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Mossy Cascade (NY)

1998 Jon Binder


Ratings (ratings explained)
Power: 3/10
Beauty: 9/10
Ease of Access: 7/10

The beautiful, 50 foot high Mossy Cascade is reached by an easy 3/4 mile hike.


Mossy Cascade


From exit 30 of the Northway (I-87), travel about 9 miles north toward Keene Valley and Lake Placid. Park on the right side of the road, in a small sandy area, just south of the steel bridge over the East Branch of the Ausbable River. This spot is 2 miles south of Keene Valley, and right across from the start of the Deer Brook walk.


From the road, the trail immmediately crosses Crystal Brook, and follows the right (east) bank of the river 0.4 miles to a house on the left. Following ATIS markers, ther trail turns Right onto an old tote road at the house, then immediately swings Left onto another old road in another 100 yards. The flat trail goes along Mossy Cascade Brook until a junction is reached at 0.7 miles, less than twenty minutes. Take the side trail 200 yards to Mossy Cascade. The footing is difficult in some places along the side trail to the falls, but it is well worth it.

Mossy Cascade is a beautiful waterfall. It's about 50 feet high. The falls are pretty vertical, and are enclosed in a beautiful glen like area. The water falls into a tiny, shallow pool, then flows through a tiny, shallow gorge before continuing. It is definitely worth the short, easy walk.

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