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Walconah Falls (MA)

Walconah Falls (MA)

2001 Jon Binder


Ratings (ratings explained)
Power: 5/10
Beauty: 5/10
Ease of Access: 9/10

Walconah Falls State Park, near Pittsfield, contains three nice, small waterfalls. All are just a few minutes from the parking area.


Walconah Falls in high water


From Pittsfield, MA, take MA 9 7.1 miles east to a sign for Walconah Falls State Park. Here, turn right onto North Road, and once again onto a dirt road. Drive slow over this dirt road, as it isn't the smoothest of roads, but it is easily passable by normal cars. Soon, the parking area is found on the right.


A staircase leads down from the parking lot to the wide, short trail to the base of the lowest falls. This falls, the one on pictured on this page, is about 30 feet high. As the picture demonstrates, the falls loses some of its appeal when the water is too high, as the pretty fan of water takes on a more powerful appearance. At any time of year, however, the falls is easily accessible and worth the visit.

The ice and snow around when I was there prevented me from checking out the upper two falls. These are smaller and supposedly less attractive than the first.

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