Chapter 4-6

Chapter 4

I stayed in my room for about half- hour, when Lance came up to check on me. "Rose, honey whatís wrong?" "James baby, I donít know how to tell you this, but meet me down stairs and Iíll tell everybody." "Ok baby, are you sure youíre ok though?" "Yep Iíll be fine." "So lets go down stairs." We walked down the stairs and into the living room, where JC and Justin were making a bet about a Piston vs. Heat game. "Guys I have something really important to tell you. My new case has to do with you guys. Oh gosh this is hard to tell you. Well guys, umm there was a call to the agency telling them that there is going to be a serial killer, killing off young girls at your concerts. We donít know who it is but Iím going to go undercover for it. Chris do you think you could sign me to your label? I will have to open up for you guys." "Yeah I think that will work," Chris answered in a monotone voice. JC didnít say anything but got on the phone to talk to management. The others sat and stared. Lance came over a hugged me, and he stood there hugging me. "Rose baby are you ok? I know Iím not, Iím kind of shocked myself." "Iíll be ok, I was shocked too. James if you think about it, it could happen to anyone. It happened to *N SYNC so Iím going to deal with it. Iíll be there with you for the whole thing and for the guys too. You guys are my life and I will make it all better." "I love you Rose," this was the first time he ever told me this. "Wow Lance, I love you too."

Chapter 5

"Well guys, we better hit the road for Aaronís concert." "Yeah good idea Rose." So we separated into groups and agreed to meet in front of the Orlando Stadium. Lance, Chris, JC, and I all got in my car. "OoOoO my Fisher Net CD is in!" Fishers Net is one of my favorite bands. They are a christen band from Indiana and they are sooooo cool! "Ok letís listen to something else! I donít want to be the only one in the car singing! I got it I know what weíll listen to, wait one second!" I popped in the CD, "*N SYNC, yíall better sing, Ďcuz I donít want to have to kick your butts!" "If you sing Iíll sing! I got to get use to you around when we perform," Lance whispered to me. LoL "Ok baby Iíll sing, only Ďcuz I want to hear your sexy voice," I whispered back. "Thatís when Iíll stop loving you," came on and, I sang Justinís part since he was in the other car and everyone else sang their part. We arrived at the stadium, and waited for the Jessica, Justin, and Joey. "Hey guys! Rose long time no see." I turned around to see my two cousins Brian and Kevin from Backstreet Boys. "OMG guys! I would ask what you were doing here but I can guess. Comparing itís your concert!" "Rose what do you mean? This is a Backstreet Boys concert? You said it was an Aaron Carter concert!" Chris was having a heyday. "Sorry, how else would I get you guys to come? Aaron is performing though, heís opening up for the guys."

Chapter 6

"Rose I got some business to take care of, Iíll meet yíall backstage," JC told me. "Ok then Josh, but hurry up I donít want you missing the concert." "Sure Rose I wouldnít miss it for the world. Iíve got a surprise for you anyway." "Well what is it?" "You canít know yet itís a SURPRISE." "But JoshÖ" but he didnít here me though because he was already gone. ĎI wonder what heís up to.í I stood around and waited for JC to come back for about 15 minutes. Then he came back, "Rose I have that surprise for you ready. Being your new manager I decided to take it upon myself to book your first gig. So Rose Littrell you are going to sing "Show me the Meaning of Being Lonely," with BsB. You may also have to sing in the middle of the concert. The song in the middle if you win will be, "This I Promise You," with Justin. Youíll sing my part and Justin will sing his." "Wow, JC how did you arrange this?" "Well two of those guys are your cousins." "True, very true that defiantly is true. Oh great JC now Iím really nervous! I was babbling, when I babble that means Iím nervous, ah JC help Iím so nervous." "Hon. Stop babbling, you will do great. Anyway BsB will be up there with you. I know you know the guitar part of "Show me the Meaning," so youíll play and sing backup, ok?" "Yeah I guess, Josh I have to run out to the car to get my guitar though. Am I going to play in Promise too?" "Yep, itís going to be Just and your voices and the guitar nothing else. Iíll go get your Ďtar Ďcuz you have to go get ready." "Josh do you think I should go in the rock star look? I can pull that off easier then some pink tube top, Ďya know?" "Yeah thatís my girl, youíll knock them dead. Sorry hehe I mean Lanceís girl." "Thanks Josh, be careful with my guitar, if she gets hurt so do you!"

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