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Tinker Falls (NY)

Tinker Falls (NY)

2001 Jon Binder


Ratings (ratings explained)
Power: 2/10
Beauty: 6/10
Ease of Access: 9/10

Tinker Falls, located about 25 miles south of Syracuse, is a 20-foot free-falling waterfall reached by an easy quarter mile walk.


Tinker Falls from the front
Tinker Falls from the side


The trailhead for Tinker Falls is located on the east side of NYS route 91 near Truxton, south of Syracuse. The parking area is across the street from the beginning of the trail, on the west side of the road.

From the north

Take I-81 south to exit 14 at Tully. Turn east onto NYS route 80, and continue along 80 for about 3 and a half miles to Apulia and NY 91. Turn right (south) onto 91, and drive along it for approximately 4 miles to the parking area on the right. There should be a sign indicating "Tinker Falls" on the left side of the road at this point.

From the south

Take I-81 north to exit 11 at Cortland. From here, turn north onto NYS route 13, and continue on 13 for about 11 miles until you reach Truxton and NY 91. Turn left (north) onto 91, and drive along it for approximately 5 miles to the parking area on the left. There should be a sign indicating "Tinker Falls" on the right side of the road at this point.


Cross the street from the parking area to the start of the path that leads into the woods towards Tinker Falls. The trail is essentially flat, leading about a quater of a mile along the brook that holds the falls. After only about five minutes, the falls is reached.

The falls is simple but quite pleasant. The water free-falls 20 feet over an overhanging ledge to the rocks below, before continuing its journey into Labrador Hollow. The nature of the falls allows one to get behind the waterfall, although this must be done with caution, as the ground underneath the falls is gravelly and quite unstable due to constant erosion. Please do not take away from the beauty of the falls by carving into the rock behind the falls. A carved heart can be made out in the picture, behind the falling water. Perhaps this was a nice show of affection to someone special, but it also limited the enjoyment of everyone who has since visited the falls.

Be aware that the water volume of Tinker Falls is quite low, and it can virtually dry up in the late summer months. Nonetheless, the falls is so nice, and easily accesible, that a visit any time of year is worthwhile.

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