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Dbz Extreme Rpg

This is a Dragon Ball Z online RPG. We have fights every Saturday and Sunday 3:00-4:00(eastern standard time) in yahoo chat room(it's a private one but open to invitation only). To find out how to join, check the rules. My e-mail address is, but use the e-mail address below to send me your questions or if you want to join. Before you do anything make sure you have America Online, that is the only service that can particpate in the RPG. For all those people who don't know what a DBZ RPG is listen to this. A DBZ RPG is when a group of people come together to fight each other. All DBZ RPG's are different in the sense of rules and stuff but most are similiar. Make sure you read all the sections becasue nobody wants to explain what to do in the middle of the fight! Now that you know what it is join now and experience the fun of an RPG!!!!!!


I have been getting a lot of e-mails that things like "How do I join" or "I want to be so and so" when the character is already taken. If you e-mail me asking me how to join, or choose a character that is already taken, I will not respond and will block all e-mails from you. I'm not trying to be mean or rude, but people are filling up my mail box with these kind of questions, and I'm getting sick of it!!! If you want to join, look up top first, then go and READ EACH SECTION!! If you still don't get it (but you should if you read everything), THEN e-mail me. Thanks.

Hiroyui2000: when you attack just name the attack
Dbztrunks2088: im there
Hiroyui2000: k
Hiroyui2000: we start now
Dbztrunks2088: can i use gallic gun now
Hiroyui2000: just don't type "I want to use..."
Dbztrunks2088: oh..k
Dbztrunks2088: gallic gun
Hiroyui2000: SMASH!!! 97!- 3/100- 4/5
Hiroyui2000: Masenko
Hiroyui2000: BooooooM! 93!- 8/100- 9/10
Dbztrunks2088: ka-me-ha-me-ha
Hiroyui2000: KABANG! 40!- 0/100- 34/35
Hiroyui2000: Goku Faints. The winner, Trunks, the loser, Goku.
I perposly spead up this battle since I was running out of time but a real fight won't be this easy.

November 2, 2000

this is the first update since this RPG has opened from a long slumber. We have a new host now, Goku. My email is If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me I will be glad to awnser any questions (just don't bug me a lot). We currently have 3 members. One rule that isn't posted is that if you stay idle too long your out of the RPG, but I will give you a 2 week warning. Please check the rules every so often since some rules may change. For now this is Goku. Next time I will post more members, schedule a tournament, and see to it that every member has at least one attack. See ya!!!

November 3,2000
Just like I told ya I added the new members and gave them attacks, scheduled a tournie tonight at 8:00pm in yahoo I/M chat rooms, and gave every member one attack. Today I added Two new members with their attacks. Please check to see who you face first in the tournie.

For the Tournie you need to have Yahoo I/M. Please find the link near the bottom of this page.
For those members out there who have Rainbow Six please e-mail me to join a clan. Details to come. Next time I update I will post items, level changes, and any new members. C ya at the Tournies tonight.

November 6, 2000

I've added some new members and I'm starting to think that we're running low fast. Now, from this point on Goku is open to anyone that wants to take him. The new GM will be Mega Man (the old Goku). I will allow charcters to pick charcters from other games when I post another message saying you can, but not yet. I do have an update to add from Trunks but I will add it tommorow since I feel only one person should update per day. November 13,2000
I have noticed that DBZ characters are going down and fast. I will now allow people to pick Gundam Wing charcters. In the shop I have added Mobile Suits and Gundams. If you can name a Mobile Suit that isn't listed and you can prove it then e-mail me.
February 1, 2001
First update in a while, i added the new chat room for Tournies and other stuff. Tournie this week. Chat will be up by friday night.

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