Chapter 7-9

Chapter 7

I was in the wardrobe room, "OMG you have great taste in cloths!" Leighann, Brianís wife who is also the wardrobe girl told me. "Thanks Leigh, I canít believe you and B-Rok hooked up." "Yeah I know what you mean. So is this what you want to wear to perform?" "Yeah this is exactly what I wanted. You know me Leigh, if you would have put me into one of those outfits like Brittany Spears I would have hurt you!" "Yep, I guess I do know you. Anyway you look awesome like this!" I was wearing black leather baggy pant that flared, and a red tank that had rhinestones that made up the shape of a rose. I also had on combat boots that came up to my shins. "Oh gosh Iím sooo nervous!" "Donít worry girl youíll do awesome! Now onto makeup with you!" "Thanks hon., and Iím going!" "Your welcome, bye." So I walked to makeup, I felt like I was going to be sick. ĎWhere is JC I need to tune my guitar.í "Hey hon., this thing is heavy!" "Think of that angel." "Huh?" "I was just wondering where you were. You are also an angel if you didnít hurt my guitar." "Donít worry, I know how to handle a guitar you dork." "Iíll call you an angel, and you call me a dork." "Well sorry, and thanks I appreciate the angel bit." "Welcome, now I have to go to makeup, you want to come?" "Sure why not, Iíll tell you to stop moving around when they put ten pounds of makeup on you. I canít stand it, you seem to hate makeup even more then me and Iím a guy." "Yeah well makeup sucks," LoL, "come on."

Chapter 8

"Wow you barley need any makeup! Iíll just put some eye shadow and some tinted lip gloss on you." "Thanks I think. I hate make up so this is good. Is it ok if I tune this while you do that?" "Of course. So how did you start in this business?" "Well my boyfriend and my best friend wanted me to. Then Bri and Kev got me to sing tonight." "Cool, how do you know Brian and Kevin?" "Ok let me introduce myself, Iím Rose Littrell." "Oh ok, so youíre the cousin Brian and Kev always talk about." "Them always talk about me? Thatís a laugh, I mean come on they are two of the most popular guys in the world. Youíre telling me they talk about me all the time?" "Yep, they always said you should be in the music business." "Odd, well I can see your done, I better go find my cousins," I looked up to see JC, "Oh gosh JC Iím so sorry, I left you out." "Itís ok, hey I think Brit is coming." "Oh joy my favorite person. I bet Jess will be so happy. Is Tracey coming, I want to see her so bad?" "Yeah Tracey is coming. I know what you me Jess is going to be ticked!" "Ok you should go hang with everyone else. I have to go to see BsB and find everything out. Love Ďya, thanks." Just when I finished Britney Spears walked in. "Hi JC! Did I hear you right Rose? You love JC?" "Hello to you to Britney. I was thanking him for this opportunity, and itís none of your business anyway." "Well how about I tell Lance this. I bet heíd be happy youíre cheating on him!"

Chapter 9

"Well I donít think he would believe you, because itís not true." "Come on ladies, I canít stand this. Good luck Rose, come on Britney," JC interrupted, he knew if I was pushed to far I would seriously hurt her. "Ok thanks JC, Iíll see you later. I hope this will be good." I walked down the hall, when I saw Justin. He was wearing black pants and a blue shirt the same shade as my red one. "Oh wow J you look great! I hope we can sing the middle, so I can be seen with the second hottest guy in the world. Cuz ya know Lance is the hottest." "Well thanks Rose! I feel so loved! Well at least Britney and Jess loves me!" "Whoa Just that was harsh! You know I donít like Miss Snot. I canít believe you Justin Randel Timberlake!" "Sorry hon, well come on Iíll walk with you to see the BsB guys." "Itís ok Justin, thanks Iím nervous now this concert is going to start soon." So we walked to see BsB.