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Hey well if u want to be in a story uve come to the right place. Just email me with all the information below and ill get back to you! Thanks!



Fav Nsyncer:

What you look like:

About ur self:

What u want ur story to be about:

Well i only got 7 request's so far:

Ashley: Jc- Started

Samantha: Justin

Lissy: Lance

Christina: Justin

Melissa: Justin- Started

Rose: Lance

Ashley/Chrissy: Jc

so what are u guys wating for?!...oh yeah i was gonna do the stories in order but some of them are a little easier to write so just to tell u there will be no order that i write them!...ill try to get them started a.s.a.p... but i have my other stories to do first! hehe

Oh yeah and i ask u to sign my guestbook i will check if u do!!! so do it! lol hehe


Ashley's Story
Melissa's Story