Chapter 2

As soon as Jenni got to the back of the bus, she took a seat by Bennie. Bennie looked over and saw the look of hurt on Jenni's face.

"What's wrong? And don't tell me nothing." Jenni smiled weakly. "Nothing."

She got up and went to the front of the bus. Justin was still there looking out of the window. Jenni rolled her eyes and sighed. "Isn't there any place on this freaking bus where I can go to think?" she thought. Without thinking anymore, Jenni crawled intot he nearest bunk. She shut the curtains and fell asleep. She didn't know that she had gotten into Justin's bunk.

Justin took his head off the glass window and looked around. Everyone was in the back laughing. If only he could join them.

He pulled out his cellular phone and dialed Tracy's number again.

"Hello?" she giggled.

Justin paused before saying anything. He wanted to hear what was going on.

"Tracy?" he asked.

"Justin? I thouht I told you I was going out tonight." she replied annoyed.

"You did. I just wanted to hear your voice. What are you doing?" he asked angrily.

"Nothing...why?" she asked.

"Because you seemed like you were doing something...who's there?" he asked.

"No one..." Tracy drifted.

Justin winced at the thoght and hung up the phone. He sighed and put his head back on the window. "What are you going to do?" he thought.

"Guys, Johnny just called and he wants you to be in bed now." James, the bus driver yelled tot he back of the bus. He heard a bunch of moans and groans and laughed quietly to himself.

Justin stood up from the couch where he had been sitting all day. He slowly walked over to his bunk and without looking he climbed in.

"Holy crap," he shouted jumping up and hitting his head on the top of his bunk, "What the f u c k are oyu doing?" he yelled at Jenni.

"I'm sorry," she said confused, "I didn't know this was your bunk." she said trying to climb over him. She fell onto his lap and froze.

"I thought we told you you are all sleeping in the back," he said rudely.

"You did, but I neede to sleep and they were back there and I didn't know where else to go." she said still laying on his lap.

Joey walked by Justin's bunk and saw the position Justin and Jenni were in. "Oo! Someone's getting busy."

"Shut up Joey," he growled, "Get off of me."

"I'm sorry," Jenni said on the verge of tears. She hadn't started the trip on the best note with the guys. She quickly ran tot he bathroom and slammed the door shut.

Bennie stood up and walked over to the bathroom and knocked, "Jenni? Can I come in?"

"Sure," she cried and opened the door. Bennie slowly walked in and knelt down next to Jenni who was crying, "This is awful. I can't wait until we get off this bus."

"I'm sorry things aren't working out," she said and gave her a hug,

"Come on, maybe if you get some sleep you'll feel better." she led Jenni out to the back to get some sleep.

"Get up!" Lance yelled early the next morning. Slowly, the guys crawled out of their bunks and walked over to the small kitchen area to eat.

"I need more sleep," JC said with a mouthful of cereal.

"Where are my Apple Jacks?" Justin yelled.

"Calem down man, they are right here." Chris said handing him the box.

"Thanks," Justin said pouring himself a large portion.

After the guys had eaten their breakfast, they woke up the girls so they could eat. Bennie quickly finished her breakfast and headed towards the bathroom. She opened the door and to her surprise, Joey was standing there soaking wet in a towel.

"" she stumbled for words.

"Hey," he smiled not really caring that she had walked in on him.

"Sorry," she whsipered not being able to speak higher than a whisper. He slowly approached her and shut the door behind her.


He placed his hands on the wall on either side of her and lookied directly into her eyes.

"We're not supposed to be doing this."

"I'm not supposed to do many things," he said and lightly began to kiss her neck. Bennie wrapped her arms around his bare back for support. He slowly moved his kisses to her jawbone. Bennie began to become weak and held on tighter to Joey. He noticed her holding hm tighter and slowly pressed his lips against hers. As he began to kiss her, the door opened and they went flying onto the floor.

Lance looked down at Joey and Bennie and smacked his lips. He shook his head. <>Joey got off of Bennie and smiled guiltily. "Um...we bus," he said shakily.

Lance laughed and walked away.

Bennie got up and brushed her clothes off. She looked down at Joey and noticed his towel was coming undone. Before she could warn him, Chris came zipping by and snatched it off. The towel fell to the ground and Joey quickly tried to cover himself up.

Bennie laughed nervously and trotted off quickly.

She went back and saw

Jenni looking out of the window with her headphones on.

Bennie sighed and sat down in a chair. She could see tears coming down Jenni's cheeks.

Bennie got up and wlaked to the front of the bus where the guys were sitting making fun of Joey.

"Um...sorry to interrupt this little love fest, but I just want to get one thing straight. I want to know who the hell your friend thinks he is? I mean, I know he is hurting and all, but obviously, his girlfriend is a b i t c h! So why is he still with her when there is a really great girl who is waiting in line for a chance with him?" she cried angrily.

Everyone got quiet and looked at Bennie. Justin stood up and went over to Bennie.

"You don't know a damn thing about me so don't ask questions or point fingers at me." he grumbled with tears in his eyes as he walked towards the back of the bus.

Bennie sat down and sighed.

"Well isn't this just perfect? My best friend is so f u c k i n g sad right now and Justin is acting like a jerk to everyone. Isn't this just ring around the rosey pinch poke you owe me a coke devil up you ass perfect?" she grumbled.

Chris started laughing.

"What?" Bennie hissed.

"You're funny when you are mad." he replied.

Bennie smiled weakly but frowned again.

"I wonder where he went," Anna stated breaking the silence.

JC pointed to the back of the bus. "He went south. There aren't very many directions you can go to on a bus."

"I wonder what he's going to do," Joey said. Lance shrugged, "Who knows? We're talking about Justin."

"Yea, and Jenn. Anything is possible," Christine responded.

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