Chapter 4

"Wow, and I thought Jenni ate a lot," Bennie said in amazement as she watched the guys hoover their food. "There is no way I am that bad," Jenni declared. Bennie shrugged and hopped in the van. The rest of the way back to the hotel was silent. Everyone was full. When the vehicle stopped, Chris opened the door and jumped out. He jumped up and down shouting "I'm free!" The girls decided to go swimming, so they went to go get changed. Jenni was in her room getting dressed when Bennie came in. "The guys are joining us," she declared as she picked her towel up. "They are?" Jenni asked. "Yup." "Man." "What?" "Justin is one of the guys! There is no way in hell I am letting him see me half naked!" "Why not? People at the beach do." "I know, but not guys that I like. I'm not going." "Oh yes you are. We all are. Now finish putting that outfit together with that cute orange sash an let's go. Got it?" "Fine." "So does this mean you are crushing on Justin?" Jenni smiled and then nodded, "Yes."

Everyone was already downstairs at the pool when Jenni and Bennie came out of their room. So they went down. When they arrived, they were surprised to see just them. Johnny had reserved the pool for just the bands. Joey whistled at Bennie as she walked past him in her suit. She blushed three shades of red. Jenni looked around before taking her towel off. She settled her eyes on Justin. His eyes were feasted on her, too. He gave her a smile and she returned it. Feeling more comfortably, she took her towel and sash off and revealed her brown and orange halter and boy cut bottoms suit. His eyes followed her ever move. "If only you had her...instead of Tracy...she proabably wouldn't cheat on you." he thought.

"I really hope Johnny doesn't come out here," Lance said to Chris. "Why not?" "Look," Lance said pointing to the hot tub where Joey and Bennie were making out. "Oh, I wanna see him come out here just to kick Joey's a$s," Chris laughed. "Yea, but you know he'll come and lecture us for not stopping them and stuff like that." "You're right. I'm going to stop this," Chris said getting up and wlaking over to the hot tub.

"He's been looking at oyu all afternoon," Anna told Jenni as they walked out of the pool. "Whatever," she stated. They walked past Justin who was tanning. Jenni looked over his gorgeous body and almost melted. She wanted him so badly. Anna smiled and grabbed Jenni's arm so she could keep walking. Both girls coughed loudly as they approached the hot tub. Bennie looked up innocently at them. "Come on, we're going to be late for dinner," Jenni satted urging Bennie to get a move on it. Bennie gave Joey one last kiss before getting out of the tub. "You should watch out," Christine told Bennie as they set foot into the lobby. "Of what?" "Joey." "Why would I watch out for him?" "Have you ever read anything on *NSync? If you had, you'd know Joey is the total player. Sure, he'll be with you, but you're not the only one he's going to be with. Especially right now on tour while a lot og ladies are wanting him. He's not going to be able to resist. That's just how he is." "Nu-uh. Joey's not like he?" "I don't know for a fact, but watch out tomorrow at the after party. Ok?"

Justin waited impatiently on the bed as Jenni used the bathroom. "Are you almost done?" he yelled. "Hold on, if I don't put make up on I'll look like crap." "You'd never look like crap," he mumbled hoping she didn't hear, but she did. "What did you say?" she asked stepping out of the bathroom. Justin looked up at her. She was wearing a black knee length skirt and a baby blue halter top. She looked beautiful. "You look wonderful," he said shyly. She blushed, "Thanks. Ready to go?" "I have one more thing to take care of," he said satnding up and wlaking over to her. "What's that?" "This," he placed his hands gentley on her face and gave her a soft kiss.

Jenni pulled away from Justin after a while and smiled. "How did you know?" she whispered. "Know what?" he asked. "That I wanted you to do that?" He smiled and leaned down to kiss her again. Someone interrupted them with a clearing of their throat. They turned arounnd to see Lance in the doorway. "Sorry to bother your...were you guys's time to go," he stammered. Jenni stiffled a laugh and nodded. Justin collected Jenni's hand into his as they walked out together. As soon as they spotted Johnny, Justin dropped his grip from her hand. Jenni looked down disappointed. Justin took notice and took a deep breath. He collected her hand in his once again and trotted past Johnny. Johnny's eyes on fell on their hands and he frowned. Justin looked Johnny in the eyes and smiled guiltily. He shook his head and sighed. Jenni saw how cute Justin looked standing up for himself and smiled. "This is it, Jen," she thought. They recahed the dining room and Justin pulled a chair out for Jenni. "Awww, how cute. Are ya'll going out?" Christine asked. "I'm not sure," Bennie replied eyeing the couple. Jenni looked around the table and caught the glance of Bennie. Bennie was strutting her head to the side. "Um, excuse me. I have to use the restroom," Jenni explained. "Me too," Bennie said getting up. They walked out of the dining room and to the lobby. "Girl, what is going on?" she asked. "He kissed me and I think..." Bennie interrupted her, "Jenni, I'm really happy for you and all, but he does have a girlfriend. Does Tracy ring a bell?" Jenni's eyes widened, "Oh crap, I forgot about her!" she whispered honestly. "Sure seems like he's the forgetful type, too." she pointed. "What should I do?" Jenni asked. "What your heart tells you to." Jenni gave Bennie a quick hug and brushed her clothes off nervously. Both girl walked back into the dining room side by side.

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