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Roman Gods and Goddesses

Roman Gods and Goddesses

Abundantia: Roman goddess of abundance and beauty.

Amor: Roman god of love.

Angerona: Roman goddess of secrecy.

Annona: Roman goddess of the cycle of the year, the harvest, commerce, and good crops.

Anteros: Roman god of love and passion.

Attis: Roman god of vegetation.

Bacchus: Roman god of fertility, merriment, wine, wisdom, and inspiration.

Bellona: Roman war goddess.

Bona Dea: Roman earth goddess of fertility.

Ceres: Roman goddess of agriculture and fertility.

Concordia: Roman goddess of harmony and peace.

Cupid: Roman god of love.

Discordia: Roman goddess of discord and strife.

Faunus: Roman god of the woodlands.

Feronia: Roman protector of freedom.

Fides: Roman goddess of faithfulness.

Flora: Roman goddess of flowering plants.

Fornax: Roman goddess of bread baking.

Fulgora: Roman goddess who protected houses against lightning and storms.

Furina: Roman goddess of robbers and thieves.

Genius: Roman god who protected people and their households.

Graces: Three roman goddesses of loveliness and charm.

Janus: Roman god of doorways, exits, and entrances.

Jove: Roman sky god.

Juno: Roman goddess of the home and motherhood. She symbolizes the moon, love, and fertility.

Jupiter: Roman god of the sky and the father of all gods and men. He symbolizes the element Air.

Juventas: Roman goddess of youth.

Lar: Roman god of the home.

Liber: Roman god of wild nature, fertility, passion, and wine.

Luna: Roman moon and calendar goddess.

Mars: Roman god of war. She symbolizes protection, health, and energy.

Mediterina: Roman goddess of health and medicines.

Mens: Roman goddess of intelligence and judgement.

Mercury: Roman god of communication and messages. He symbolizes the element of Air and health.

Minerva: Roman goddess of crafts and wisdom.

Morpheus: Roman god of sleep.

Muta: Roman goddess of silence.

Naenia: Roman goddess of funerals.

Oblivio: Roman goddess of forgetfulness.

Ops: Roman goddess of the harvest, fertility, abundance, growth, and prosperity.

Pales: Roman deity who was the guardian of flocks and sheep. Because the deity is worshipped as either a god or a goddess, Pales' gender is unknown.

Panacea: Roman goddess of health.

Pietas: Roman goddess of respect, honor, and duty to the gods.

Robigo: Roman goddess of grain.

Roma: Roman goddess of Rome.

Rumina: Roman goddess of child and animal suckling.

Salacia: Roman goddess of spring water.

Saturn: Roman god of agriculture and ruler of the golden age.

Tellus: Roman goddess of the world, protector of sown seeds.

Tellus Mater: Ancient Roman earth goddess.

Vacuna: Roman goddess of agriculture and leisure.

Venus: Roman goddess of beauty and love.

Vertumnus: Roman god of fruits.

Vesta: Roman goddess of the household, the hearth, and domestic matters.

Virtus: Roman deification of the virtues.

Vulcan: Roman god of fire and the forge.

Zephyrus: Roman god of the west winds. He symbolizes the element of Air.

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