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Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Ab: Egyptian grain god.

Amenti: Egyptian goddess of the underworld and fertility.

Amon: Egyptian god of fertility, wind, and secrets. He had thousands of children, and he is often shown with the horns of a ram.

Amun A very spiritual Egyptian god, he symbolizes the element of air.

Anhur: Egyptian god of the power of the sun. He symbolizes the elements or Air and Fire.

Atchet: Egyptian goddess who nurses children.

Athor: Egyptian goddess of light.

Atum: Egyptian sun god.

Bes: Egyptian dwarf god. He was a popular household deity in Egypt. He was believed to guard against evil spirit, protect children, ward off misfortune, and kill snakes.

Buto: Egyptian delta goddess. She is associated with serpents and considered the Queen of the goddesses.

Duamutef: Egyptian god who protected the stomach of the deceased.

Emutet: Egyptian cobra-headed goddess or agriculture.

Geb: Egyptian god of the earth. Symbolizes the element of Fire.

Gengenver: Egyptian fowl god in the form of a goose.

Hapi: Egyptian deification of the Nile River. Eventually was thought of as the creator of all.

Hathor: Egyptian goddess of joy and love. Symbolizes love, beauty, happiness, joy, the element of Air, and the moon.

Horus: Egyptian god, god of the all-seeing eye.

Imhotep: Egyptian god of healing who was raised from mortal to god.

Imseti: Egyptian god who protected the liver of the dead.

Isis: Egyptian mother goddess of day. She is goddess of the dead and of funeral rites.

Khepera: Egyptian god of the sun. His symbol is the scarab beetle. He symbolizes the element of Air.

Khnum: Egyptian god of childbirth.

Ma'at: Egyptian Goddess of truth, justice and the order of the universe. She judges the souls that pass to the underworld and her symbol is the feather.

Mertseger: Egyptian goddess of flowers and death.

Meshkent: Egyptian goddess of birth.

Min: Egyptian god of fertility, rain, and agriculture, also protector of roads and travellers. He symbolizes sexual prowess and fertility.

Montu: Egyptian god of war.

Mut: Egyptian mother goddess who had thousands of children. She symbolizes the element air.

Neith: Egyptian goddess of war and weaving. She symbolizes strength, love, courage, and the moon.

Nepthys: Egyptian goddess of death and mystery.

Nut: Egyptian goddess of the sky. She symbolizes the element of Air

Osiris" Egyptian god of life and death.

Ptah: Egyptian creator god of Memphis, created the cosmos and the bodies in which man's souls dwelt.

Qebehsenuf: Egyptian god who protected the intestines of the deceased.

Ra: Egyptian sun god, can be likened unto the Christian God, as a supreme deity and creator. He created the 8 great gods and the human race came from his tears.

Renenutet: Egyptian goddess who took care of children.

Renpet: Egyptian goddess of the year, youth, and spring.

Sati: Egyptian goddess of the elephantine. Symbolizes the element fire.

Sebek: Egyptian crocodile god.

Seker: Egyptian god of light and protector of souls passing to the underworld.

Sekhmet: Egyptian goddess of sunset, destruction, death, and wisdom. She symbolizes health, rebirth, fire, and wisdom.

Selket: Egyptian scorpion-goddess and helper of women in labor.

Set: Egyptian god of darkness and evil. He is symbolized by barren wastelands and deserts.

Shai: Egyptian god of destiny and fate. Also known as Shait.

Shu: Egyptian god of the air represented in human form. Symbolizes the element Air, and possibly Fire.

Tefnut: Egyptian goddess of precipitation and clouds.

Tauret: Egyptian goddess of childbirth. Pregnant women in Egypt used to wear amulets bearing the goddess' head.

Thoueris: Egyptian hippopotamus goddess of fertility, women and childbirth.

Thoth: Egyptian god of wisdom, considered to be a messenger between the gods and the god of the underworld. He is associated with the moon, magic, communicatioin. math, music, medicine, drawing and writing, time, and astronomy.

Upuat: Egyptian god of the dead who had a jackal or wolf head.

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