(This entire story is in Roseís point of view, except if stated otherwise)


Dear Diary,

Today there was a new boy in school. His name is Justin Timberlake, heís from Tennessee. I really like him, heís cute and smart. Some people at school were saying heís some kind of celebrity, that he was on "Star Search" about a year or two ago. I donít care though, stuff like that bugs me. I like people for who they are, not because they are cool or whatever. Well I g2g MMC is on!

Yours truly,


1 hour later, same day

Dear Diary,

When I turned on MMC do you know what? Justin Timberlake is the new member!!!! I was shocked, that little boy from Tennessee could sing so well! There is one problem though, everyone is going to think I want to take advantage of his being on MMC. Well if we even become friends, I want this to be apparent to him. I hope with all my heart that we can be friends.

Yours Truly,


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