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Souzev's Lairs of Fire

Welcome to Souzev's Lairs of Fire. I am Souzev, your hostess for the time. Before you begin, make note that I am a werewolf and it is best not to cross me. You will find your visit here much more enjoyable if you are not eaten.

The Lairs are just opening, so if you do not find everything you want, it is because I have just begun. You will find accurate research on the truths of such creatures as vampires and my own historical werewolf heritage, and that your idea of a centaur isn't what you think. Everything you find here is not built off myth or stories, but good researched items from actual types of the creature or a being that has devoted their life (or much of it) to that particular creature. It is not found in human libraries, but the real creature. All of the following still exist, including fairies, centaurs and dragons, whom most think are long extinct.

Please enjoy your stay, look around and watch your step.

Darkened Chambers of Hidden Truth
Forked Path to Truths and Myths
The Hidden Gallery
Stony Path to the Fallen Bookcase
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