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Glendale Falls (MA)

Glendale Falls (MA)

2001 Jon Binder


Ratings (ratings explained)
Power: 5/10
Beauty: 7/10
Ease of Access: 9/10

Glendale Falls, the highest waterfall in Massachusetts, is a long cascading falls over 150 feet high. While no single drop is more than 15 feet high, the overall sight is beautiful, and its ease of access make it a popular spot.


The middle part of Glendale Falls


From Westfield

From Massachusetts Turnpike exit 3, follow signs to US Route 20. Take US 20 northwest (a right turn) to Huntington. In Huntington, turn right onto MA 112 and cross a bridge. Immediately after the bridge, turn left onto Basket Street. When the road first forks, take the left fork and continue along the river for another 1.5 miles. Here, turn right at a sign that says "Welcome to the Skyline Trail." Continue on this road for 2 and a half miles to a clearing. Turn right onto a road that goes downhill for a couple of miles, then leads along the Westfield River for about 5 miles. At this point, just before crossing a bridge over Glendale Brook, turn left onto Clark Wright Road. There is a small sign for Glendale Falls at this point. Continue up the hill for about a half mile to the parking area on the right.

From Worthington

From the intersection of MA Routes 143 and 112 in Worthington, take 112 west for 4.2 miles. At this point, turn left onto River Road (which becomes East River Road), and follow it for 5.6 miles. Immediately after crossing the brige over Glendale Brook, turn right onto Clark Wright Road, and continue uphill a half mile to the parking area on the right.


Glendale Falls is impressively long and very beautiful. It consists of a series of small cascades that continue for a surprising distance along the length of the stream. From the parking area, a trail leads down steeply along the falls. It is impossible to see the entire falls at once. Each step brings a different perspective of a different part of the falls. Continue down as far as you want and find the perfect spot. In order to get to the bottom of the falls, the stream must be crossed at some point.

In high water, it is difficult to find a dry rock from which to view the falls, and crossing the stream is next to impossible. However, in lower water, the falls become a popular place with sunbathers, as the rocks amongst the falls are the perfect place for this location. Indeed, if you want to be alone at this falls, come early or late in the day, during bad weather, or early in the year.

The picture on this page was taken in mid-April, when the water was quite high. The area around the falls was quite icy, and negotiating the steep slope along the falls proved difficult. The high water level and bright sunlight made photograhy difficult, but during other times of the day or year, this waterfall would surely be perfect for photographers. The various cascades provide many different opportunities for interesting compositions. The only problem may be all the people!

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