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Italian Gods and Goddesses

Italian Gods and Goddesses

Anteros: Italian god of love and passion.

Aradia: Italian witch goddess. She symbolizes the air element and the moon.

Astraea: Italian goddess of truth and justice.

Carmen: Italian goddess of casting spells.

Cel: Italian god of death and the underworld.

Comus: Italian god of feasts and drinking.

Copia: Italian goddess of plenty.

Corvus: Italian messenger god.

Fauna: Italian goddess of wildlife, forests, and the earth.

Faunus: Italian god of woodlands. He symbolizes love.

Frebruus: Italian god of the dead, initiation, and purification.

Fortuna: Italian goddess of fate, fourtune, destiny, luck, and fertility.

Jana: Italian goddess of the moon.

Jove: Italian sky god.

Lethns: Italian earth and nature deity.

Lucifer: Italian god of sun and light.

Lucina: Italian goddess of childbirth.

Lupercus: Italian god of agriculture, also a wolf-god.

Marica: Italian goddess of agriculture.

Nox: Italian goddess of the night.

Pertunda: Italian goddess of sexual desire.

Umbria: Italian goddess of shadows and secrets.

Uni: Italian goddess of witchcraft.

Vertumnus: Italian god of fruits.

Virbius: Italian god of outcasts.

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