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Ashley Falls (NY)

2000 Jon Binder


Ratings (ratings explained)
Power: 4/10
Beauty: 7/10
Ease of Access: 9/10

Ashley Falls is reached by an easy 1/4 mile walk. It is located in the northeastern Catskills, near Kaaterskill Falls.


Ashley Falls
The upper part of Ashley Falls


The trailhead for the Mary's Glen Trail (the trail which is used to reach Ashley Falls) is located in the North-South Lake State Campground. Turn onto North Lake Road (Greene County Rt. 18) from NY 23A near Haines Falls. This point is 1.3 miles further west of the parking area for the Kaaterskill Falls trail. From this intersection, drive 3.2 miles to the trailhead for the Mary's Glen Trail, on the left. Parking is just ahead on the left.

The trail goes north from the trailhead, following the west side of Ashley Creek on the level for 0.2 miles, about five minutes, to a junction. Go right on the spur trail to the base of Ashley Falls.


Ashley Falls is an interesting waterfall. There are three distinct parts to it. The uppermost is the highest and most vertical drop. Then, the water travels over another ledge, before sliding down a slab of rock at a sharp angle. From the left side, it is possible to climb first to the top of the first part of the falls, and get an intresting perspective of the falls. From here, less easily and much more carefully, the stream can be crossed to the base of the uppermost section of the falls. The very top of the falls can also be reached. Overall, Ashley Falls is a very worthwile destination, made all the more so by the fact that it is easy to reach.

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