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The Branch Falls (NY)

The Branch Falls (NY)

1999 Jon Binder


Ratings (ratings explained)
Power: 6/10
Beauty: 6/10
Ease of Access: 10/10

The Branch Falls, also known as Blue Ridge Falls, is a series of cascades that is visible from the Blue Ridge Road (Essex County Rt. 2) in the Adirondacks.


The Branch Falls


From Northway (I - 87) Exit 29, take the Blue Ridge Road (Essex Country Route 2) approximately two miles west. Here, on the left (south) side of the road, is a small gravel pull off where you should park. The Branch Falls is visible right from the road, but it is easy to miss if you drive by too fast.


The view from the road is a nice one, especially since it requires absolutely no physical effort. The stream, which is known as The Branch, cascades over a series of short ledges to form a pretty decent overall drop. The sloping hills behind the falls, as well as the forest surrounding the stream, make for a great scene. It is tempting to go down to the base of the cascade to get a better view, but I believe this is private property. You'll have to be satisfied with enjoying this waterfall from the road.

As roadside falls go, The Branch Falls is definitely beautiful, and worth the stop if you are in the area.

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