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Welcome to Xiomara Maloney's Home Page
Fall Term '99 Tech Prep
    I am a senior at Murry Bergtraum High School.  My major is Legal Studies.  I am in the Tech Prep program which is a program that prepares you for college.  The students in this program are treated a college students.  This is a good program because most freshmen in college receive low grades because they are not used to the new curriculum. This causes them to receive low grades.

    I will be attending Lehmann College in the Fall.  My major will be Accounting and I also want to continue my studies in computers.  This program has really prepared me for college and I feel that I will be more comfortable during my first year in college.  

Table of Content

            Project I:    College Search
                                 1.  My College Essay
                                 2.  How is it like to do college research on the internet.
                                         3.   My Recommendation  of the best two colleges.
                                         4. Book Report
            ProjectII:    "The Allegory of the Cave" by Plato

            Project III:    Oedipus

            ProjectIV:    Antigone

            ProjectV:    The Jungle
                                Group Project

            ProjectVI:    Writing about My Neighborhood Part I

            ProjectVII:    Writing about My Neighborhood Part II

            ProjectVIII:    Macbeth

            ProjectIX:    Things Fall Apart

            ProjectX:    SAT Prep