Chapter 1-3

Chapter 1

"Rose calm down! I know youíre excited about *N SYNC coming home and all but SHUT UP! I know everything about them, too," one of my best friends, Jessica, shouted at me. "Fine Jess, I will, but when you start talking about Justin Iíll jump in and shush you! I mean come on Iíve know him longer then you have." Jessica is going out with my best friend Justin Timberlake. Justin and I have been tight since he moved to O-town. When he was 13 he started a band with JC Chasze, from MMC, Chris Kirkpatrick who Justin had meet at some try out, and Joey Fatone. They decided they needed another voice, so they found Lance Bass who was recommended to Justin by his vocal coach. I wish he was home more often, but I know he has he work. His work is also his love and his passion, besides Jess. "I miss Justin, though." "How do you think I fell? My best friend in the world, three of my best friends and my boy." "Yeah well Just is better the Lance." "Sure he is! Iíll have to find out!" "You have a sick mind!" As we are fighting, the plane pulls up and we start acting like a bunch of teenyboppers. "They are finally here!" The guys came walking off the plane, and were instantly surrounded by fans. By now Iím used to waiting to see my best friend and my boy friend of two years. "Come on I want to see the guys!" I could barley hear Jess mumble. "Hey girls! Come give me a hug chicks!" Joey shouted over to us. "Weíre coming Mr. Flirt! Donít call us chicks, weíre girls!" I shouted back at him. "Well EXCUSE me Mrs. Everything. I have this little thing about calling girls chicks. Thing is fans faint when I call them that, not dis me." "Well Mr. Flirt, I am not a fan. Iím your one of your best friendís girl friend, and another ones best friend." "Well so what girl?" "Thank you Joseph." "Youíre welcome babe." "Hey Joe, you being Mr. Flirt to my girl?" was shouted acrosse the room from my bumpkin. "Nope Lance, I flirting with "Jamesí" girl." "Iím James you numb nut." "Hey Iím not a numb nut Lance." "Yeah." "No." "Yeah." "Hey guys, shut it! Joey you are a numb nut, and this is James to me, Lance to you." "Thank you snockums." "Welcome honey." "SNOCKUMS??" was asked by all the guys and Jess. "Yes, is there a problem?" "Of course not." "Guys can we go?" "Yep-o we can hit the road-o," Josh told me. "Whatís up with him?" I whispered to Lance. "Well babe heís making up words today. He thinks he can expand his vocab or something." "Ok then. We have to split up now, Lance, JC, Chris, and I will take my truck, since I have more room. Justin, Joey, and Jessica can go in her car. Is that ok with everyone?" "NO!!! I donít want to ride with them!" Joey shouted. "And why not Joseph?" Justin asked, sulking. "íCuz all you do is be all lovey dovey." "Hey we do not, do we baby?" "Of course we do." "Hey youíre suppose to be on my side." "Well sorry baby, but we do, and poor Joey gets to sit through it." "Ha ha Joey is stuck in the middle!" I interrupted. I came over to Justin, gave him a hug. "Iíll see you guys at the house." "Yeah ok then, see ya around babe." "Ok, I got to call Brian when I get home though." "We promised we would go to Aaronís concert tonight," but Justin and Jessica couldnít hear me because they were making out, "WE HAVE TO GO LOVBIRDS!!!!" "Fine then be that way Rose!" "I will Justin Randle Timberlake! We have a concert to go to tonight!" "Oh yeah Aaronís first Orlando concert. I guess we should get a move on." So we walked out to the car as my pager went off. Darn I hate when it goes off, that usually means I have a new assignment.

Charter 2

"Guys I have to call in." They all knew what I was talking about, Iím an Undercover FBI Agent. They are the only people outside of the top guys, who know what I really do. "Ok Rose, but hurry. I want that pretty voice to turn up the radio and sing to me," Lance whispered in my ear. "Of course my sweet." So I called them on my phone, found out that when I got home I was to call back to get my assignment. "Whatís up baby?" "Well we have to hurry home, so I can get the assignment." "Ok then honey." We got in Lance and my Jeep Grand Cherokee, which I bought in Candy Apple Red. Lance had left the picking of our new car while he was on tour. "This is an awesome car guys! I canít believe you got a Jeep, come on thatís my kind of girl!" Josh told me. "Well hon., I knew you would like it, but James baby do you?" "Of course I do baby. I mean itís Candy Apple Red, itís a cool truck!" "Good, now letís hit the road." We got in the car and when we did, "The Call," by the Backstreet Boys came on the radio. "Ohhhh, good song!" I turned it up really load and sang at the top of my lungs, "Let me tell you the call that changed my destiny, me and the boys went out, just to end up in miseryÖ" "ROSE SHUT UP!" Chris yelled at me. "Fine the songs over hot shot." "This I Promise You," came on and I sang along quietly. When the song was over, all the guys were sitting there in shocked. "WOW! Rose you sing so good!" JC announced. "Yeah babe, I think you should try out for Chrisí label!" "Oh come on guys, Iím content with what Iím doing now."

Chapter 3

When we got home I went in my room, checked my phone for bugs, and called the agency. "Hey whatís up?" "Well Rose, we have a new job for you. I think it will be perfect, because you have the voice and the connections." "What is it?" "We had an anonymous call saying that there was going to be a killer loose, during the *N SYNC tour. This killer will pine point one girl every concert and lure them away and then you know." I was in utter shock, "Ok Iíll take it, but what do you want me to do as a cover?" "Well babe you get to figure that one out." "Oh ok then, can I tell the guys? "Yeah I guess, check the house firstÖ" "ÖFor bugs. Yes I know, I am qualified to be an FBI agent you know?" "Sorry hon, youíre just so young. Ok Iíll let you go, if you need any thing you know where to call me right?" "Of course, Iím a big girl, I can handle this. Ok bye bye bye." "Bye. I need to think about this, what am I going to tell the guys? That there is a mad serial killer loose, that is going to thrive on young *N SYNC fans?

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