June 7: Well HELLO!Hows everyone doing?!... im just chillin like bob dylan! haha lol well im back lol well now thats school is ending for me tommorow ill be writing and updating much more!... on Monday i went to the Nsync Concert and all i have to say it was AMAZING im going to be doing a revies so look for that too and im gonna scan my pics and put them on the site... Chapters 31,32,33,and 34 are up! Send Feedback... Cioa

April 7: Hey Chapters 25,26,27,28,29 and 30 are up on Summer send feedback! lata

March 12: Hallo...yah i know i told u i would be back the day after i updated last but umm i lied! sorry! ahh guess what everyone! i FINALLY got rid of that writers block for summer and i figured out EVERYTHING in the story! so umm its gonna be finished soon i give it umm Maybe 10 more chapters at the most im home sick like this whole week! =( so ill be updating alot cuz theres NOTHING TO DO!!!! so umm i put 2 chapter up to Summer finally right?! lol so go read 23 and 24 and ill be back tommorow! byyeee

March 6: OHHH i updates twice in one day! oh lordie whats wrong with me!! haha lol... Welll i added more to " If im not the one i put up chapters 3-7 so go read them and also "ill be good for you is up so go read them ill be back tommorow with more updates i can get used to this! lol.....lata!

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