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Celtic Gods and Goddesses

Celtic Gods and Goddesses

Abellio: Gaulish god of the apple tree.

Aine of Knockaine: Irish goddess of fertility and love, also known as the fairy queen. She is associated with the moon, crops, farms and cattle. She is said to be responsible for the body's life force.

Airmid: A healing goddess of the Celtic order of Tuatha de Danann, she is the goddess of medicinal plants and the keeper of spring; she brings the dead to life again.

Amaethon: Welsh god of agriculture, luck, and husbandry.

Angus Og: Irish god of love, beauty, and youth.

Anu: Irish goddess of plenty; symbolizes magick, moon, air, fertility, and prosperity. She is the maiden aspect of Morrigu and Mother earth goddess.

Arawn: Welsh god of terror, revenge, and the underworld.

Arianrhod: Welsh goddess of the element of air, symbolizes reincarnation, full moons, karma, retribution, and time.

Babd Catha: Irish goddess of war and Mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. She symbolizes enlightenment, wisdom, inspiration, and life.

Bel: Irish fire and sun god. He symbolizes the element of Fire, and health.

Blodeuwedd: Welsh maiden form of the Triple Goddess. She sybmolizes wisdom. initiation, and the moon.

Bran: Irish god of health. He is the brother of Branwen. Also known as Bran the Blessed.

Branwen: Irish goddess of love and beauty. The sister of Bran, she died of a broken heart after his death.

Brighid: Irish Triple Goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. Some say there are actually three Brigits; one symbolizes poetry and inspiration; one midwifery and healing, and the last crafts and smiths. Brighid was well loved by all and became a Christian saint.

Bris: Irish god of agriculture and fertility.

Cerridwen: Welsh grain, moon, and nature goddess. She sybolizes the element of Earth, luch, death, fertility, inspiration, science, poetry, the arts, and astrology.

Cerunnos: Celtic god of life, wealth, animals, fertility, and the underworld. He is the Horned God, and symbolizes the element of Earth, love, luck, and fertility.

Cyhiraeth: Celtic goddess of streams.

Dagda: Irish god of the Earth and Father God, also a god of death. His sybols are a bottomless cauldron and a harp of plenty, with which he controls the seasons.
Danu: Irish goddess, and patroness of wizards. She symbolizes water, rivers, wells, magick, prosperity, and wisdom.
Diancecht: Irish god of healing and medicine.

Dis Pater: Gaulish god, first of death and the underworld, but later the cheif of gods.

Don: Welsh queen of the Heavens and goddess of the Air and sea. She ruled over the land of the dead. She symbolizes control of the elements and the moon.

Dylan: Welsh sea god; his symbol is a silver fish.

Flidais: Irish goddess of the woodlands and wild things. She was a shapeshifter and sybolizes hunting and the protection of wild animals.

Goibhniu: Irish and Welsh god of weapons. It is said that his weapons never missed or dulled.

Gwydion: Welsh warrior and magician god.

Gwynn ap Nudd: Welsh god of the underworld. Also a war god who hunted men to lead them to the land of the dead. In Welsh legend, he is the king of faeries and elves.

Labraid: Irish god of the underworld.

Lugh: Welsh and Irish god, also known as Lleu. He symbolizes healing, reincarnation, prophecy, and revenge.

Llyr: Irish and Welsh god of waters and the sea.

Macha: Irish goddess of war, life, and death.

Maeve: Celtic goddess of earth fertility and war.

Math Mathonwy: Welsh god of magic, sorcery, and enchantment.

Medb: Celtic goddess of war. She is also a fertility goddess.

Mider: Celtic god of the underworld.

Morrigan: Celtic goddess of war and death, she could take the shape of a raven or crow. She is a warrior goddess and is associated with the aspect of female engery, the power of fertility, death, fate, and war.

Nantosuelta: Gaulish goddess of the valleys, streams, and nature. her symbol is a raven.

Nemain: Celtic war goddess.

Niamh: Irish goddess of beauty and brightness.

Nostiluca: Gaulish witch goddess.

Nudd:Irish sea god.

Oenghos Mac In Og: Irish "Lord Of Love And Death".

Ogma: Irish warrior god. Symbolizes magic, incantations, charms, genius, inspiration, language, and health.

Olwen: Welsh goddess of flowers and springtime. She symbolizes love.

Rhiannon: Welsh goddess of horses and birds. She symbolizes fertility, the moon, poetry, charms, and enchantment.

Rosmerta: Celtic goddess of fertility and wealth. Her symbols are a cornucopia and a stick with two snakes.

Sequana Celtic river goddess. She symbolizes health.

Shannon: Irish goddess of the river Shannon.

Smertios: Gaulish war deity.

Sucellus: Gaulish god of agriculture and the forests, he ferries souls to the underworld.

Taliesin: Welsh god of song.

Taranis: Gaulish thunder god.

Tephi: Irish goddess who helped find tea.

Teutates: Celtic god of war, money, and fertility.

White Lady: Celtic goddess of death.

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