Chapter 6

Bennie stepped onto their bus steps and sighed. "I don't like this arrangement." She announced. "What arrangement?" Christine asked looking up from her lap. "It sucks that we can't be on the same buses anymore," she sighed. "No it doesn't. We finally get our own bathroom," she argued. Bennie looked at her friend and took a deep breath. She lingered her way to the back and collapsed in her bunk.

Jenni was in her bunk putting things up. She had pictures of everyone she knew on the wall. "What are you doing?" Anna asked. "Making it feel at home," she responded not looking up. Anna smiled at her friend and nodded her head. "You're, how is it going with Justin?" Jenni smiled at the thought and replied, "Things are really good. I hope he doesn't.never mind." Anna shrugged her shoulders and walked away. Jenni finished putting her pictures up and fell asleep.

An hour later, the bus came to a stop in the back of the Drake. Everyone was asleep except for Anna. Knowing her life would be in danger if she woke her friends up, she got off the bus and went to find the guys to help. Joey was waiting in the lobby of the hotel. Anna went up to him and asked him for help. Joey nodded and got Justin. Together, all three of them stepped onto the girls' bus to fill a risky task.

Anna pointed out whose bunk was whose. She walked over to Christine's bunk, Joey went to Bennie's, and Justin to Jenni's. Justin slowly pulled back the curtain to Jenni's bunk. He slowly climbed in and lay on top of her. Jenni groaned. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled when she realized it was Justin, "Time to get up!" he said cheerfully. She shut her eyes and pretended to be asleep, "Fine you wanna play that like that?" Justin began snoring loudly into Jenni's ear. "I'm up!" she screamed. Justin laughed and climbed out of the bunk and pulled Jenni out. Anna and Christine were standing watching Joey in the kitchen. He came back with a glass of ice cold water. He smiled evilly as he pulled back Bennie's curtain. He stood there for a second watching her sleep peacefully, "There's a fire in the bus!" he yelled and then dumped the water onto Bennie. Bennie shot up and screamed. "You jerk!" she hopped out of the bed and Joey sprinted to the front of the bus and laughed. Bennie came after him, but he quickly ran out of the bus. Bennie chased after him, not caring that she was running around in her PJ's. Joey went into the hotel with Bennie following quickly. Joey quickly stopped running as he turned the corner and came face to face with Johhny. "Hey Johnny," Joey smiled and slowly walked past him. Bennie did the same and as soon as he was out of sight they began the chase again. Bennie chased Joey into the breakfast room. He was stuck in a corner. He picked up a muffin and threw it at Bennie. "Thanks," she laughed and took a few bites. She slowly approached Joey. She pressed her cold wet body against his. He shivered and tried to duck under her, "No way," she laughed, "If I'm wet so are you." "Excuse me," came a cough from behind them. They both turned around to see Carson Daly, "Am I interrupting something?" "No, we were justâ?¦ umâ?¦" Joey stumbled. "I was just paying him back for what he did to wake me up," Bennie smiled. "Yeahâ?¦ sure," he said confused, "Anyways Joe, would you like to introduce me to your friend?" "Oh sorry. Carson this is Bennie, Bennie I believe you know Carson." "Nice to meet you," he smiled and shook her hand, "Well, I'm not sure if you've heard or not. But we will be following you guys around for a few days." "Oh great," Joey mumbled, "I'm sorry to leave you Carson, but I need to get Bennie back tot he bus so she can change." "Okay," he turned around to the camera crew, "Come on guys, to the buses," he said and followed them out to the buses. "This is not gonna be fun," Joey whispered to Bennie. "Why not?" "Because they follow us everywhere and we get no privacy." "Oh, it can't be that bad." "Oh yes it can. For the next few days we're gonna have to stay away from each other because there's nothing they don't find out about." "We'll find away," she whispered and softly kissed his ear.

Joey and Bennie stepped onto the bus and walked to the back. Carson and the cameramen followed. Jenni was sitting in the kitchen booth with Justin by her side. They were cuddled together. Jenni was still in her PJs. As soon as Justin saw the cameras, he bolted up and went to the other side of the booth. "Oh, what is going on here?" Carson asked Justin. Quickly trying to play it off, he responded, "Get that camera out of my face Bro!" Then he laughed. Jenni had gotten up and gone to the back of the bus. Joey and Bennie were kissing. "You guys! This is no time for smoochie woochie! Why are those people here? I can't handle this. And I thought Carson was a sweetie. After all this, I am going to think he's EVIL!" she fumbled. Joey and Bennie exchanged glances and looked back up at Jenni who had her hands on her head while sitting on the loveseat. "Jen, don't worry about all this. It's only for a couple of days. It'll be over sooner than you know." Bennie pointed. "I hope you're right because right now I do not want to have to stay away from Justin."

After the girls dressed, they headed into the hotel lobby. The guys were already upstairs. Bennie walked up to the counter and checked in. As she turned around to grab her book bag, Carson and his crew came around the corner. She tried turning on her heel to escape, but he caught up with her in time. "Bennett right?" he asked. "Yea, but I still go by Bennie," she replied. "Of course, that is so legit. Would you mind having the camera on you for a while? The guys are already upstairs getting ready." He asked ever so nicely. "Only if the rest of S.F.A can, too," she smiled and motioned everyone to get over by her. Jenni walked to the right side of Bennie and smiled at the camera. Everyone started walking up the stairs towards their room. Carson slid his way through Christina and Anna and worked his way to Jenni. "So Jenni, what is it like cuddling with Justin?" he asked. "What do you mean?" she asked nervously. "You know. I saw you too out on the bus. There is obviously something going on." He smiled. Jenni smiled and just shook her head. "Don't be shy. I'm sure Britney isn't watching." Jenni turned to the camera and laughed. "Britney if you are watching." she stated as she winked. The girls laughed and went to their rooms making sure to lock their doors.

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