Chapter 3

Justin walked over to Jenni who was sitting by the window. He took of her headphones, "What the..." she began angrily, but was interrupted by Justin's lips pressing against hers. She quickly pulled away from the emotionless kiss, "What are you doing?" she asked pushing him away. He sat back and leaned his head on the wall as he realized what he had just done. "I'm sorry," he said softly, "And I'm sorry for being so rude lately. You never did anything but try to be nice and I acted like an ass." "Well, it took ya long enough," she joked, "It's okay. It must be pretty hard for you to leave your girlfriend." "Especially when she could be cheating on me and I think I like you," he thought to himself.

A few hours later, they arrived at the hotel where they would be staying that night. Joey and Bennie walked uo to the front desk to check in. "Hey," Joey said politely to the lady at the front desk and gave her a flirty smile. Bennie looked over at him in disgust. "How can I help you?" the lady asked. "We're checking in. I believe there is a suit for Mr. Kent and one for Miss Lane." he said smiling. "Ah yes, but we did arrive with some problems. You said you needed to sleep 5 people in one suit and 4 in another." "Yes." "Well, we had a problem a few nights ago and we only have a suit that fits 7 people and another that fits 2. Is that a problem?" "I guess it'll do." The lady got the room keys and handed them to Joey. "Thanks," he said as they walked over to everyone waiting in the lobby. Before they got there, Joey stopped Bennie and asked, "Do you wanna take the bedroom with me?" "Joey!" she scolded slapping him lightly. "We could get to know each other a little better." "I know exactly what you are thinking, and you know Johnny would not approve." "Calm down. I'll sleep on the couch if you want. Plus, Johnny doesn't have to know. I'll tell him I'm bunking with Justin and then you two can switch. Please?" he begged. "Oh fine, but don't try anything because I ain't giving you any," she smiled and joined her bandmates.

As soon as everyone was settled in, Johnny came in and took roll. Jenni was in her room she was sharing with Bennie putting up posters and pictures to make it fell a little like home. Bennie walked in and saw her and laughed, "You know Jen, we're only staying here for one night." "I know, but that doesn't mean I can't make it cozy." she replied. Bennie unpacked everything her way. She threw everything on her bed and messed it up. Jenni went out to the living area where everyone was. "Do we have to do anything today?" she asked Lance. "We have a photo shoot in an hour, then we are free until tomorrow." he responded. "Cool, who do we shoot for?" "I think its Cosmo or YM. Something like that." "Jenni!" Bennie shouted from the room. She excused herself from Lance and went back into her room to see what Bennie wanted. "I have a huge favor to ask...well, not really a favor...anyways, would it be alright if Justin came in here tonight? That way I'd be rooming with Joey." Jenni looked at the guilty look Bennie had plastered all over her face and laughed. "Well if it means that much to you," she replied. Bennie jumped up and hugged Jenni. "Thank you so much, I owe you one!" "You sure do. Making me be in a room with him," she thought.

Joey and Justin were in their room getting settled. "J, can I ask you a question?" Joey asked settling on the edge of his bed. Justin nodded. "Would it be ok if you switched with Bennie later tonight?" he asked. Justin's eyes narrowed on his best friend, "You want me to switch with Bennie so you two can be in here all alone unsupervised?" Joey nodded. "No way man." "Oh come on Justin. I really like her, and if you didn't know I'm sure you'll thank me after tonight." he replied. "How do you figure?" "Well, Bennie's rooming with Jenni..." Justin's head snapped up and he looked at him for a second. "Ok." Joey smiled and went to tell Bennie.

After about an hour, everyone got back on the bus. They were headed to the cosmo girl studios. As they entered the parking lot, they could see girls lined up by the entrance waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite idols. The bodyguards were the first to get off the bus followed by *NSync then SFA. The crowd roared at the sight of them. Each bodyguard accompanied a guy on the way in. SFA lingered back before going in. They were busy signing autographs. Jenni and Bennie smiled at each other. "They wanted out autographs! They know who we are!" Bennie squealed. "That was awesome! I wanna do it again!" Jenni laughed. But that was out of the question. As soon as they entered the doors, a stylist, make up artist, and wardrobe stylist grabbed them. Jenni and Bennie were assigned tot he same people. They grabbed Bennie for hair and make up first and Jenni for wardrobe. What they wanted a girl to wear...was by far anything Jenni would ever get into. "Um, I have a problem," Jenni tolld Lisa the fashion consultant. "Yes?" she asked. "Well, these clothes, they are trashy. No offense to your taste or anything. I mean the shirt is fine, but there is no way in hell you are putting me in a pair of hot pants." she declared. The stylist laughed at Jenni and pointed the racks of clothes to her. Jenni picked out and knee length orange genie skirt. The top was blue yellow and orange with flowers on it. It was a halter. She finished it off with a pair of flip flop sandals and waited her turn for hair and makeup. Finally, Bennie' hair and makeup were done and she went to wardrobe. An hour later, everyone was ready to go. People laughed when SFA came out. 3/4 of the girls were matching. Jenni was the only one without the hot pants. The photographer positioned everyone the way he wanted them to. (A girl in front of every guy.) Jenni was in front of Justin in the middle, while Bennie stood in front of Joey. Christine was in front of JC and Anna in front of Lance. They smiled for different pictures and then got ready to leave faterwards.

"Ah! I'm so hungry!" Chris yelled in the van. "We can't stop anywhere man. You're going to have to wait until we get back to the hotel." "Why can't we stop?" Anna asked. "Because we're not supposed to go out in public without security," JC explained. "Well we can. OUT!" "Yes! Yes! Yes! Let them out!" Chris yelled. "Calm down man," Justin laughed, "Tell them what ya'll want," he said tot he group. After the girl's had written down the McDonalds orders, the van pulled over and they hopped out. They all walked in and got behind the long line. "Anna, why did you suggest this?" Christine grumbled. "I'm sorry. I just thought it would be nice. Plus, we won't have to lsten to Chris yell the whole way back." "Yeah, Bennie, I hear you're rooming with Joey tonight." "Yea," she said looking down to the floor, "But don't get any ideas! I'm not going to be doing anyhting with him!" "That's what you think, but Joey no way!" Jenni laughed. "I don't have to take this anymore." she laughed, "I'm going back to the van." "So Jenni, if Bennie is rooming with Joey, that leaves you with Justin."

"Don't remind me Christine. He's such a jerk to me. And I don't want to hear him all night on the phone with his girlfriend or crying because he misses her." "Then put on headphones, but at least look at him! Damn, he is fine!" Anna laughed. "I won't tell Shane you said that," she smiled. "Oh he knows. That's why he was mad I had to share a bus with him," she laughed. They moved up in line and began to order.

Bennie opened the door to the van and hopped in. "No food?" Chris whined. "They were bugging me so I left," she smiled. She started to climb over to where Joey was sitting, but JC grabbed her wasit and began to tickle her. She squealed as she fell back to the floor. Joey began to tickle her, too. "This isn't fair!" She yelled squirming to get out of the van. "Ha! Can't get me out here!" she laughed. "Oh no?" Joey asked. "Yea, remember you're not allowed out here," she said placing her hands on her hips. "Says who?" he asked climbing out. "Joey, you're going ot get in trouble." "There's no one here," he said wrapping his arms around Bennie's waist as he pulled her close. He slowly moved his lips to hers and began to kiss her softly. "Food!" Anna yelled from the other side of the parking lot. "Oh gross! Just lost my appitie." she said to Bennie and Joey. "Shut up," Bennie said pulling away from Joey and slapping Anna on the arm slightly. She took a few bags of food and tossed them to the guys in the van who quickly opened them and began to eat.

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