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The Search For Meaning

When I first started my website a few months ago, I was trying to describe the search for meaning, and different ways that people do this. I used pictures that I had taken, and then I showed how they were relevent. Well now that I have looked at it again, honestly, I thought it was really cheesy. Just because I went to the effort of taking the pictures and writing summaries for them, I am leaving them up, but my website is going to just have it's own little makeover. I think now my focus is basically going to be more towards my thoughts and opinions of the world. I guess instead of keeping my diary from now on, I'll just put everything down here :) If this sounds at all interesting to anyone out there, just bookmark this page, and I promise it will get somewhat interesting! Stick around to see what will happen of this little page. Oh, also, feel free to put a link to my page on your website. If you can, just drop me a little message saying that you are doing this. Really because I would like to know who is actually going to my page! Thanks a lot everone!

Ways People Find the Meaning in Life

Links to Pictures

Finding meaning through nature
Finding meaning through education and careers
Finding meaning through having love and/or taking care of family
Finding meaning through religion
My Thoughts on Life