Chapter 7

The girls locked themselves in their hotel room for a few hours. They didn't want to have to deal with Carson quite yet. Especially not Jenni. She needed to talk to Justin about Tracy first. Anna paced back and forth on front of the window, "Calm down," Christine laughed putting her wallet in her purse. "Calm down?! We're leaving in like two seconds to the arena where in less than 4 four hours we have to do our first performance in front of thousands of teenyboppers who don't wanna see us! They wanna see *NSYNC!" "Whoa sweetie," Jenni laughed walking in the room, "Take a few deep breaths." "Girls let's go!" JC yelled from the other side of the door. "Coming!" they yelled in unison. They opened the door and immediately Carson stuck the cameras in their faces bombarding them with questions. Bennie slipped out of the mob and made her way over to Joey who was walking behind the rest of the group. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her side next to his, "Come in the limo with me and the guys," he whispered. "Won't Carson wonder what's going on?" "I got an idea, don't worry." "Okay?" she said nervously. She had a feeling whatever Joey had planned wasn't going to be good. They went down the back elevator and out to the back parking lot where the cars were waiting. Bennie began walking over to the car designated to S.F.A when Joey yelled at her, "Yo Bennie!" he yelled. She turned around and looked at him funny, "Last night at warm ups you were having some problems. JC wants to help you warm up your voice before we get there. Come here," he yelled in a serious tone. She quietly obeyed and walked slowly over to him. They climbed in the car and shut the door. And left Carson standing there confused. "Smooth," she laughed as they pulled away. She looked around the car and noticed there were only four guys, "Where's Justin?" The guys laughed, "While Carson was focused on this commotion Justin slipped into your limo," JC said. "Oh okay," she smiled and rested her head on Joey's shoulder.

"How did you manage this?" Christine asked Justin. "Me and the guys are used to sneaking past cameras and stuff. You'll get used to it," he smiled and gave Jenni a quick kiss, "So are you gals ready for the show?" The girls looked at Anna and laughed, "Some of us are," Christine said. "I'm sorry I'm not gonna be able to see it," Justin said sweetly, "I wish I could see it, but I can't." "It's okay baby. We can just pretend you're watching us," Jenni smiled at him even though she was somewhat disappointed he couldn't watch. But she knew that if someone spotted the guys watching from the side of the stage chaos would break out, "I'm sorry we cant watch you," he looked at her surprised, "Just joking," she laughed and gave him a hug.

Justin kissed Jenni's forehead once more before he got out of the limo. He ran inside quickly so he wouldn't be noticed by anyone. Especially Carson. The rest of the girls got out and went into the arena. As soon as they stepped in, their eyes went wide. Some crew guys were carrying a huge S.F.A. sign to put up. The guys went over to them and laughed at the looks on their faces. "Shocked I am guessing?" JC asked. They all nodded. He laughed. Johnny came into the room to explain all the procedures. Everyone took seats on the couches and on the floor. When he ended, Justin grabbed Jenni's hand and led her up a lot of stairs. "Where are we going?" she asked. Justin just stopped and smiled, "To the stars." When they reached the top, Jenni gasped. They were all the way at the top of the arena. Looking down on the stage. Jenni turned around to Justin and leaned up to kiss him. MTV's camera came around the corner and filed the couple. Justin and Jenni turned back around to face the stage. "Jenni, I know I said I couldn't watch you guys onstage, but I will. I'll just sneak out of wardrobe somehow." Justin said facing her. "Really?" she asked. He nodded. Jenni hugged him and said, "You're the best." Justin put a finger to her lips and stated, "I talked to Tracy last night. It's over. And, I just wanted to know if you'd be my girlfriend?" he asked. Jenni nodded her head and smiled. Justin smiled, too. Both of them turned around coming face to face with Carson and the camera. "So, do you guys have something to say?" Carson asked. Jenni looked at Justin and he glanced back. Both of them ran off downstairs. When they reached a familiar hallway, they stopped. "Damn, How the hell did he know where we were?" Justin asked angrily. "I don't know, but is it that bad J? Is it so bad to get mad over that they know we're going out?" Jenni asked sternly. Justin looked at her for a couple of seconds and shook his head. "No, it's not worth it, but if the wrong people find out we're done with." Jenni turned around and ran off. Justin stood there. He understood what she was saying, but he didn't understand why she couldn't understand the procedure. Jenni bumped into Bennie and spilled everything.

Bennie gave Jenni a hug and told her everything would out work out fine. Jenni still wasn't too sure, but she knew she had to put this problem behind her so she could focus on the show.

"Jenni!" Justin yelled trying to run down the stairs, which was hard with the cameras following him.

"Justin, leave me alone right now. I'd rather not discuss this with a few hundred people!"

"Fine, I can fix that," Justin turned around angrily towards the cameraman. He took the camera from his hands and opened up the tape deck. He took out the take and smashed it on the ground, "Everything that was said is now not recorded and everything that will be said won't be either," he turned to Carson, "Get out of my f*cking face. Go find the other guys or something. Just leave me alone!" he yelled.

Carson and his crew quickly walked off to find someone else to tape. Bennie slowly sneaked out of the room leaving Justin and Jenni alone, "That wasn't a good idea," Jenni said, "Now they're gonna say you're a bastard and stuff."

"I don't care. As long as you don't think that. I just did all that so you could see you mean so much more to me than what the media portrays me to be. Or what the fans think of me. As long as I have you, I don't need them," he said sweetly.


"Please Jenni? you have to forgive me. I'm so sorry," he said. She stood there not saying anything. He got down on his knees, "I am down on my knees. I can't take it anymore," he sang.

"All right, all right," she said laughing. He stood up and took her in his arms and gave her a passionate kiss.

They were a little behind schedule so after a quick sound check they hurried to their dressing rooms to get ready, "S.F.A you're on in 2 minutes!" Melinda yelled back into the dressing room. They girls finished their make up and quickly hurried out to the stage.

"Here goes nothing," Christine sighed as their cue music started. They ran out on stage and began their first number.

Bennie scanned the backstage area for Joey, but didn't see him. She said

Justin hiding behind a metal trunk, but no Joey. He promised he would be there and she couldn't understand what would have been keeping him. If Justin could be there, why couldn't Joey?