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Hurr Hurr... Look at me!
Monday, 19 January 2004
Updating this to fool those foolios at angelfire into thinking i have an active blog so i can keep my account and host images.

Posted by ny5/1337n00b at 4:20 PM EST
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Thursday, 16 October 2003
Random stuff i have typed in the past.,..
Day 1:
Tasks: Spread mold on to apples and bananas.
Added water to those that required it.
Observation: No mold growth.

Day 2:
Tasks: Added water to those that required it.
Observation: No mold growth

Day 3:
Tasks: Added water to those that required it.
Observation: White fuzzy mold (dark wet & dry) on bananas.
Green and white mold (day wet) on apple.

Day 4:
Tasks: Added water to those that required it.
Observation: White fuzzy mold (dark wet & dry) on bananas.
Green and white mold (day wet) on apple.

Day 5:
Tasks: Added water to those that required it.
Observation: white fuzzy mold (light wet) on banana
Thick white fuzzy mold (dark wet & dry) on bananas.
Green and white mold (day wet) on apple.
Thin white fuzzy mold on (both dark) apples.

Day 6:
Tasks: Added water to those that required it.
Observation: white fuzzy mold (light wet) on banana
Thick white fuzzy mold (dark wet & dry) on bananas.
Green and white mold (day wet) on apple.
Thin white fuzzy mold on (both dark) apples.

Day 7:
Tasks: Added water to those that required it.
Observation: white fuzzy mold (light wet) on banana
Thick white fuzzy mold (dark dry) on bananas.
Thick green fuzz mold (dark wet) on banana
Green and white mold (day wet) on apple.
Thin white fuzzy mold on (dry and wet dark) apples.
Thin white fuzzy mold on (dry day) banana and apple.

Yesterday, Douglas C. Engelbart, noted scientist and inventor died. It appears Mr. Engelbart died of food poisoning he contracted on a recent camping trip with his wife from bad mayonnaise. It was a great tragedy. He contributed so much to the world of technology. He contributed to the technology of radar by inventing the mouse. This man led a very successful life. He grew up during the Great Depression on a small farmstead near Portland, Oregon, and Engelbart graduated from high school in 1942. Then he went on to study Electrical Engineering at Oregon University. He left school to join the Navy in WWII, serving for two years as an electronic/radar technician. After completing his Bachelors Degree, he settled on the San Francisco peninsula. He earned his Ph.D. in 1955, and established his own lab. His inventions, achievements, and pioneering firsts include: in file addressing, 2-D display editing, hypermedia, outline processing, and flexible view control. In 1987, he won the PC Magazine Achievement Award. In 1990, he won the ACM Software System Award. He won many other awards, and his most recent is Honorary Doctorate Degree from Oregon State University. Engelbart led a successful life. He is survived by his loving wife of 40 years, four children and eight grandchildren. He enjoyed exercising, sailing, camping, hiking, reading, folk dancing, bike riding, raising ducks, earth worms, and bees, and creating science fiction stories for children.
Calling hours will be held from 2:00 ? 4:00 and 7:00 ? 9:00 today at Oregon University.
The funeral ceremony will be held at a later date at Oregon University. He will be buried there under his lab.

Conflict not only reflects literature, but is based around it. Authors write sorties that express contrasts between two forces. These conflicts could be between two characters, man versus himself, and man versus a greater force such as society or fate. These are all types of conflict that appears in the play Romeo and Juliet. All the different types of conflicts are expressed in this play, however the main conflict is character versus fate.
Friar Lawrence is a character that fights against fate for the whole story. The fate the good friar is fighting against is not his own but that of Romeo and Juliet. Their fate is that they are to die together as lovers. For almost all of the play Friar Lawrence, ignorant of their fate, had been helping Romeo and Juliet along. Near the end of the story, after Romeo had been banished, he developed a plan that would allow Rome and Juliet to be together. After fate played its hand, which ruined the friar?s plans, he came up with another plan that would save Juliet from having to wed Paris. His plan had worked perfectly until Romeo learned of Juliet?s death, came to back to Verona and killed himself. Juliet awoke to find Friar Lawrence there with yet another plan. Before the friar could get Juliet to leave, he ran in fear of the approaching guards. Juliet kills herself, seeing that it?s the only way out, even though the good friar had a better one.
Another conflict is between Tybalt and Romeo; this conflict is an example of man versus man. Both come from families that had been feuding for an untold amount time. This conflict starts to deepen when Tybalt spots Romeo at the Capulet?s ball. This angers Tybalt, which eventually leads to Tybalt sending Romeo a challenge to a fight. After Tybalt kills Mercutio by accident, Romeo is enraged and flies into a furry, killing Tybalt, resolving the conflict.
In short, conflict has roots deep inside many stories, including Romeo and Juliet. These roots determine how the story will unfold depending on the different types of conflict. Romeo and Juliet is an excellent example of this. Maybe the reason why literature reflects conflict is because conflict reflects real life, which contains conflict also.

?Corporal punishment is the intentional infliction of pain for a perceived misbehavior? (Block, 1). Corporal punishment is still used in many places around the world whether it may be in school or at home. The topic of corporal punishment is still a very highly disputed one. It has been practiced for centuries and is even enforced in the Bible as stated in ?Corporal Punishment?. Some claim the Bible is correct and should be followed but many others disagree.
Statistics show that 90% of parents in the United States admitted to have spanking their child and that about 65% admit to spanking them regularly (anon, 1).
Corporal punishment came along to America when the British schools were established (anon, 2). Twenty-three states in the US still have corporal punishment in government schools (Kramer, 1). Also, places such as Tasmania and Northern Territory still have corporal punishment in their schools (Kelly, 4). In the United States children are the only ones that can legally receive corporal punishment according to Nadine Block in ?Abandon the rod and save the child.? The rate of children corporally punished each year in American schools is over 600,000 said in ?Corporal punishment in America?s public schools and the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child: a case for nonratification? by Andre Imbrogno.
The spanking of a child did not always have a certain result. In ?Spare the child,? Megan Cahanin had still felts the effects of a spanking two years prior to when the article had been written. She said ?She (Judy Rials, her principal) hurt me and my feelings, an I?ll never forget it. In the same article though, Her mother talks about their son being paddled. She said he never complained so they never bothered to think about it. Later they discovered the reason for his paddlings was because he had ADHD. Spanking a child can also send children the wrong messages as they age. People opposed to corporal punishment claims that it teaches a child ?might makes right.? Children will think to use violence as a first act of reasoning instead of other solutions.
In the utopian community, the theory of corporal punishment would not be a bad idea. The reason why corporal punishment does not work is that there a are so many quarks in our societies. Mental disorders being one of the major ones, but also some children just can?t cope with the humiliation. Another thing is that parents often beat their children out of anger and not in the mind of discipline. Also some parents use corporal punishment the wrong way. They would use objects such as whips and paddles to beat their child into an inch of their life. The stances of many and most people on corporal punishment is anti-corporal punishment.

what i want is never mine
it's always behind an uncrossable line.
rainy days will forever come
on the days i wish for the sun.

a sweet girl is for all i ask.
i'd do any and every task,
just to hear her lovely breath.
in her beauty i would bask.

but no, she'd be taken from me
just like everything else you see
her and i are not meant to be.
the only sad one here is me...

In short stories, characters have at least one change in their life that causes them to develop in different ways. These growths are evident in ?The Scarlet Ibis? by James Hurst. The two contrasting brothers in this story expand on each other?s developments. The narrator was an especially dynamic character, not in his actions but more in his personality.
The narrator?s younger brother, Doodle, had been diagnosed as physically disabled at birth. The narrator?s life had been disrupted by the birth of his disabled brother. Their relationship was to be a close one, but not by choice. The narrator was forced to tote Doodle around in a go-kart wherever he went. At first, the narrator was spiteful to his brother because of Doodle?s reliance on him. Sometimes the narrator would tip Doodle?s go-kart or sending it down hills with Doodle still in it. Eventually the narrator developed some compassion towards Doodle. They would sit in the swamp make flower crowns and necklaces from flowers the narrator picked. When Doodle reached the age of five, both of their lives were about to change.
The narrator was ashamed to have a brother whose only modes of transportation were crawling and being carried around. The narrator took it upon himself to teach Doodle how to be like a normal five year old. Everything had started out fine, Doodle learned how to walk at first. This boosted the narrator?s infallibility. Also the narrator had very little actual pride in his brother, it was selfishness in disguise and pride in himself. Deep inside the narrator craved more self-pride, so he devised a training plan to make Doodle more fit to and for the world. At first it worked well, but one day put an end to everything. They had been caught out on the lake rowing when a storm was approaching. They quickly docked the boat and ran for home but Doodle couldn?t keep up. His body being so fragile could not run as well or quickly as the narrator?s. The stress put on Doodle?s body was too great and his body gave out and died. His death caused self-pity and remorse to the narrator.
These personality traits would not have developed if Doodle had not collided with the narrator?s life. The narrator would have had no self-pride and selfishness is Doodle had not been there to make him feel embarrassed in the first place. The narrator most likely would have gone through life, eventually developing these traits, but not in such a unique and sad way.

Posted by ny5/1337n00b at 8:44 PM EDT
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Sunday, 5 October 2003
So ummm... yeah...
Here I am 2:30 am updating my subprofile 'cause people suck because they're sleeping right now. Ya, I've gotten a certain someone alittle annoyed with me and some other people. I can see why he's mad but two things: 1)If he has such a big problem with it, why doesn't he come forward and talk to me about it. 2)He sort of to blame for his anger anyways, so what they hey. I still say blame it all on Dr. Dwane.

Posted by ny5/1337n00b at 2:15 AM EDT
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Sunday, 28 September 2003
Another day still no dollar...
I was looking at other people's journals and their's seem so much cooler than mine. Apperently angelfire is a bitch when it comes to things such as blogs so I'm thinking of changing online journeling provider thingy madoober... I'm going to mess around with this thing and see what I can get out of it. Other than that, no one really seems to be reading these so I'll just keep rambling on. I'm pretty sure I may go unless the person's mind has changed. I mean why the hell not, I can go and have some fun there and meet some new people. And for the people who went to the movies last night with me, I'm getting more straws next time and you're helping. I'm off to do some stuff and such, lates.

Posted by ny5/1337n00b at 1:23 PM EDT
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Friday, 19 September 2003
Friday, September 19, 2003
Had a pretty good day today. Apperently God knew I didn't have my homework done and decided to give me the day off even though it wasn't entirely nessicarry. I got to sleep in some and have some fun with my friends today. For a day off from school, it wasn't that bad. I'm not really looking forward to a practice tomorrow, but I'll get over it. I'm out, later.

Posted by ny5/1337n00b at 7:56 PM EDT
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Friday, 12 September 2003
ummm.. yup...
so i was really bored and decided to make something that'll allow people a little peak inside my head. today was quite boring and uneventful per usual. However today was the day Johnny Cash died. he will be greatly missed by many, including myself. i am very tired and going to go to bed soon. school has taken its toll and it's only week two... good night

Posted by ny5/1337n00b at 9:13 PM EDT
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