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News 10/05/2008:

At this time, the Conglomerate is pleased to announce its new website launch. I would like to redirect you to its location here:

Click Here!

All updates concerning the Conglomerate / SMC-SOG's return into the Scenario paintball scene will be located at the new site linked above. There will be no further updates to the one hosted here. Thank You and enjoy our new home!

News 09/18/2008:

As viewers can tell, the website has not been updated in quite a while (meaning 7 years), simply because we have not played as a team in such a long time, due to career moves, and the generally unintended complications of life that tend to get in the way.
Currently, there is interest with some members of attending future scenario events in the Western NY / Northern PA regions, as well as a newer, more modern website in development.
When it becomes available and operational, a link will be posted, and will most likely be the last update this site will receive. For nostalgic purposes for its members, this site will remain, however all future information will be exclusive to the new site when/if it is completed. We had some good times fellas, I'd like to preserve those memories, and possibly future ones, as best as possible. Thanks!