bryan goes in for his first shots.

5/29/2001: There's not much to report on Bryan. He had a nice weekend with his sister and visitors, though he continues to get cranky every few days and keeps the family up all night. His eating is erratic still, eating anywhere between 1 1/2 and 3 1/2 ounces each feed. He seems to continue to grow, though, and will be out of his preemie clothes soon.

5/25/2001: The eye appointment was horrible for baby Bear (he had to have eye drops and have his eye lids held open with a metal object called a speculum), but he was a real brave boy. The doctor says his eyes are still immature, but that there still is no sign of any eye disease. Bryan will need to have the same exam in two weeks.

5/24/2001: Today Bryan is 7 weeks old, and it is only 3 weeks from his due date. Pretty soon Mom and Dad can no longer call Bryan a "very cute fetus"! Bryan had a very sleepy day yesterday. Previously the house clocks could be set by Bryan's schedule, but instead Mom had to wake him a few times to eat (yesterday). Then, while both Mom and Dad napped, Bryan failed to wake himself or his parents and managed to not eat for 4 1/2 hours. Although this was good for Mom and Dad, Bear needs to eat every three hours to grow big. He made up for it last night by taking 3 ounces when he woke up, and today by waking every 2 1/2 hours. Note: an update on his eye appointment this afternoon will be coming soon.

5/22/2001: The doctor confirmed yesterday that Bryan will not sleep through the night until he's about 6 months. He may start eating every 4 hours instead of every three in about 2 months.

Bryan has an appointment on Thursday with an eye specialist. While still in the NICU, Bryan's eyes tested with no eye disease, but with "immature eyes." Although the immaturity was expected, they will continue to check him to make sure they develop normally.

5/21/2001: Bryan had his doctor appointment today and weighed in at 5 pounds, 2 ounces (what a big boy!). This is 7 ounces in 10 days, which is a little slow, but within acceptable ranges. His doctor also explained that the "goop" Bryan gets in his eye is due to a clogged tear duct. This is quite normal for a baby and will eventually cure itself. His doctor was quite impressed with Bryan's "rooting reflex", or the reflex that gets him to eat.

5/19/2001: Bryan is still keeping Mom and Dad on their toes. Last night he ate 3 ounces without spitting up, then 2.5 ounces the next time. We can tell he is getting big, even without the scales!

Although Bryan turned 6 weeks old yesterday and is doing great, he still would not have been born for another 4 weeks. This makes him a little more difficult to take care of for a little bit longer than a full term baby. Bryan will not be sleeping through the night or be feeding easier for quite a while, as his development always has to be gauged by his "corrected age", which is Bryan's real age, minus 10 weeks. So, if a baby normally would walk at 12 months, for example, it is not expected that Bryan will walk until he is 14 months. So, Mom and Dad do not expect Bryan to sleep through the night until he weighs about 14 pounds, or is about 6 months old. We'll be tired, but the cutey is worth every minute of lost sleep!

5/18/2001: Bryan is not up to much lately but growing, sleeping, and fussing. He kept Mom and Dad up until 2am acting hungry and then spitting up most of the extra milk he ate. Depending on his mood, Bryan now takes 1.5 to 2.5 ounces each feeding. His iron supplement makes him gassy, but with the recent introduction of some gas medication, Bryan is a little bit more like the happy boy we're used to.

5/15/2001: Mom tried to measure a very squiggly Bryan this morning and came up with at least 18 inches long. That's about 2 inches in 2 weeks. The doctor expects him to gain about half a pound per week, but we won't know how he's doing until Monday. We're quite sure that Bryan will be out of his preemie clothes very soon (most go up to 5 pounds)! He is already too big for preemie diapers--newborns fit him perfectly.

Bryan is getting along fine, and Mom and Dad are quickly learning that his personality here is very different from in the NICU. Bryan wants constant attention. He loves to be cuddled all day, perhaps to make up for the lack of cuddling in his first few weeks. Doctors now know that babies up to 3 months (for Bryan, 5 months), cannot be spoiled by parents, so we are quick to attend to his cries as this teaches him that he is safe and loved.

5/13/2001: Happy Mother's Day! We're so happy to have Bryan home for Mother's Day-a feat we thought unlikely one month ago (one particular nurse, who Bryan never had again, was extremely skeptical). We're also so grateful that he is doing so well.

Bryan is eating well. He was taking 45 to 60cc every four hours at the hospital, now he wakes up on his own about every three hours and takes 50 to 60cc (remember, 60cc = 2 oz.), sometimes more. He is also getting a vitamin supplement that breastfed babies need, and an iron supplement as preemie babies at Bryan's age become anemic. Don't worry, though. This is normal and the iron supplement will take care of him.

5/11/2001: Bryan is doing well so far, and Mom and Dad are having fun (though Mom found it very hard to sleep, learning that Bryan makes noise constantly!). We also learned last night that we will never have enough burp cloths and clean clothes! Bryan had an appointment to meet his pediatrician today, where he weighed in at 4 lbs., 11 oz. He will start to take vitamins today, which we are told taste terrible.


5/10/2001: It has been exactly 5 weeks since Bryan was born and our baby Bear should be coming home today. He passed a "car seat trial" yesterday that is mandatory for all babies that go home before 37 weeks (Bryan is just 35 weeks today--he still would not have been born for another 5). He also passed a physical yesterday and had his footprints done. It seems as though he is all ready to go. We'll let you know if Bryan makes it home and get some pictures of the big day soon.

5/9/2001: Bryan is still on track for coming home tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed for him. He continues to gain weight and is now at 4 lbs., 10 oz. Since he weighs more than a pound more than when he was born, he seems to mom and dad like a very big boy. We'll let you know if there are any changes in his discharge day!

5/8/2001: At last check Bryan weighed in at a whopping 4 Lbs. 9 ounces. They took him off the fortifier and we are glad to see he is still gaining weight. He has made it another 24 hours without an event so he is right on track for coming home Thursday! We can't wait for him to finally see where home is!

5/7/2001: All is going well up at the NICU. Bryan is now at 4 1/2 pounds, more than the required weight for him to come home. Everything else seems to be coming together well, so we are hoping to soon get an idea of when he may come home.

5/6/2001: Bryan is doing so well that the doctor removed him from a feeding schedule. As long as he wants food within 4 hours, he is now allowed to sleep until he wakes, then eat as much as he wants! This is a great step towards going home. The doctor says Bryan is now on the "launching pad". Bryan weighed-in last night at 1995 grams, just shy of the 2000 grams, or 4 lbs., 7 oz., he must maintain to come home.

5/5/2001: HAPPY ONE MONTH BIRTHDAY, BRYAN! To celebrate, the nurses moved Bryan into a big boy crib yesterday. He is doing well with his temperature so far. The doctor also wrote "an order" to have his feeding tube removed, so unless he quits eating for some reason, he is permanently tube-free.

5/4/2001: Mom and Dad are quickly learning that nothing is for sure in the NICU. After many times being told that Bryan would move to a crib, he still hasn't. We're not sure when to expect it now. The doctor warned last night that the closer Bryan comes to coming home, the more frequently they will change their minds about things.

Bryan is becoming what Mom calls a "Brady Boy." This is her nickname for a baby boy who keeps having "Bradys", or heart rate events, even though they mean he'll be in the hospital longer. Bryan's countdown had to be restarted yesterday after a small event. (Note: He is doing well, though, as the criteria changes for events on Sunday, and according to that criteria, his actions would not be considered events). Mom and Dad are still hoping he'll be home for Mother's Day, as his eating and other criteria are close to being met.

5/3/2001: Today, Bryan may move into an open crib. They have located one for him and expect to move him in by this afternoon! Bear continues to take his food mostly by mouth. He is only 65 grams from the minimum weight a baby needs to be to go home (he gained 60 yesterday!), weighing in at 4 lbs. 4 oz.

5/2/2001: Bryan has been keeping the nurses busy! Yesterday he pulled out 3 feeding tubes in 10 minutes. We think we was announcing to the world that he's ready to bottle feed, as he took the next 5 feeds by bottle. A night nurse thought she'd put one in to let him sleep through his 2:30am feeding, but he ripped that one out, too. Bryan had one event last night, so it will be at least another seven days before he can come home.

5/1/2001: The doctors increased Bryan's feeds to 37cc this morning and he is taking it well. He has been more than 56 hours without an event. Our baby Bear now weighs a whopping 4 lbs., 2 oz.

4/30/2001: Bryan now weighs 4 lbs. 1 oz., and has grown almost 2 inches so that he is now 16.25 inches long! He is also up to 36cc per feed, but he's still learning to eat (he takes about 30% of his food by mouth now). He is starting to act more and more like a healthy baby--he cries pretty loud now!

4/28/2001: Bear continues on his quest to learn to eat on his own, taking two bottles from Dad last night! When checked he weighed in at 4 lbs. today. He must weigh at least 4 pounds 7 ounces before he can come home. Not much longer now! Also, they started giving 35cc per feed so he will be gaining faster than ever!!

4/27/2001: Bryan now weighs 3 lbs., 15 oz. and is getting 34cc per feed. Yesterday we were there when Bryan got a bath, and Mom helped a little. He was so cute--especially since he had just ripped his feeding tube out so was "tube-free" for all the pictures. He loves getting his hair washed, but was happy to be wrapped up and warm again. Other news: Bryan is finally regulating his temperature well enough that they may move him into a crib soon!

4/26/2001: To make up for slow weight gain this week, Bryan gained 2 ounces yesterday and now weighs in at 3 lbs., 14 oz. In general, he had a good day yesterday as well, with no problems breathing, and he did a little better at eating yesterday. Bryan is 3 weeks old today (33 weeks gestational age).

4/25/2001: Bryan's weight has now reached 3 lbs., 12 oz. He is progressing slowly here, but is now burning calories each day as he struggles to learn to eat. He had an "event" yesterday while Mom was visiting. An event is when Bryan stops breathing or his heart rate drops below acceptable levels. The nurse simply patted his back a few times to wake him up and he resumed breathing. In about 2 to 4 weeks, he should stop having events entirely.

4/24/2001: Bryan gained a little weight yesterday, but is still officially at 3 lbs., 11 oz. He is progressing well, and took one entire feed by bottle yesterday. Bryan asked us to wish his big sister a Happy 12th Birthday.

4/23/2001: Bryan now has clothes that will fit him much better, having received a number of preemie outfits at the baby shower (though even these are quite large on him). He last weighed in at 3 lbs., 11 oz., and is taking 33cc per feed. Dad gave Bryan a bottle yesterday, but he was a bit tired and only drank about 5cc. Finally, yesterday was an exciting one for the whole family as Bryan got to meet and be held by his big sister.

4/22/2001: Bryan has gained more weight--he is now 3 pounds 10 ounces. He is learning how to eat on his own, but this process seems to wear him out very quickly. We were allowed to bring some clothes to the hospital and dress Bryan in them, however, it is hard to find clothes that don't make him look like he is swimming. Of course his first outfit had bears all over it.

4/21/2001: Bryan is doing very well. He did not gain or lose any weight yesterday, but he did start to learn to eat on his own.

4/20/2001: Bryan gained another 30 grams yesterday and is now back to his birth weight! Mom, Dad, and baby are quite happy today as they moved him back to the "pod", or area of the NICU, where he originally stayed. Due to some overcrowding, Bryan had been moved a couple of times, but is now back "home" by our request.

4/19/2001: Bryan is still doing well on his 2 week birthday. Yesterday, they performed a hearing test by monitoring his brain waves when different sounds were introduced. He passed the test with flying colors! Bryan also gained another ounce and may be close to his birth weight in a few days. He needs to weigh at least 4 lbs., 7 oz. to come home, so keep your thumbs tucked for him!

4/18/2001: There is lots of good news to report! Bryan has been off his canulla since yesterday morning and is doing well with breathing on his own. The extra calories are helping quite a bit as Bryan gained almost 2 ounces yesterday and is now at 3 lbs., 6.5 oz., his highest weight since he began to lose it. Lastly, the doctors had taken blood samples the day Bryan was born to determine if Mom had passed on to him the "Barnhart" blood clotting problem (it's a deficiency in "Protein C"). The results came back and we learned last night that Bryan has perfect Protein C levels and that he won't develop the problem later!

4/17/2001: We spoke with the doctor and Bryan will now start getting what they call a Human Milk Fortifier, which adds calories and proteins to his feeds. As of this morning, he is getting 30cc (that's 1 full ounce), with 22 extra calories per feed. The doctor thought his canulla would come off today!

4/16/2001: Bryan is breathing really well. The nurses think they may be able to remove his nasal canulla (breathing tubes) very soon. He is also up to 29cc each feed. He is, however, losing weight again. When we see him this afternoon we will get a better idea of how they will treat this.

4/14/2001: Bryan is now getting 25cc each feed with no residuals (30cc is an ounce). He is also receiving less than 25% oxygen for the first time (between 23 and 24%). Normal oxygen levels are 21%, so he's getting close! Today he made a great breakthrough. He was receiving extra fluids through an IV in his tummy, but is now ready to take just milk. Conveniently his umbilical stump fell off. They removed his IV, and it looks like he has an "inny".

4/13/2001: Bryan is up to 3 lbs., 6 oz., today. He had some trouble with his breathing yesterday, so they would not let us hold him at all. They thought that it may be that his nasal passages were clogged, and after giving him some nose drops, he's much better today! Also, he was having what is called "residuals". This is when he hasn't digested all his food. He had several residuals yesterday, so they will check for infection, but they were fairly certain he's ok because he is so active (he's the feistiest baby, and will wear out his Mom and Dad when he gets home). By this morning, he was get 21cc of milk each feed and doing well (up from 19cc yesterday).

4/12/2001: Bryan is doing well. They continue to increase the amount of food he gets though a feeding tube. He had jaundice, but it's all better now. He had lost 7 ounces of his 3 lbs., 9 oz., but has now gained back about 3.5 of them. Note that when Mom called in the morning the nurse confirmed that she would not be coming in because Bryan’s older brother was home sick from school! Fortunately it was straightened out that Mom was calling about Bear, not Brian Coss, Bear’s pod-mate.

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