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Bryan Ellis Allen (Bear) -- A Preemie Story

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Bryan was born 10 weeks early (30 weeks gestational age) at 12:49am on April 5th, 2001, weighing 3 pounds, 9 ounces, and being 14.5 inches long. Mom experienced premature rupture (her water broke) while sleeping April Fool's morning (what a nice trick for baby to play on Mommy). The hospital administered magnesium for 4 days until Bryan decided to wait no longer. During that time, Bryan's heart rate sometimes dropped during contractions, worrying his parents and grandparents. Mom was in labor for 16 hours (and mild labor for the 3 preceding days), 12 of which the nurse refused to acknowledge. The night nurse came on, recognized the signs of labor, and alerted the NICU that the baby may be born outside of the delivery room if quick arrangements could not be made. Bryan stuck it out though, and was born with plenty of staff around to ensure his safe arrival.

Born with a full head of hair, Bryan was held by Mom for a few moments before being whisked to his radient warmer in the NICU. Bryan spent 1 day in the warmer, and was intubated (tube down his throat to help him breath by forcing air into the lungs) for 1 day. He quickly moved to the incubator and a CPAP (big tubes in his nose to help him breath by forcing air), and moved to a nasal cannulla (little tubes in the nose that provided extra oxygen) within 2 days.

Bryan's diagnosis upon release was as follows: 1) prematurity; 2) to rule out sepsis (infection); 3) immature eyes; 4) apnea. We found 2 years later that the cause of the premature rupture was related to there being multiple blood clots in the placenta and umbilical cord. Apparently Bryan knew better than the doctors that he needed out, (his nutrients and oxygen were being blocked by the clots), and made a surprise entrance into the world. While Mom had been on blood thinners during pregnancy due to a blood condition (that fortunately was not passed on to Bryan), the medicine had not done the trick. Although we knew that there could be issues related to clots, the blood thinners, ultrasounds, and other tests made us feel safe during pregnancy, and we never once considered prematurity (nor had Momís blood specialist or OB ever indicated that possibility).

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