Chapter 5

"Why is it that girls always have to go to the bathroom at the same time?" Justin asked smiling when Jenni had sat back down next to him. "Because my dear, usually we don't pee, usually we talk about our dates," she smiled and gave him a quick kiss. "Oh man," Chris said shaking his head. "If Johnny finds out what is going on, he's going to kill us!" "Actually," Jenni began. "What? did he find out?" "Me and Justin were walking down the hall holding hands and he saw us." "Oh, well I'm sure he probably thinks because Justin has a girlfriend already nothing serious will happen," he stopped and thought about what he had just said, "Not that anything won't happen, it's just Tracy will be a good cover up." "Nice one," JC said trying not to laugh. Chris shot a glare to JC. JC was about to open his mouth to say something to Chris, but Anna interrupted.

"Sorry to ruin your little love fest, but can we order because I'm hungry!" she said pounding her fists on the table. "Come down," Chris said. "I seem to remember someone a little more hyper than me this morning when they wanted food. Who was that again?" "Shut up," Chris growled. "That's what I thought," she smiled.

After dinner they had to go up to the rooms and go to sleep because Johnny wanted the girls to have a good rest before their first performance. Justin followed Jenni into their room and Bennie followed Joey. After Bennie had changed into her PJ's she ran into Joey's room and hopped on his bed, "Hallo!" "Well, someone had a little too much sugar for dessert," he said laughing. "Nope! I'm not on a sugar high! I'm on a Joey high!" she said and jumped into his arms. "Maybe you should save some of this energy for the stage tomorrow," he intertwined his fingers with hers as she rested her head on his stomach. She shivered, "Are you nervous?" "Just a tad." "You'll do great." "What if I screw up? What if I forget the words? Or the dances? Or what if I can't sing?" "What if I do? You just gotta go up there and believe in yourself. All ya gotta do is focus and have fun. You know your stuff and you know you do, so you've got nothing to worry about." "Are you gonna watch?" she asked looking up at him. He looked deeply into her eyes. He could tell that she really wanted him there watching and he couldn't let her down, "Yeah, I'll be there," he smiled. "Thanks," she sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a long kiss. He pulled her in close to him and held her tight, never wanting to let go. "Sleep with me tonight." "Joey!" she said slapping him softly on the shoulder. "Oh! I didn't mean it like that. I just meant for you to sleep in the bed with me." "Joey‚?¶" "Please‚?¶ I wanna be with you. I promise I won't do anything." "You're so cute," she said smiling. "Is that a yes?" he said giving her puppy eyes. She gave him another kiss and rested her head on his shoulder. "Yeah," she said softly and closed her eyes as Joey wrapped his arm around her.

Jenni waited patiently as Justin occupied the bathroom. He had been in there for about 20 minutes now and Jenni still needed to brush her teeth and take her makeup off. Finally, after a while, Justin emerged from the bathroom in a pair of PJ bottoms. He didn't have anything else on. "You can use the bathroom now." Justin stated. Jenni just looked at him with hungry eyes. She wasn't aware that Justin was talking to her. He walked over and placed a kiss on her lips. Jenni came out of her trance and asked, "What?" Justin laughed. "I said you can use the bathroom now." "Oh." Jenni laughed nervously. She got up and walked to the bathroom. 10 minutes later, she came out in a tank top and shorts and her hair was in a ponytail. Justin was on the bed looking up at the ceiling. He turned his head to face and Jenni and he whistled. Jenni turned red and tried covering herself up a little bit by wrapping herself in her blanket. Justin got up and collected Jenni in his arms. He bent down to kiss her. Jenni moved her head up a bit and kissed Justin's lips sweetly. "Justin, can I ask you something?" she asked parting. "Sure." He said. "What is going on between us? I mean you have a girlfriend still." She asked unsurely. "Jenni, my girlfriend has been cheating on me for a while. I didn't want to admit it because I loved her, but I can't love someone who is going to be unfaithful to me. I am hoping that we can start something because I really like you. I can tell you're a hopeless romantic." He explained.

"Yea, I am. So what are you going to do about Tracy?" she asked. "I guess I am going to have to talk to her about everything." He whispered. Jenni looked up at him and smiled. She got in bed and lied down. Justin did the same. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead. "Jenni, I.Um.Goodnight." He said not wanting to spill something to easily. Jenni frowned and replied. "Goodnight J." She closed her eyes and drifted off into a peaceful sleep with the protective arms of her possible soul mate around her.

Bennie slowly awoke to a pair of soft lips kissing her neck. Bennie wrapped her arms around Joey's wet back. He smelled like Nicole Miller. He had just gotten out of the shower, "Time to get up beautiful," he said sitting up. "Come back here," she said pulling him back down. "Oh I wish I could stay like this all day," Joey sighed, "But we've got a show to put on," he said excitedly hopping up, "Come on," he said grabbing Bennie's hand and pulling her out of bed, "Get in that shower," he said slapping her butt. "I'm going, I'm going," she said walking slowly to the bathroom.

"Justin! Get out of the bathroom!" Jenni said pounding on the door. "I gotta look good for all those girls waiting downstairs for me!" he yelled back. "Yeah well I don't care if you look perfect or not and I'm the only girl you should be worried about!" Justin opened the door and walked right past Jenni without saying a word, "Thank you," she said smiling and walked into the bathroom. Justin packed up his bag and placed it next to Jenni's bag, which was already packed. He looked at his watch, "Je..." he started to yell, but before he could finish her name she was out of the bathroom. "Perfect timing," she said satisfied, "Come on, I'm hungry," she said pulling Justin out of the room. They walked out into the hall where JC, Lance, Chris, Anna, Christine, Joey, and Bennie were waiting, "Even I was out here before you two," JC said, "How did I manage that?" he joked. "A miracle," Chris laughed. "Oh so funny." "Okay can we please go downstairs now? I'm so hungry!" Jenni said. They quickly made their way to the elevator. When the doors opened on the bottom they could see hundreds of girls waiting outside the hotel for them. "Come on! You guys are late!" Johnny yelled, "We're leaving now." "What about food?" Jenni asked disappointed. "Eat in the bus." "But we have no good food." "Actually Jenni, you're bus came in last night and it's all stocked up just for you," he smiled. "Yes!" she said excitedly, "Where is it?" "It's out back. We had to move the buses back because there were so many girls out there," he began walking to the back door as the rest of the group followed except for Joey and Bennie. "Those girls have probably been here all night and he's not letting you at least go say hi?" "That's the business." "Come on, just at least go wave. It'll make their day," she said giving him a sweet smiled. "Oh fine," they walked over to the front doors and walked outside. Joey smiled for a few pictures and signed a few things for some girls. "Wait!" a young girl said running up to Bennie, "You're Bennie right?" "Yeah." "Can I have your autograph?" she said holding out a new picture of S.F.A. "Sure," she smiled. She wrote a quick note for the young girl and then walked back inside with Joey. "Well someone is miss popular," Joey joked. Bennie smiled and they walked quickly back to where the buses were parked. Bennie followed Joey up the steps of his bus. "Bennie!" Johnny called. "Yeah?" "You guys got your own bus remember?" "Oh right. Sorry I forgot," she smiled at Joey and then slowly walked back towards Johnny where her bus was.

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