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Vacations & Outing

Six Flags 2001

Here is a picture of the family from when we visited Six Flags in 2001. This particular Six Flags is located in Agawam, Mass.
The beautiful women wearing the Mickey Mouse shirt to a Looney Tunes based park is my wondering wife Pam. Below her from left to right is our two daughters, Dennise (4) and Samantha (7). On the right of Samantha is our son Dennis III (10). Lastly is Me; lol, Dennis Jr.
It's funny at amusement parks they alway want to take pictures of you when you are coming in. Upon entering any amusement park you are excited, nervous, and awaiting amusement. It is really a good idea that they take this picture because chances are you will never see the family all warm and excited with the anticipation of the remainder of the day. "Hi. I'am Clare, can I take your picture." a women says with camera in hand. Hey what a great idea you think. So everyone gets together and says cheese a couple of times. It is at this time we are told we can pick up are pictures at the end of the day. So she shows us the booth were we can pick up our pictures at the end of the day. She also informs us that we can choose different picture styles and border, we can have T-shirts made of the photo, or even have a stylish keychain made from the picture. We were also informed that they would discuss the pricing of the various merchandise available at the booth apon departure from the park (thus ensuring they get your last penny before you leave, hehe).
You know anytime someone sticks a camera in our family face you will probably get the same reaction as the picture of above, but we needed a mometo from the park so we could look back and say "ahhh man, what a time we had then, huh". I don't really remember how much we paid for this little momento, but I would have gladly paid double to get the outgoing picture. You know what I mean, the picture of us after the day was thru and Dennise and Samantha both have cotton candy in their hair, Pam has lost the ponytail, Dennis has gained one, my pants were converted into shorts, and lastly the smiles were something only remember thanks to the photo that was so politely taken when we got there.
I don't want you to get me wrong, because we did actually have a good time at Six Flags. Here are a handfull of pictures that were taken while there. If it wasn't such a burden to carry the camera and many rolls of film along there would have been many more picture. If you are interested in going to Six Flags then click HERE to get direction to a Six Flags near you.

Here are three pictures of Dennis III, Dennise, and Samantha; respectively, all with their heads in a sharks mouth. Dennis wanted to climb up into it and both Samantha and Dennise were a little afraid of it. But once they saw their big brother stick his head into the shark and come out with his head still attached they posed for the camera. The other adult and children in the pictures are innocent bystanders who didn't seem to mind getting their pictures taken along with our children. After we took pictures of our kids with their heads in the sharks mouth other parents started lining up with their children to take some pictures. I guess we had a great idea that just caught on.

Ahhhh, the teacups. You remember the teacups, well here we see Samantha and Dennise enjoying themselves on the teacups. The picture in the middle is a blown up shot of the smiles on their faces. These girl are definatly having a ball on this simple of rides. And it is smiles like the ones the girls are displaying that make family trips to places such as Six Flags here all worth it.

You know sometimes if you want to go on certain rides, you have to wait in line a long time. Our son Dennis wanted to go on the Superman ride. When all was said and done he waited in line for about 3 hours. While he waited in line the rest of the family decided to go and see the a live Batman performance. Unfortunately I only got this one shot which contain most of the lead actors. In this performance there was Batman, Two-Face, The Riddler and the Chef of Police as the main actors. Then there was a cast of thugs that were controled by The Riddler & Two-Face. It was a exciting performance with many explotions and high speed motorcycle chase scenes. It was filled with lots of fighting and the witty dilogue that comes with all Batman films. I don't want to ruin the story in case you get a chance to see it; but I assure you, in the end the Heros save the day once again. It was a truely an enjoyable hour or so. Just a side note we sat in the stands for over a hour just to make sure we got the good seat we did. After the Batman show, Pam took the girls to go on some of the kiddie style rides while I waited for Dennis to finish up his ride. I went shopping in several stores near the exit of the Superman ride while I waited for him. On the Superman ride they have high speed cameras set up to take pictures of the people while they are on the ride, but some of the shots don't always come out. It was just my luck that the one of Dennis didn't come out at all. It was a shot of the top of his Since we couldn't get him a photo of him on the ride, I bought him a cap with the Superman logo on it.

Hershey Chocolate World 2001